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  • Welcome to "Slang Time with Ronnie" -- that's me. My name's Ronnie and this is dunh, dunh,

    歡迎來到 "羅尼的俚語時間"--那就是我。我叫Ronnie,這裡是Dunh,Dunh。

  • dunh dunh, "Slang Time". Oh, what is slang? Hmm, slang is basically street language. Okay?

    dunh dunh,"俚語時間"。哦,什麼是俚語?嗯,俚語基本上是街頭語言。好嗎?

  • So if you were to look up the word "chill" in a beautiful dictionary, it might say something

    所以,如果你在一本漂亮的字典裡查 "寒 "這個字,可能會有這樣的說法

  • like, "chill means to be cold" or "chilli is a food". Slang basically means it's kind

    如,"寒是冷的意思 "或 "辣椒是一種食物"。俚語基本上是指它的那種

  • of new words that have been invented by people speaking English, yes, like me and you. You


  • can invent new words? That's cool. If you invent a new word, tell me what it is, I want


  • to know, in English. Okay?


  • Today's "Slang Time with Ronnie" word is "chill". "Chill out." Sometimes people will get really,

    今天的 "Ronnie俚語時間 "的詞是 "Chill"。"冷靜"。有時人們會變得很。

  • really, really, really angry, and they will start moving their arm around, crazy, freaking

    真的,真的,真的很生氣, 他們將開始移動他們的手臂周圍, 瘋狂的,嚇壞了

  • out, ah, and you want to tell the person to calm down. Now, in slang, in movies, the people

    出,啊,你想告訴這個人冷靜下來。現在,在俚語裡,在電影裡,人們... ...

  • will not say, "Hey man, calm down!" They'll say, "Hey man, chill out." "Chill out" is

    不會說,"嘿,夥計,冷靜點!"他們會說,"嘿,夥計,冷靜下來。""冷靜 "是

  • slang for calm down. So if one of your friends is acting crazy in a store, in a restaurant,


  • and you're a little embarrassed, you can say, "Hey, chill out. Everything's going to be fine."

    和你有點尷尬, 你可以說,"嘿,冷靜下來。一切都會好起來的。"

  • The next one you're going to use again with your friends. "Let's chill." Hmm... this means

    下一個你要和你的朋友再用一次。"我們冷靜一下吧。"嗯... 這意味著

  • let's hang out. What does "hang out" mean, you ask? "Hang out" means do something with

    我們出去玩吧你問 "出去玩 "是什麼意思?"出去玩 "的意思是和

  • another person. What you do with that other person is your business. Okay? So "let's hang

    另一個人。你和那個人做什麼是你的事。好嗎?所以 "讓我們掛

  • out" means you and your friend maybe have a plan to go to the movie or you have a plan


  • to see your friend on Saturday. So you call your friend and go, "Hello? What do you want


  • to do on Saturday, do you want to chill?" Chill, chill, cold, chill, "Yes, yes, I would


  • like to hang out. Let's chill. Thank you, that would be great." So it just means you


  • are going to spend time with someone.


  • The next one: "I'm just chillin'". Have you noticed that there is an apostrophe here?


  • Mm-hmm, the reason why is because properly, we should have a "g", but in slang, we don't

    嗯哼,為什麼呢,因為正常情況下,我們應該有一個 "g",但在俚語中,我們沒有。

  • like proper grammar or spelling, no. So we're going to erase the "g" and we're going to

    像正確的文法或拼寫,沒有。所以,我們要刪除 "g",我們要

  • say, "chillin'". Try it: "chillin', I'm just chillin'". "I'm just chillin'" means I'm relaxing,

    說,"寒心"。試試吧"chillin', I'm just chillin'"。"I'm just chillin'"的意思是我在放鬆。

  • I'm not doing anything important. Maybe I'm watching TV, maybe I'm doing homework, maybe


  • I'm working, eww. So if you're not doing anything important and your friend calls, you can go,


  • -"Hey, you want to hang out?" -"Sure, I'm just chillin' right now. What time do you

    -"嘿,你想出去玩嗎?"- "當然,我現在只是放鬆一下。你什麼時候

  • want to meet?"


  • The next one is "He or she or someone or something is chill". Huh, "he's chill", "he's chill",

    下一個是 "他或她或某人或某事很冷淡"。咦,"他很冷淡","他很冷淡"。

  • what? What does that mean? This basically just means this person is cool. Huh, are they


  • cold? Or is it "chill" like the dictionary says and then cold like not hot? No, "cool"

    寒?還是像字典上說的 "冷",然後冷得不熱?不,是 "涼"

  • is another slang word. If someone is "cool" or they are "chill", it means you think they

    是另一個俚語。如果一個人很 "酷 "或者他們很 "酷",這意味著你認為他們是

  • are a good person. So you can say, "Hey, Ronnie's pretty chill isn't she?" And you'd say, "Yeah.


  • Let's hang out sometime." "Cool."


  • And the last one is what we have to say in Canada in the winter, "I'm chilly." This does

    而最後一個就是我們加拿大冬天要說的 "我很冷"。這不

  • not mean that I'm cool or I think I'm cool, it means that I'm cold. It's winter in Canada,


  • it's spring in Canada, brr I'm cold or you can say, "I'm chilly." I remember when I was


  • a child, there was a penguin cartoon and his name was Chilly Willy... hehe, that's funny.

    小時候,有一個企鵝的卡通片,他的名字叫Chilly Willy......呵呵,真有趣。

  • So, if you're cold, you can say, "I'm chilly". If you're cool, you can say, "I'm chill."

    所以,如果你很冷,你可以說 "我很冷"。如果你很冷,你可以說,"我很冷"。

  • If you're not doing anything, you can say, "I'm chillin'." If you want to hang out with


  • one of your friends, you can say, "Hey, let's chill." And if your friend is a little crazy,

    你的一個朋友,你可以說, "嘿,讓我們冷靜下來。"如果你的朋友是一個有點瘋狂,

  • you can say, "Hey, chill out." Bye.


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Welcome to "Slang Time with Ronnie" -- that's me. My name's Ronnie and this is dunh, dunh,

歡迎來到 "羅尼的俚語時間"--那就是我。我叫Ronnie,這裡是Dunh,Dunh。

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A2 初級 中文 俚語 冷靜下來 冷淡 朋友 羅尼 放鬆

實用英文:如何使用''Chill''?學學看吧! (Slang in English - CHILL - "chill out", "let's chill"...)

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