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  • Vsauce, I'm Jake and come in here - there is a giant prehistoric sea monster that absorbed

  • massive amounts of radiation roaming the streets. In fact, he's been called The King of Monsters

  • because Godzilla is incredibly...large. Here have a menu. According to Legendary Pictures

  • Godzilla is 355ft tall, 50ft taller than the Statue of Liberty, and weighs 90,000 tons

  • - imagine a cruise ship...with legs...standing upright. But it raises the question if a creature

  • of that scale is possible...Could Godzilla Exist?

  • At 90,000 tons Godzilla is a very big thing, a thing that would need about 215 million

  • calories a day. It is estimated that the adult human body has 110,000 calories so if Godzilla

  • had a taste for people he would need to devour 1,950 of them every day, increasing the global

  • mortality rate by 1.3%, or he could just eat 826,000 Waffle Tacos.

  • So has there been any living thing that comes close to Godzilla's weight? Well, I made a

  • chart. At the bottom of the scale we have a human being, I used a completely accurate

  • unphotoshopped image of myself as representation, at 2.2 tons the saltwater crocodile which

  • is the heaviest reptile, at 11 tons the heaviest land animal - the African Bush Elephant, then

  • the heaviest animal to have ever existed the blue whale at 209 tons. For heaviest organism

  • that we know of there's the Pando, a clonal colony of Aspen trees, at 6,600 tons...13.6

  • times less than Godzilla. He actually weighs a little over half of all the gold we have

  • ever mined. Not only that, but he is 295ft taller than the Sauroposeidon, the tallest

  • dinosaur yet discovered.

  • In addition to Godzilla being the heaviest living creature, he would also be the tallest

  • and, including his tail, the longest. Fortunately for us, we wouldn't need bullets or missiles

  • to take down The King of Monsters, just gravity and the square-cube law.

  • Let's say this cube is bone and the area of it's face is 1cm^2, giving it a volume of

  • 1cm^3. If we want to double the size the area, it's strength, multiplies by 4 but it's volume,

  • thus it's weight and mass, multiplies by 8 . As you continue to scale up, the bones get

  • bigger faster than they get srronger, eventually weighing more than they can support and the

  • whole thing would collapse under the pressure.

  • This can be seen to a degree with Robert Wadlow, the tallest human being in recorded history.

  • At 8ft 11in tall and 440lb, he had to wear leg braces and use a cane because his legs

  • had trouble supporting the rest of him. He passed away from an infected blister on his

  • foot due to poor blood circulation.

  • And that is another issue: blood pressure. The taller and larger you are, the more powerful

  • your heart would have to be to successfully fight gravity and send blood throughout your

  • body at a consistent rate.

  • In the ocean, Godzilla would fare a bit better since the water helps support that weight

  • - it's why whales can be as large as they are - but once emerging from the depths and

  • stepping foot onto the beach, he'd sink into the Earth due to the immense foot pressure,

  • his bones and cartilage would give out under his weight, and his body slamming against

  • the ground would be the extent of the destruction. We'd also be able to make about 350 handbags

  • from his feet. Since pain travels through the nervous system at around 2ft per second,

  • Godzilla would be dead on the ground before the signal could reach his brain.

  • According to Paleontologist Dr. Mike Taylor, even a Godzilla at 1/8th the size would still

  • collapse under the pressure.

  • But let's say Godzilla could walk around and cause destruction to a city like New York,

  • how much would that damage cost? My friends at Cinema Sins made a video detailing just

  • that and I definitely recommend checking it out. Especially since we don't have to live

  • in fear of a huge monster stepping on our fleshy bodies, so we can spend more time watching

  • videos or enjoying the giant creature free outside world. And, as always, thanks for

  • watching

Vsauce, I'm Jake and come in here - there is a giant prehistoric sea monster that absorbed


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哥斯拉會不會存在? (Could Godzilla Exist?)

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