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  • [Using Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer]

    [在 Internet Explorer 中使用 Google 工具列]

  • With your busy life, Google Toolbar lets you get the most out of your time on the web.

    面對忙碌的日常生活,Google 工具列能幫助你有效運用時間。

  • Toolbar is an Internet Explorer add-on that you can download or you might already have it pre-installed.

    Google 工具列是可供 Internet Explorer 下載的附加程式,但你的電腦也可能已預先安裝。

  • It appears at the top of the browser and allows you to search Google from anywhere on the web.

    它就在瀏覽器的頂端,讓你不論瀏覽哪個網站,都支援 Google 搜尋。

  • You can also search specific Google sites, such as Images, News and Maps.

    你還可搜尋特定的 Google 網站,像是 Google 圖片、新聞和地圖。

  • So when you're checking your kid's school calendar and see Ethan has an away game coming up, you can quickly look up the location in Google Maps, get your directions and be on your way.

    這麼一來,當你確認孩子的學校行事曆後,發現 Ethan 有一場客場比賽要打,你就能快速查詢比賽地點,使用 Google 地圖規劃路線,然後立即動身出發。

  • Toolbar has other useful time-saving tools.


  • The Word find and Highlight tools quickly identify your search terms, and you can jump to relevant parts of a page using Quick Scroll.


  • So when Emma needs help with her civics homework just type a phrase from the founding father's famous speech that she's researching, choose a search result and you can go right to that section of the speech.

    如果 Emma 需要公民作業相關的協助時,你只需輸入她研究的國父著名演講中的一個字詞就行了,選擇一筆搜尋結果後,即可連到演講中的相關部分。

  • And now Emma can report back with new insight.

    現在,Emma 可以報告她的新發現了。

  • You can use Toolbar to translate web pages written in foreign languages with just the click of a button.


  • So when you're planning that family vacation overseas, you can get the inside scoop on things.


  • With Google+ built into Toolbar you can also easily share things with friends.

    有了工具列內建的 Google+,你可以輕鬆的與朋友分享資訊。

  • Tools like Autofill make online purchases go much faster.


  • Just make sure that you're signed in to Toolbar with your Google account.

    只需記得使用您的 Google 帳戶登入工具列。

  • You can also customize Toolbar by adding and removing buttons for the tools you use most or not at all and because your settings are saved to your account you take them with you when you use other computers with Internet Explorer.

    你也可以自訂工具列,加入或移除你愛用或不用的工具,由於你的設定都儲存在帳戶中,因此這些設定也不會跑掉,就算你使用其他安裝了 Internet Explorer 的電腦也一樣。

  • Google Toolbar makes browsing simple, easy and useful.

    有了 Google 工具列, 上網變得簡單、方便又實用。

[Using Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer]

[在 Internet Explorer 中使用 Google 工具列]

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