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  • v. 有;
  • I've a sore arm from pitching all day
  1. Voting enabled. Used in Fark headlines.
    Caption what the Donald is thinking as his crazy comb-over explodes on a windy day. VE
  2. A common abbreviation for the band [VersaEmerge] used by it's many fans.
    "I love V.E.!!!!!"
  3. Short for VE30DE. An engine built way ahead of it's time. Allows older Maximas to compete with cars more than a decade after it was introduced. Beware of the VTC ticking. Fast V6 disguised as a diesel.
    My VE pwns all riced out Hondas. Don't mess with VE powah.
  4. Got the body of a goddess , nice but can be very crazy, smile that will light up your day , unique and very intelligent and a urge for fashion
    That darn ve .
  5. Contraction of have: we've been there. of [uhv,ov, uh v, ] Explanation: Some Douche-bag on thinks people are saying "[of]" as in "I should [of]" when people actually say "I should've" - meaning, I should have. He goes on to make reference to people using English improperly for the use of this word. When the pronunciation of the word of and the contraction 've are identical.
    would've is a contraction [of] would have. However, many people confuse this for "would of" This is in reference to a UB post.
  6. An alternative word used on Ragnarok Online for "Fuck" or "Fucking." It may be used as a noun or a verb, but it is only to be considered a sexual term.
    Kobra and and Zirus got some VE action going on the other day.