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  • Word up Food Tubers, Mister Oliver here. Okay. We're making perfect porridge because we love

  • it. I want to give you a recipe that's rock solid,

  • I want to kind of arc back to the more kind of traditional porridge that I think is more

  • delicious than the rush jobs we can get these days. And also I'm going to give you some

  • ideas of ways you can serve it so you don't get bored!

  • We want a high sided pot. We want it on a medium heat. I'm going to use large builders

  • mug here. I'm going to use the course porridge oats. This is really, really nice. Instead

  • of the kind of more commercialised ones that cook quicker. Okay, I'm going to for these

  • because I think strongly that they taste better. One builders mug is perfect for four people.

  • I'm going to follow that by three builders mugs of water.

  • There's one, two, three. Get that onto a simmer. You want a nice pinch

  • of sea salt, very, very important. this is the kind of classic Scottish way to do it.

  • Water, three parts to one part beautiful lovely organise rolled porridge oats. Also, I'm using

  • the back end of a wooden spoon. But they would have it almost slightly more ornate. Like

  • a drumstick. And embellishments at the end they would hold, like that. Just stir it like

  • this. A little bit thicker than this and that was called a spurtle okay? Right and I brought

  • that to boil okay, now let's just have a look at that.

  • Now let's turn it right down. We don't want to rush it. I now want to cook that for 10

  • 15 minutes. So it goes from being grains of rolled oats to this beautiful homogeneous,

  • thick, non lumpy porridge. A lot of people cook porridge with milk. Milk

  • or cream scalds of burns really easily. And also if it boils over and goes on the cooking

  • range its really hard to clean and it stinks the house out.

  • So look, it's only been cooking for five minutes at this stage but its already gone from being

  • flaky and just water to being gloppy and those flakes are starting to break down.

  • Now let's just have a look here, the reason that parents have loved this for years. It's

  • nutritiously great for you, it burns slowly, if you want to share this on your social media

  • please do! And if you haven't subscribed to Food Tube, press that button. Yes I said press

  • that buttom. It's had about 13 minutes. Nothings stuck

  • to the bottom, If we wanted to add butter, which I don't but some of the old recipes do can.

  • if you want to add milk you can put a little splash in now and just loosen it.

  • In my view it should be thick but still oozy. So don't overload it at this point. Feel free

  • to just add a little honey or a little sugar just to kind of take that edge of savouriness

  • off. So that's very, very nice. So that#'s our

  • basic porridge. So let's just portion that out. Nice and thick.

  • I want to show you how I would mix up that flavour.

  • What happens in the Oliver household is we either have the brown sugar and if you put

  • the brown sugar and leave it for a minute, it almost goes like a little kind of caramel

  • so leave it for a minute. This one here, the traditional one is golden syrup. You can get

  • it in quite a few countries around the world. Very very British.

  • Okay, then we've got really nice poppy seeds like that. desiccated coconut, a little pinch

  • of cinnamon not too much and a banana just mash up. Really, really nice. So mix that

  • up in there and we can just finish that up with a few bananas and some honey.

  • Very nice. One of the things my wife does is just a one minute stewed fruit. Just throw

  • a handful into a bowl. Just add a little bit of sugar of the fruits really good and in

  • season you won't really need it. If it's a little bit more sour add a little sugar. Just

  • mush up and squash it and the natural juices will come out of this. And it would be gorgeous and look amazing. And this with

  • any fruit is amazing, Make a little well in the pop the whole fruit

  • in there and look at that beautiful juice that's come out there.

  • We've got one more to go. Hot chocolate, it's not actually much chocolate

  • by weight I'm mixing it up into our bowl. Chocolate porridge with a little spoonful

  • of sweet and bitter marmalade. That my friends, is amazing! If you look at

  • the classic for a minute, my granddad used to put a little gully in here like this and

  • then pour in Milk so it went all the way down. And then at that point, he would tuck into

  • it. So guys, that is the tip of the iceberg okay?

  • Happy porridge cooking, now you might be thinking that's rubbish, my one's better, everyone

  • should know about it, and we want to know about it. So guys enjoy, lots of love, until

  • next time. Shamoan.

Word up Food Tubers, Mister Oliver here. Okay. We're making perfect porridge because we love


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如何做完美的粥--5種方法|傑米-奧利弗 (How to Make Perfect Porridge - 5 Ways | Jamie Oliver)

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