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Imagine, overcrowded conditions so intense that Death is all around you. Feces and urine,
and the conditions are so tight that you can't learn to walk properly. That's just the beginning.
Next, you get crammed onto a truck, drive for hundreds of thousands of miles with no
food, no water. Again, crammed. Feces, urine, Death all around you. Again, just the beginning
of the massive suffering that is going to take place. You arrive at the plant and they
load you off of the truck onto a conveyor belt, which immediately grabs your legs and
shackles you upside down before it swings you through an electrified bath. Followed
by a neck slicer, before you get dumped into a scalding bath of hot water. Massive suffering
is what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about the trip from beginning to end for billions
of chickens every year. And the unfortunate thing is that they are so stressed out and
so crazed by the events transpiring, that many of them, nine billion or more in fact
a year, never quite get electrified. And never quite get their necks cut before they're dumped
into that scalding hot, boiling bath. That is what the chicken has to look forward to.
Because the Humane Society Action Group that regulates cruelty to animals in the slaughterhouse
does not participate with poultry. It is essential at this time that we take a look at the suffering
of these animals, and take an action to get humane conditions put in place in the poultry


以"雞"為例,講一篇說服人的演說 (Persuasive Speaking Tips : Introduction Examples for Persuasive Speeches)

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