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  • Feeling groggy, tired or unmotivated in the afternoon?

    下午你感到無力、 疲勞或是使不上勁嗎?

  • Using coffee, soda and energy drinks

    喝咖啡、汽水和 能量飲料,

  • we often try to push through the dreaded long day

    我們常常試著 度過可怕漫長的一天,

  • yawning through the hours and fighting the fatigue.

    呵欠度日、 抵抗疲倦。

  • But it just so happens that the solution


  • is the very thing we've been trying to avoid all along,

    就是那件我們努力嘗試 始終要去躲避的那件事,

  • sleep.


  • Truth is, the power nap


  • is perhaps the most effective way


  • to rejuvenate your brain.


  • There are four main stages of your sleep cycle.

    你的睡眠循環主要有 四個階段。

  • The first two are relatively light sleep,

    前兩個是比較淺 的睡眠階段,

  • while the third brings you into a deep slumber.

    而第三個階段將你 帶入深層睡眠。

  • The final stage known as rapid eye movement,

    最後一個階段稱為 快速動眼期階段,

  • or REM for short,


  • is where most of your dreams begin.


  • The benefits of napping are tied to the length

    午睡的好處和 睡眠時間長短

  • of time in which you are asleep.


  • Naps 30 minutes in length


  • generally only allow time to enter these first stages.

    往往僅讓睡眠進入 這些初步階段。

  • In stage 1, slow eye movement begins


  • and if woken you often feel as though you didn't even sleep.

    而如果醒來,你常常 感覺根本沒睡著。

  • But as you continue into stage 2

    但當你繼續進入 第二階段,

  • your brain begins to inhibit processing.


  • and ignores external stimuli that it deems non-dangerous

    並忽略被它認定為不具 危險的外來刺激,

  • in order to relax you and give you a tranquil sleep.

    這是為了要讓你放鬆 並使你安眠。

  • It also begins memory consolidation,


  • in which information you learn is processed.

    你得知的外來訊息 會在這個階段處理完畢。

  • Waking out of these stages has shown benefits including;

    從這些階段中醒來 有以下好處包括:

  • increased productivity,


  • increased cognitive function,


  • enhanced memory,


  • boosted creativity


  • and most importantly, feeling less tired.

    還有最重要的, 消除疲勞。

  • Beyond 30 minutes you enter stage 3

    睡超過30分鐘你就會進入 第三階段,

  • and experience something known as sleep inertia when awakened.

    而當你在此時醒來,會體驗到 某種稱為睡眠倦怠的東西。

  • Because your body is coming out of a deep sleep,

    因為你的身體從 深睡中醒過來,

  • motor dexterity is decreased


  • while grogginess and the longing to go back to sleep increases.

    而無力感和渴望回去睡覺 的感受升高。

  • Many people falsely deem naps non-beneficial for themselves,

    很多人誤以為午睡 對他們沒有好處,

  • but the truth is, they have simply napped too long.

    但事實是, 他們就只是睡得太久了。

  • As the benefits of napping become clearer

    隨著午睡的好處變得 更加明確,

  • many nap salons have opened throughout Japan,

    日本開了很多 午睡沙龍。

  • where workers can pay to have a brief lunchtime nap on a daybed

    勞工可以在那裡付費獲得 一小段沙發床上的午睡。

  • to increase alertness at work.


  • So maybe it's about time we all start sleeping on the job a little more.

    所以或許現在大概是我們都要開始 在工作時多睡一點午覺的時候了。

  • Just tell your boss "Science said so".


  • Got a burning question you want answered?


  • Ask it in the comments or on facebook and twitter.

    在留言中或是在facebook和twitter 上面問問題。

  • And subscribe for more weekly science videos.

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Feeling groggy, tired or unmotivated in the afternoon?

下午你感到無力、 疲勞或是使不上勁嗎?


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The Scientific Power of Naps

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