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  • Magdi and the Dolphin

  • Magdi looked out of the window

  • and saw clear blue skies.

  • "Yes!" he shouted.

  • "It's a beautiful day!

  • I can go fishing.

  • "Hi, Dad! Bye, Dad!

  • It's a beautiful day!

  • See you later!"

  • shouted Magdi.

  • He was so excited that he was speaking very, very fast.

  • He rushed out of the house with his fishing rod.

  • "What did he say?" asked his sister

  • "He said that it was a beautiful day for fishing,"

  • chuckled Magdi's dad with a big smile on his face.

  • "He's always happy when he goes fishing.

  • Magdi raced to the beach and untied his little red fishing boat.

  • Maybe today I'll catch a fish for dinner! he thought.

  • He waded out into the warm, blue water,

  • pushing the boat until it floated.

  • Then he jumped into it and paddled toward some rocks.

  • Magdi looked over the side of the boat and saw a lion fish.

  • He knew that lion fish were very dangerous;

  • they could sting you.

  • Magdi sat and watched quietly

  • as it dove under the boat and disappeared under a rock.

  • Next, he saw a parrot fish, with its shiny blue, purple, and green scales, gliding through the water.

  • Parrot fish are tasty, he thought.

  • Maybe today I'll catch a parrot fish.

  • Magdi put a piece of bread on the hook of his fishing rod

  • and threw the fishing line into the water.

  • Then he threw more bread into the water toattract the fish.

  • Suddenly, hundreds of fish swam up to the boat.

  • There were bright yellow fish, black-and-white fish that looked like zebras,

  • fish with long noses, and big, fat puffer fish.

  • Magdi knew all their names.

  • He beamed with delight.

  • Maybe I won't catch any fish today, he thought.

  • They're beautiful!

  • Maybe today I'll just watch them.

  • Magdi pulled his paddles into the boat,

  • turned onto his stomach to watch the fish,

  • and fell asleep in the warm sun.

  • Magdi woke up feeling chilly.

  • Looking up, he saw black skies.

  • Big waves were shaking his little red fishing boat,

  • and it was drifting out to sea.

  • Two of Magdi's friends, Malik and Ali, were playing on the beach.

  • "Hey, Magdi! Magdi! ”they shouted. "Come back! There's a storm.

  • Their words floated across the water, carried by the wind.

  • "What did you say?" Magdi yelled.

  • "We said there was a storm!

  • shouted Malik and Ali.

  • "Come back!”

  • Uh-oh! thought Magdi.

  • He tried to paddle towards the beach,

  • but the waves pushed him further away.

  • A huge wave crashed onto his boat, throwing him into the water.

  • "Oh, no! Help!Help!” Magdi cried.

  • But just at that moment, he felt something under the water.

  • A very big something!

  • Then, to his surprise,

  • he was moving through the waves at high speed, heading straight for the beach.

  • He looked down and saw a beautiful, grinning face.

  • It was a dolphin!

  • The dolphin splashed and jumped through the water,

  • carrying Magdi on its back.

  • The dolphin used its powerful tail to propel its body throughthe water.

  • When they got to the shallow water,

  • the dolphin dropped Magdi on the sand

  • and then swam up and down in front of him.

  • "Thank you, my friend," whispered Magdi.

  • Every day afterward, Magdi and the dolphin played in the ocean.

  • The dolphin taught Magdi tricks,

  • such as how to dive deep down to the ocean floor, how to float,

  • how to glide through the water,

  • and how to stay away from a storm!

Magdi and the Dolphin


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B1 中級 美國腔

Oxford Discover 5 Unit 7(English Reading Magdi and the Dolphin Oxford Discover 5 Unit 7)

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