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  • my next challenge to relaunch the menu by the end of the week.

  • So that Glass House gonna start to win back his customers.

  • Maybe Reach will finally show me the camera in the kitchen, as far as I'm concerned, is his last chance for the team.

  • That's another opportunity to prove themselves.

  • My spies told me last week that way, didn't wash his letters.

  • In addition, they could become famous for a classic Caesar salad.

  • That's one pretty yes, that's live.

  • Look at the contours off the plates.

  • Go around, putting top part summit around the outside of the place.

  • We're likely blaze.

  • Follow them.

  • And then around the outside, they got the new glass house Caesar salad.

  • Fingers off.

  • Look, yeah, What swap tables.

  • You still three solid pressed.

  • Richard's back in charge of the kitchen.

  • There's only food to reheat and sells the dress dressings missing.

  • So please, Ian's destroyed.

  • But it is Richard job to check everything before it leaves the kitchen.

  • No.

  • Yes, good lives.

  • Come on, time, guys start making a little noise front, but he's not leading the team 49 1 Next orders are piling up again.

  • Way looking about.

  • Not tonight.

  • please, not tonight.

  • I don't really know what the hell's going on in there, but, you know, let me just say the last three or four minutes being there looks short West.

  • Check what?

  • Go.

  • 49.

  • You got number.

  • Really Have managed to fuck it up properly again.

  • And they don't have to cook anything except dress to sell it and talk to each other.

  • They can't do that.

  • So this is a fucking embarrassment place one second.

  • Listen.

  • Yeah, I'm taking one.

  • She's a salad Out, please.

  • Yes.

  • Change tables on bits of 51.

  • 50.

  • Next.

  • I'm not taking any prisoners.

  • Seriously.

  • No, people don't pull away that out because I'm not fucking about no one.

  • Table 12.

  • What's out there for?

  • Rich Neal may say he won't take prisoners, but surely you can see Richard can't cut it.

  • But instead of plucking up the courage to Sachi chef, he moans about my Caesar salad.

  • Nobody told you.

  • Weigh yourself.

  • Yeah, I know what we were certainly source without.

  • It's actually beautiful addressing with very rich, absolute total bullets.

  • Rat is a proper Caesar salad.

  • What?

  • I haven't done this crush the letters on the ship.

  • I saw last week We cooked jumping on the south.

  • I'm not in squashing.

  • Let me finish squashing the salad of the side of the bowl and you're telling me that's too big.

  • That is fresh and it beautifully washed.

  • And I haven't even put my hands in it to dress it up.

  • Let it dress itself in the vault.

  • So what you're telling me is absolute bollocks, and I'm ready for a fucking argument right now.

  • You're talking out your ass if you want, you're talking about, you're going to work.

  • You talk about being strong, you're talking about there's no ready.

my next challenge to relaunch the menu by the end of the week.


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