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Hello, welcome to another I N T E R E S T I N G episode
of TwoSet Violin.
Today, we're gonna play the game you all know how to play.
It's not charades. It's not-
Ling Ling 40 Hours.
- It's- - It is...
- Wow... - The musician version!
- Tada! Check out the merch! - Wow!
So for those of you that don't know,
Never Have I Ever is a classic drinking game
where you get to know each other...
except it's PG.
So instead of alcohol, we'll be drinking...
- We have a bunch of musical version questions... - I just wanna drink it.
for Never Have I Ever.
And you're only meant to drink when you have done something.
Guys, this is how you drink bubble tea.
The sharp end, I've seen people do the wrong end.
Like you do this, very rookie error.
Sharp end goes in.
And you block the top as well if you wanna help it.
- No, actually- hahaha! - Hahahaha!!
- I felt the urge. I was like... - Felt the urge, you go...
Oh, the popping sensation!
Okay, never have I ever. Here we go!
- Alright, let's go. - We haven't seen these questions. Tada!
Question No.1,
"played the viola."
That was the longest sip!
When was the first time you played viola?
I want another sip.
First time I played the viola was in my orientation week
at the conservatory.
Mozart string quartet.
Mine was quartet, too.
My first time was when I was...
...playing together, how old were we?
I was probably 15?
15! Yeah! It was 15.
Yeah, Brett was playing first, and I was playing viola.
Sad days...
It's always like that.
That's how you transition a violinist to viola.
- Put them in a quartet. - Yeah.
"clapped between movements."
- I like to think so. - Not that I remember.
You just wanted to drink.
No, but I do remember I clapped
because everyone clapped anyway, so I joined in.
I'm always hesitant. I wait till everyone claps first.
No, I never started it though, like I don't go...
Yeah, tsk, tsk, tsk.
Next question!
"used the excuse:"
"but stayed at home and done nothing!"
Oh, bubble tea is so good!
Oh my god!
This is the best Never Have I Ever.
I hope I've done every one of those.
Um. Yeah.
Can't go cos I have to practice.
Well, that was the intention, but I just forget.
No, I was gonna say it.
Yeah, okay, sometimes it is an excuse
cos I just don't wanna go out.
But more often than not,
it's more like I genuinely wanted to practice.
So I stayed at home, be like "I can't go out."
- But then, you just get distracted at home, or like... - Yeah.
"Just one more TwoSet Violin YouTube video."
- "Just one more!" - Yeah. "Just one more vid-"
- Oh no... - "Oh, oh, it's 10pm! It's too late to pr-"
- "I guess I'll practice tomorrow." - Yeah, the neighbours will be annoyed.
"I'm a good person, I don't bother neighbours."
No, but I'm definitely guilty for that one.
"charmed a girl by playing the violin."
I just want to...
Now you gotta tell us when, cos you sipped it.
I only remember it happened once.
I played Happy Birthday for a girl.
Oh really? Hahahahaaaaa!
But really though.
We pick up the violin just to practice, do a concert.
Yeah, I don't play violin to charm girls.
I play it so I can become closer to Ling Ling.
Violin is an art form, not a tool to seduce people with.
I'm a pure musician.
I think people always think like...
violinists do that,
like that's the image of violinists.
- Yeah, like all romantic. - But really it's just like-
- But really it's just like... practice. It's so sad. - We're just like practic-
It's like ArGghhhhHHhh!!
Yeah, I don't know. I don't see violinists that...
- Me neither. Yeah, I just... I don't see that one. - Yeah, I just don't see that one.
"been late to rehearsal."
- Hahahaha! - Dude, I should sip all this for that one!
Can we have more, please?
I'll top that, I haven't just been late to a rehearsal,
I was late to a concert.
You've been late to a lecture.
I'm late to everything.
I still remember.
I was late to an orchestral rehearsal in conservatory.
I was 30 minutes late cos I slept in.
Oh, reall-
I went through the back door, thinking-
I don't know why I went through the back door,
- just quicker I guess. - Yeah.
So I went through the back entrance.
Opened the door.
The conductor saw me,
and stopped the whole orchestra.
And I was like uh...
He's like "Guys, see."
"This is what happens when someone is late."
"Everyone has to stop."
No, he didn't...
I was like "Oh my god, really? This is..."
"Why are you doing that?"
"Like... You're not helping anyone by doing that."
It's not my fault- I mean it is my fault for being late,
but you don't have to stop the whole orchestra
to caught me on the spot.
There have been many times where it was very close call.
Like we'd have a concert with a professional orchestra.
- And it'd be like 5 minutes to the concert. - Yeah.
I'd be driving around looking for a park.
I remember once I panicked,
I just parked somewhere like... I wasn't meant to park.
I was just like...
"I gotta go to a concert. I hope I don't get towed."
And I made it like... 2 minutes before.
Did your car get towed?
- Oh, luckily. - I was lucky.
In high school, we had a concert once.
- My high school orchestra was kind of very blasé. - Yeah.
And so they had a concert,
and I was back desk second.
They just forgot to put a stand and a desk for me.
And so I went there, and everyone was already on stage.
And I was like "I don't have a chair."
And the conductor just goes...
and starts tuning the orchestra.
I'm like "Wut?"
And so I had to like, grab my own stand,
and set myself up while they started playing the piece.
Haha! Can you imagine the conductor...
The conductor go "I can't deal with you right now,"
- "We gotta- the concert's gonna start." It's just- - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
"cancelled a violin lesson"
"because I was too embarrassed for not practicing."
- Really? - Haven't you?
I don't think I have...
I mean I don't know if I was too embarrassed.
But I've definitely...
not often, but I have cancelled a lesson
just cos I didn't feel like going.
Maybe I just didn't get enough time to practice,
- so I was like... I'd probably just gonna get destroyed. - Yeah.
There's no point.
...type of thing.
I can't remember. I don't think I have.
I tried to go to every lesson.
It's much more likely that I skip school class to go to a lesson.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm a very spontaneous person.
Whatever feels right.
No rules.
Alright, next one.
"gotten shaky bow on stage."
Oh my god.
That one, I should be drinking like 10 liters.
Always. I still get shaky bow sometimes.
Not even on stage.
Sometimes I get shaky bow playing in front of this camera...
- for you guys. - Yeah!
Like shaky bow is always gonna be there..
- Yeah. - But in uni days, it was the worst.
- Cos all the peers are musicians, and they all know. - Yeah.
Everyone's just looking at you. It's like...
You change your technique in concert
- because of shaky bow. - Yeah.
"cheated on a music theory exam."
I haven't cheated, but I've helped someone cheat.
Does that count?
- That's not cheating. - Yeah.
I helped someone cheat using the perfect pitch method
that we did in a video.
If you guys haven't seen it. It was Nathaniel.
We were sitting next to each other
for theory exam at the con.
That's funny!
And we had a code,
and then he was like "Tap, tap, tap."
I was like
- Cos he has perfect pitch as well. - Yeah, yeah.
I remember there was a smart kid in my grade.
I was like "Hey man, can you help me out?"
He's like "Yeah, yeah, I'll sit next to you in the exam."
So everyone goes in, you choose your seats.
And when he was writting, he does this.
He puts the answer, and he goes...
If I'm on his left side, he goes...
and moves it. I was like "Yeah! Thank youuu!!"
"Thank you!"
- We don't promote such behaviour, but - Yeah.
sometimes you just gotta-
I was just doing too much practice.
- There's too much... - Priorities.
To many different other priorities of my life right now.
"had a memory slip during a performance."
- Oh, come on! Like every time. - Of course.
Not every time, but-
Remember our first concert as TwoSet.
And you didn't have a memory slip,
but you came in in the wrong key for the Bach.
Cos we changed it.
We did a cut, and so you came in in the wrong key.
- Oh, that was so bad! - And it was like...
It sounded like Stravinsky.
But I don't think anyone knew.
And that was the best bit
- cos I knew, and you knew that. - And I still remember so clear, I was like...
Something sounds really off!
But I don't think my fingers are in the wrong place.
- Yeah. - Those were the right notes I was supposed to play.
And I realised everything.
I was like "Oh my god..."
Do you still remember...
when you and Sophie played Happy Birthday?
I played- I told her-
And then he told... he-
Cos it was my birthday, so apparently you told Sophie
"Play Happy Birthday at the end for Eddy in A major."
- Brett was just thinking starting on A means A major. - Started on... A string!
But it's actually D major.
*sings Happy Birthday*
Sophie was just like "WUT?!"
- Yeah. - What...
Sorry, Sophie.
"had a crush on a violist."
"peed my pants during a long symphony performance."
Nah, I'm just kidding.
I'm kidding! I'm kidding! I'm kidding!
know someone that had to leave
just to pee halfway through a symphony.
That's pretty funny!
- And I know someone that... - Oh, that's pretty funny.
pooed his pants during a performance.
- But I personally have never done either of them. - Yeah, never done that.
Guys, go to the toilet beforehand.
"sight read the music during a performance."
This is so bad!
No, sometimes it's just like...
It would be like some film music performance
where you just played Harry Potter,
and Superman...
- Fair enough, fair enough. It's like... - And-
If it's so like... some other easy stuff,
you're just like there's no point of practicing. You-
For those of you that don't know, film music is just-
For string players, usually it's just... long semibreves.
1... 2... 3... 4...
Assume you can already play an instrument,
- and that's very very easy, so... - Yeah.
- I mean, unless it's like Harry Potter where it's like prrrr. - Yeah, that's- that's difficult.
But then, no one really practice that either
- cos it's like too hard. - You can't hear it. It's...
It's not- It's meant for an effect, not playing it.
It's not like...
examination of accuracy.
Do you realise how bad this sounds right now?
- We're just like... - I know. We're-
It's either too easy to practice,
- or it's too hard so there's no point of practicing. - Yeah, I know!
But I've done that in an actual concert, sight reading.
- Yeah. - That was the con one.
I've said this story before, but I was late.
Oh, yeah!
And I was sight reading at actual...
like a chamber orchestra concert.
And that wasn't easy.
I've done all the gigs sight reading.
Oh yeah, that as well.
"made a lie to skip rehearsal."
I mean I never lie, but-
I can't remember when I last did it.
But I'm sure I did it once to save my *ss from something.
"I'm sIcK."
"broken a string during a performance."
I've actually never broken a string during a performance.
No, I actually haven't!
Cos we're not soloists.
I know a string has unraveled...
- Oh yeah. - while performing.
Actually no, I have snapped a string before,
- but not in a performance. - I'm sure I've broken a string during a performance.
Either it could be a busking one as well,
but I just don't remember it.
"had a crush on someone in orchestra."
- There's no evidence. - Tee-hee!
Next one.
Just move on!
Quickly like...
"wanted to abandon music career."
Like every day I'm like "am I good enough?"
It depends what this mean, like, wanted, like-
- More- - If it's more like a self-deprec-
Yeah, that's true.
No, I've never thought about like... abandon
as in like I don't like it.
- Yeah. - But I've thought about it in a sense of like-
Abandoning is just-
maybe I'm not good enough.
Yeah, yeah.
Just so not like we want to abandon the careers.
It's like the thought did occur that
"am I good enough for this career?"
Yeah, that's what I meant.
Nah, yeah, no.
That makes sense. I didn't want to abandon music.
"Never have I ever forgotten my violin!"
Oh, I'm the same.
It's like "haha- oh, crap."
Oh no!
It's the worst feeling!
I remember yours was recording.
I remember that one as well.
I think that's the biggest one that hit me.
I was like "Oh."
"I don't have a violin."
"What am I here for recording? Idiot."
Up to that day, Brett used to like-
You used to pay me out all the time
for when I used to forget my violin.
And then that day happened, I was like...
"Got you!"
I've forgotten mine...
three times though.
Oh, that's crazy.
Once for an airport,
- Once- - Twice for an airport.
on the train.
- Oh, train, yeah. - And once at the train station.
I was a young soul. I don't do that anymore.
Yeah, we're responsible now.
Last one.
"changed the bowings or fingerings during a performance."
Oh, all the time.
Because you panic.
You just panic, and sometimes you run out of bow,
sometimes you just have a-
- Yeah, just run out of bow. - like you're running out of bow, you're like
"Oh my god!" And then,
Sometimes one running-out-of-bow
changes the whole sequence of bowing.
- Mhm. - And you kinda start doing 2 ups
to compensate really quicky.
Or like do more slurs in case you missed out.
Sometimes like...
in the concert, I like...
chicken out, doing like a shift,
so I just string cross instead.
You know, like...
I did it once that I had a mind blank of...
what note I was supposed to play first
- at the piano competition once. - Oh... okay.
So I walked on stage. I was just like...
I forgot which octave the piece was, for some reason.
I had a massive mind blank.
- No... - I was like,
"Holy crap. Is it supposed to be this C or this C?"
I think I froze there for like a good one minute.
Oh no...
It was pretty bad.
Everyone was just waiting.
Oh no...
- It was so much pressure. - Is this like in Eisteddfod?
Yeah, it was...
It's so much pressure!
Well, that's it, guys.
Comment on your Never Have I Ever's down below.
And play along with this game.
Play with your friends.
Yeah, drink bubble tea with us.
Oh, that was the best excuse to drink bubble tea.
Alright guys, check out the merch.
Thank you so much for watching.
And then we'll see you guys next time.


有與沒有 (Classical Musicians Play "Never Have I Ever" (Music Edition))

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Kitty Wong 發佈於 2019 年 12 月 6 日
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