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Thank you for watching this video we encourage you here for the next half
hour to block out all distractions
you know with social media now in all the different forms of communication
that may seem as a difficult task in fact someone said a long time ago
that the most difficult thing for a human being to do
is to be present to pay attention so we urge you here
for the next half hour to block out as many distractions as possible.
Don't get up. Don’t go to restroom just listening in
and take advantage of this information as its life-changing.
I had a few questions here for everyone listening in. Do you ever ask
yourself Am I sick and tired of being sick and tired you ever want an
alternative way of earning
income, and folks have your asked yourself, Is this It?
Is this all there is? Well the fact is, There
is an alternative and we're about to explain to you what that is
and its in the form of an industry known as network marketing
or more Multi-Level Marketing also known as direct sales. And simply folks, it's a
method upon which
being able to distribute products. Very foreign to what you have known and if
you don't know the industry or have never been exposed to it
I just want to clear up some things give you some information
some statistics if you will about the industry so you can understand that
the fact the matters that the network marketing industry is an industry whose
time has come and absolutely works
So many different individuals have endorsed the industry
from former President Bill Clinton to even former President George W Bush
How about a gentleman by the name of Donald Trump? Billionaire businessman
Suggests that direct selling is
actually all the most respected business model in the world
and has stood test the time. Maybe you’ve heard of Warren Buffett,
billionaire investor who
actually owns 3 direct selling network marketing companies.
What does he have to see about the industry simply put and I quote
“The best investment I ever made.”
And folks, when you look at the industry of direct sales or network
what it does is it offers the average individual the ability to make
above average
income from the comfort of their own home.
You will learn a new business model as you earn income and that income
is really
based upon how much work you put into this. What you put in
is what you get out. We're so excited to share this information
and really wanna give you a foundational understanding
of the statistics a network marketing and know that
in 2010 for example over 15.8 million people
joined the industry of direct sales, thats lot of people but folks,
99 percent of America is still is not involved. That’s over 285 million people
that have yet to hear about this wonderful opportunity that you have a
hold of
Now what's great is that if you include
the industry of network marketing along with
Kyani, it's a match made in heaven.
Nowadays many people look for a solution to save themselves from death
In 2006, two of the world's richest people said
and I quote, “We want you to be rich!” for the first time
they showed the way to achieve that, time leverage.
Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
clearly explain the format for wealth: if you have
limited income that comes from only your effort
for example if you work in an organization trading hours for dollars
or you have your own business that can NOT go without your effort
You'll never be rich! To be wealthy,
you need a business that can work in and grow independently
of you after the right initial investment, initial labor,
and correct initial structure. A business that works
and grows independently of you, this is the key folks.
The world's richest people discovered this formula many many years ago.
On a TV interview Donald Trump was asked, what would you do
the lost your entire fortune one and his answer?
Network Marketing. This is because network marketing has the correct structure
for wealth
but only needs a small investment for example the
business that you will be introduced to later in this video requires
only a $569 US dollar investment.
You can make millions in this business
with an amount that you may forget about in a few days even
if you lost it in the street. While you build your network marketing business
it works on a simple basis - people know people
and they know other people. If you have a solid business to share, this method of
marketing can expand your business
exponentially the best part is, when you build your network
you take zero risk. Now here's a question
“Which company should we work with?” In this market, companies distribute bonuses
with an average between 25 and 30 percent
excluding sales profits. What if a company paid 60% bonuses?
When deciding which company you work with, wouldn’t you want
the one that gives double the average for your same efforts?
Kyani. The story
actually began decades ago with the early roots of it's three founding
each of whom achieved enormous wealth far before they stepped into network
Kirk and Jim Hansen built upon a humble foundation prepared for them by their
They grew a small family business into one of America's largest independent
petroleum distributors.
Kirk has been instrumental in expanding the family business to include real
estate holdings
such as restaurants, hotels and car washes. The Taylor family has
matched the same level of success
as The Hansens.They’ve grown their potato farms into the largest
in America! They now have nearly 30,000 acres of cultivated land!
The third family is The Powells. Their tasty cinnamon rolls
became a multi-million dollar corporation
that spanned the United States. The Powells introduced the Hansens and Taylors
to network marketing. They understood that for them to achieve great success,
they would have to enrich many people's lives with both greater health
and greater wealth.
What a troubled world we live in.
Every day speeds at a hundred miles an hour, life keeps getting faster and
faster, more overwhelming, and increasingly out of control
Our modern lifestyle have fueled an increasing dependence on the speed and
convenience of food poor choices and bad habits are affecting
our health. According to the World Health Organization
there around 350 million diabetics in the world,
cardiovascular disease cause an astounding 30 percent of
all global deaths and malnutrition remains one of the world's most serious
health problems. It's no wonder, just look at the foods we consume each day.
Their full of empty calories. Why? because they're often genetically-altered
growing in depleted soil, highly processed and stripped
nutritional benefit. Each day we smear 100s of toxins in our bodies through the
skin and other personal care products. Even the air we breathe is
filled with toxins, heavy metals, and sometimes radiation.
The list goes on and on. The resulti s stress, depression,
anger, obesity, sleep deprivation, mood swing
Not to mention the cost of health care. To make things worse, we’ve become
a prescription society. The majority of our population use multiple prescription
medications even our children are being prescribed depression medications.
Our school seems to have longer lines in the nurses station
than the lunch line. We’re trading our good health for fast fixes
like energy drinks, sleep aids, stress and depression medication
and other stimulants. We spend nearly 100
billion dollars a year just trying to cope with life.
These days we can't take anything for granted. Those that do will live shorter
active lives and show their age much faster. As the saying goes you can pay now
or you can pay later. Wouldn't it be nice if there was something that could help you
Experience More
What a thought, Experience More…
More health, more focus, more energy, more life.
A few years ago two successful families discovered the power
of some relatively unknown but remarkable super foods.
Doctors and scientists had already proven the phenomenal health benefits
of these gifts from nature.
Over 500,000 scientific studies and extensive research has inspired the
of 3 powerful products called the Kyani Triangle of Health.
The Triangle of Health consists of three extraordinary nutritional products that
help boost, bolster, and build every system in the body.
In thousands of personal testimonials the Kyani Triangle of Health has proven
to help with more focus more energy and more life.
The flagship product in the Triangle of Health is Kyani Sunrise
a delicious blend of the world's most powerful super foods.
The formulated Kyani sunrise is a powerful anti-oxidant
and vitamin supplement. Something we can ingest everyday
to help protect against free radicals damage and promote the overall
healthy system.
The premier ingredient in sunrise
is the wild Alaskan blueberry known as the king of fruits
this amazing berry evolved over thousands of years to protect itself
from harsh climate conditions
with the rich color pigment called anthocyanin.
This phyto-nutrient is the source of the Wild Alaska blueberry’s
antioxidant prowess boasting over five times the potency of
the common blueberry because it's while you know it's non-gm
and always organic. The wild Alaskan blueberry is renowned for its
ability to support heart health
specifically it helps maintain good cholesterol and triglyceride levels
This incredible berry has also been shown to support
cognitive function positive outlook. Just look at this impressive list and imagine enjoying
over 20 amazing botanicals together in one
delicious drink including ace berry, Maqui berry
mangosteen, red raspberry, aloe vera, cranberry,
grape seed and grape skin, concord grapes pomegranate,
ashwagandga, wolf berry, kale another super foods.
By combining these powerhouses from nature into one
single and potent products Kyani sunrise promotes wellness in many
ways including
stress management, heart and circulatory health, immune system support joint
increased energy digestive health, and brain function.
The last thing to remember about Kyani Sunrise is that powerful nutrients
and vitamins contained in the product
are all water-soluble and intended to be consumed
in the morning hence the name sunrise this maximizes the bioavailability of
Sunrise meaning your body will absorb more nutrients.
Kyani has also formulated an exclusive product containing only
lipid soluble vitamins and nutrients. To maximize its effectiveness,
this product is taken in the evening and is called Kyani Sunset.
Sunset is the next member of Kyani’s Triangle of Health
and is truly one-of-a-kind
delivering massive health benefits from some of nature's most prized treasures.
The first is tocotrienols, the most potent form of vitamin E
Tocotrienols are many times stronger and more effective
than the more common forms of Vitamin E which are found in
vitamin E products. The molecular structure of tocotrienols
makes them much easier to absorb. Kyani has gone to great lengths to
acquire Tocotrienols
directly from pure natural sources. With 30,000 miles
of arteries in our body its like circulating
the globe 2 times over,
that is what tocotrienols, the most potent form of Vitamin E in Sunset is protecting.
The next ingredient in Sunset
is Omega3 fatty acid the benefits of which have been known for
But finding a clean pure and potent source
has been a challenge till now. the Omega3 found in Sunset
comes from wild Alaskan fish, one of the purest sources in the world with a high
of DHA and EPA maximizing the benefit to brain and circulatory health
Sunset also contains beta carotene
which the body metabolizes as Vitamin A benefiting heart health, cell protection,
and your immune system. last but not least, Sunset contains vitamin D
this essential nutrient contributes to the absorption of calcium
which is an important process for bone development and strength. Vitamin D also
promotes cellular growth,
boosts the immune system, and helps to reduce inflammation.
This combination of pure tocotrienols, Omega3’s,
beta carotene, and vitamin D makes
Kyani Sunset a one of a kind dietary supplement. Sunset can help to
support a healthy heart
maintain normal cholesterol levels help reduce inflammation
improve blood sugar levels promote a strong immune system
encourage a positive mental outlook and stimulate your skin and hair
The final member of the Triangle of Health is the Kyani Nitro family,
Nitro FX and Nitro XTreme.
The power of Kyani’s Nitro Family
is the proprietary formula nitrates which when taken internally
helps the body to increase the production of nitric oxide.
Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule that among other benefits
has been found to dilate blood vessels This vasodilation help maintain healthy
blood pressure and increased circulation
enhancing nutrient absorption. Often called the molecule of life,
nitric oxide is fast becoming one of the most studied substances and medicine in
fact the
Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded 1998 for
discoveries concerning nitric oxide.
If you do a search on PubMed, the National Library of medicine,you
will find over 130,000 articles that document the effects
of nitric oxide. This research is significant
people always want immediate gratification and that's one of the
great benefits of Kyani’s Nitro Family.
It gives you both immediate and long-term rewards.
Kyani’s Nitro Family can help reduce inflammation,
promote increased energy, boost immune system encourage heart health
and support cognitive function.
Due to blood vessel performance other important benefits include increased
nutrient absorption,
increase blood flow, and improved sexual function.
We've now introduce the 3 amazing
products with remarkable benefits but how do they work together?
Remember that sunrise contains the water-soluble nutrients
taken in the morning and sunset contains the lipid soluble nutrients
for evening use. The Nitro products complete the triangle of health because
of vasodilation. This increase in circulation allows for superior delivery
of those nutrients to your body health
The better the blood circulation the more nutrients can be delivered
That's what makes Kyani’s triangle of health unique.
3 great products that together help you achieve maximum wellness.
A healthier diet and lifestyle leads to increased well-being.
Proper supplementation is a key factor to staying healthy throughout your life
and not succumbing to the many ravages of aging.
The Kyani Triangle of health is your answer. Through scientifically designed
and tested supplementation it provides your body the nutrition it needs.
Check it out for yourself at www.kyaniscience.com The Triangle of Health comes
to you
from Kyani, the rising star of health and nutrition.
Kyani has set in infrastructure with global expansion.
Kyani opened offices and distribution in Canada and Mexico in 2008.
Then began doing the same in Japan China
South Korea Malaysia taiwan Australia and New Zealand
Then Kyani opened in Sweden and Hungary to broaden their business in all of Europe
In contrast with other network marketing companies
you can build your business all over the world
without the need to buy licenses, , distribution,
or offices… Kyani has done this for you!
Your total volume all over the world is collective
and defines your income.
During the infrastructure stages Kyani
organized meetings with consultants from all over the world to talk about industry
problems and how Kyani can solve these problems
From this, Kyani’s lucrative compensation plan was formed.
Sit back and relax because you've never seen
anything like this!
before understanding Kyani let's check out the working principles from
other network marketing companies. Almost all companies
force you to sell products and find new people
every month. Therefore this creates a rush of people to meet their quotas.
Needless to say, not
everyone can do this type of business so the organization keeps growing
with people quitting because of high-stress. In these companies, a few
people do make money
but many people lose money. Compare that to Kyani’s unique system..
It wants you to build only 3 legs
of people below you. When you do this, you can reach
all career levels and reach all earnings Some of your legs will work and grow
without your support due to the people who excel at this industry.
You may have problems in other legs due to people who can not excel at this
but those problems or easy to solve.
When you find a new business partner instead of starting a fourth leg,
you can place is person underneath a person who is having
trouble working the business if you were to do this in any other company,
you lose all bonuses on this person
but in Kyani the system recognizes this partner
under your sponsorship and you keep your bonuses.
Let's say that leg still doesn't do well
Just keep placing new partners in that same leg
until you find someone who can Excel. When the leg begins to grow,
total volume will affect all people above in that organization.
this has the effect of motivating those who
aren’t working the business to build other legs to make more money.
Instead of getting lost in other companies, people can earn sooner
than later in Kyani.
When you complete the same process in your
third leg, you will starter above average income.
Kyani’s unique system is a collective system whereby
everyone helps each other out and earns
income. Now remember,
your Kyani business is a global business. You will earn
income from the many different countries in your legs no matter how deep those
legs go.
In other companies your potential
earning volume can be cut off depending on how deep your organization is.
Therefore you stop making money when your organization becomes too large!
In Kyani however, the only thing that matters
is total volume of your 3 legs
at the end of the month no matter how deep it comes from.
Kyani is based on helping
others. The company motto is experience more
an that is exactly what you do with anyone who joins your organization
Kyani offers ranks as part of their compensation plan
and as you help others build their organizations, you can move up in rank
and achieve additional bonuses based on rank.
To achieve ranks you must have 60% of your total volume
in your biggest or “power” leg
and 40% in your other two legs.
In other companies you have no choice but to pass over people who are not
working the business
but Kyani helping those people is a must
For the first two ranks, you only need to build your first two legs
after that you must open the third leg to qualify for the higher ranks and
Now building these ranks in Kyani is super easy.
Assuming all volumes are distributed according to the compensation plan,
when you hit 2,000 in volume, you will hit the first rank
of Jade. In Kyani, Jade
is the most important rank because it's sets
your organization up for higher ranks and also put you in a profit position within
the company.
Many people have achieved Jade in their first
30 days even some in there first day!
After Jade comes pearl
at 5,000 in volume and sapphire
at 10,000 volume. The people who take his business seriously
can achieve this rank within their first 90 days.
Our organization has many people have achieved this rank in their first
30 days. What’s important about Sapphire is the car program.
The company will reward you with a down payment
and a monthly $500 allowance
towards a white luxury vehicle of your choice.
the next rank is
Ruby at 25,000 in volume
then Emerald at 50,000 in volume.
At emerald, you will begin to see the extra bonuses that Kyani has for their
truly dedicated business owners. Emeralds receive a one-time
$5,000 bonus just for hitting that rank
regardless of how long it takes you to achieve that rank.
After emerald is another very important rank,
Diamond. At diamond, you’re earning more than the
average CEO makes in a year! You also have an
upgraded car allowance of $1,200 a month.
After diamond the bonuses,
car allowances, and income levels increase dramatically.
Blue Diamond, Green Diamond, Purple Diamond,
Red Diamond, Double Red Diamond,
Black Diamond, and double black diamond, At these ranks
you are known in the Kyani world as worldwide leader
and asset to the business. Some people have already hit
these top ranks which means the company has to develop new ranks!
Now Kyani has the qualification rule to separate the people
who are working the business from the people who are not.
All other network marketing companies have
this rule but in those companies this requires distributors to stock
up on more and more product as they
achieve higher ranks. In other words,
building a successful career in other companies require you
to build an extra room in your house for stockpiling
all that product but in Kyani, the qualification rule
is only your monthly consumption of the Kyani products.
That's it! Kyani will never make
you stock up on products to hit higher ranks.
All the Kyani income channels are open to you
as long as you consume the products. You can even
offset this requirement by getting just a few customers.
In other companies selling
is a necessity but in Kyani selling is not a necessity
but an option. If you have one customer, you earn 20% of the
retail profit of what that customer orders. If your customer wants to become your
regular customer and
order every month, you earn 20 percent every single month.
Now the best part is that is you don't ship any product,
deal with customer service, handle returns,
or anything that involves the product, the company handles everything
all you have to do is get customers! Also the company rewards distributors with
many customers by giving them a share of the customer global pool.
Kyani takes 2% of global sales and will distribute
it accordingly. In order for you to get a share that 2% you must have a
minimum of 7 customers
or 500 in customer commissionable volume.
For acquiring 500 in customer commissionable volume,
you will get a share the customer global pool in addition to that a
$100 bonus.
Now if you acquired an additional 500 in customer Commissioner volume,
Kyani will give you an additional $500 one time bonus plus 2 shares
of the customer global pool.
Kyani knows the importance of having new distributors and has worked it in their
compensation plan.
New distribution earn many team bonuses so they can hit the ground running.
In all network marketing companies you earn money
on recruiting distributors
but only in Kyani need you make money on the recruitment of
your distributors. Kyani pays you a bonus
on your personal distributors but also a percentage of the
recruitments below based on your rank
and your team member’s rank. When you start Kyani and hit Jade
2,000 in volume in your first 31 days,
you qualify for a fast start bonus and receive $100 for achieving
If you hold Jade for another month, you receive an additional
$200 bonus and if you hold Jade for a third month you receive a $300
This is why achieving Jade as fast as possible
is important so you can maximize your earnings.
Aside from those bonuses, Kyani has developed a powerful system called
Pay Gates. When you build your business, volume of sales,
personal purchases, and new distributors are accumulated
and create your total volume. Kyani’s pay gates
generates true passive income to you.
The gates are structured to pay out a percentage of your volume
starting from the bottom of your organization
and up until it reaches a distributor that qualifies
for that pay gate where it pays out that
earned commission. For example if you qualify for pay gate 4,
you earn 5% plus 7%
plus 8% plus 7%
of your accumulated volume. Essentially,
your earning four times off the same volume.
generational check match is a unique bonus system
that works with the pay gates. Check match starts
at Sapphire rank has been called administrative
income. The system will calculate check matches
according to your group members pay gates. Sapphires
earn from their first two generations. As you hit higher ranks,
you earn more generations all the way up to
nine generations!
A generation is defined as all distributors between two people
who are sapphire and above. The easiest way to understand this
is with the example. Let's say you are a Sapphire
and one of your business partners earned $100 from their pay gates,
Kyani will pay you 15% of that $100
just for helping your distributor make those $100.
If someone house earns $200, you will
earn a $30 check match based on the same
system. Now this is where Kyani is truly different
than any other network marketing company: in other companies,
if someone in your organization excels drastically
and achieves a higher rank than you, you will earn
little if any bonuses from that person…
but in Kyani that will never be a problem because
of the generation check match. If one of your distributors
achieves Diamond and earns $10,000 from pay gates,
you will earned 15% check match
from this individual's business
which is $1,500.
Because you have trained and coached this person to achieve this high rank the
more bonuses as you will have.
The second generation matching check continues down from that distributor in
the same method
and can continue all the way down to 9
generations! It's important that you know what they we’re talking about
generations rather than levels. Kyani
also has a really easy to reach car program!
On average, our team members reach the first car program qualification
within 90 days of them joining. Imagine
having all of your hard work rewarded with tangible success
story. When you hit Sapphire, 10,000 in volume
Kyani will give you a minimum $1,000 down payment toward a
luxury vehicle. As long as you stay
qualified at sapphire, Kyani will send you a $500
allowance towards your monthly car payment As you go up in rank,
this car monthly allowance increases. At Diamond when you receive
$1,200 a month. At green diamond, $2,500 a
month. At
red diamond, $5,000 and
at black diamond, you receive an amazing
$10,000 monthly car allowance!
When you hit Diamond, you begin to
earn an additional payment from the total world
volume according to your rank. From Diamond to purple diamond,
you will earn a share of the 1.5% world wide
volume pool. Red diamonds earn a share of 0.5% worldwide volume
and black diamonds earn 1% of their own
total volume as infinity bonus I'll repeat that…
As infinity bonus! As far as incentives go
Kyani international trips are second to none. If you don't have a passport
go get one immediately so you don't miss out when you qualify for
the next Kyani trip! Most importantly
is who are you going to associate yourself with. The team.
The team is known as the Vision Group and it’s comprised of
individuals with years of experience and knowledge
to help you become successful. As a matter fact, we have a platform,
a clearinghouse of information that you will have access to:
websites, videos, ongoing trainings,
if you have the willingness to wanna learn, the Vision Group has the willingness to wanna
teach, train, and develop the next wave of leaders.
Please get back to the person who showed you this video.
with Kyani and the Vision Group, we can help you achieve more health
more wealth, and more life. Thank you for watching.


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