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Yo man, this is Dan Lok, how are you doing, man?
Give me a high five, nice to meet you!
That is not how you introduce yourself in a business setting.
Maybe your high school buddy, that's okay, right?
You never get a second chance to make a first impression, a good first impression.
I am shocked cause I've been to so many different business functions and networking events, and you see entrepreneurs and business owners are professionals, they meet people, very often, it's pretty awkward.
They don't know how to introduce themselves.
They don't know how to do the proper handshake.
They walk up to people, maybe not that extreme.
But sometimes they're not so well-equipped with exactly what you just say, so today I wanna give you some tips.
When you meet with someone, how do you make that good first impression?
How do you introduce yourself or, sometimes, how do you introduce others?
Maybe you wanna introduce this person to this person.
What's the proper way to do that in a, kind of business, more formal setting, okay?
So when you meet someone, like a stranger or someone that you just meet, you don't want to be overly excited.
You don't want to be overly eager.
Like, (for) example, you meet someone, "Hey, nice to meet you!"
You're shaking their hand like, "Oh yeah, very nice to meet you!"
You don't want to do that.
You want to be nice and calm.
You want to be a professional.
If you're an introvert and you're meeting someone, take your time, right?
Slow down, just put your hand, just, "Hey."
And you can, let me give you a very simple way to introducing yourself.
"My name is..."
And you wanna take your time.
I notice a lot of people, when they introduce their name, especially if your name, it's more difficult to pronounce.
Or maybe, with your last name, it's not so common, right?
Then, take your time.
Enunciate it.
Slow down.
So don't just rush it, then people don't understand.
They don't remember your name, so "My name is..." take your time.
So, my name is Dan Lok.
Lok, Dan Lok.
From there, right?
"My name is...", your hand, like this.
Shake the hand, firm handshake, just like that.
Sometimes you might do something like this, your handshake, and then you put your hand over the shoulders like that, that's good too.
"My name is...", so if you want to be a little bit more, just a tiny little bit more intimate from here to here.
You want to build that connection.
"It's a pleasure meeting you."
So, "My name is Dan Lok,"
Shake hand, "It's a pleasure meeting you."
See that?
Very, very simple.
Very, very simple.
When you're introducing others, sometimes what you want to do is, "Let me introduce you to my friend here."
Right, and you want to introduce them.
It's almost like you're presenting someone.
What you don't want to do is this.
"Hey, here's my friend here."
You see how, like, who is this person?
You want to set this person up for success, make an intro properly.
It's almost you present "Hey, this is my friend, John here."
From here, you're presenting, like that, and from here.
A very, very simple thing.
But you notice, most people don't do it well.
So when you're introducing yourself, now, sometimes you can say, "It's a pleasure to meet you."
Sometimes you can say, "Nice to meet you" depends on the setting.
But you've got to practice it.
You've got to be practicing the timing of it.
As simple as that, the first few seconds, that's how you make the first impression.
And from there, you might say, transition that into a second questions.
So, "Hi my name is Dan Lok."
"Very nice to meet you."
"What brought you to this event?"
From there, you can have a dialogue.
You can get to understand more of what they do, how you can add value, what business are they in, just go from there.
And making eye contact, make sure when you're making eye contact, you don't, let me do a wrong way.
"Oh hi, yeah, my name is Dan Lok, and nice to meet you."
See how I'm not making eye contact, you feel like you're hiding something.
Look at them, look them in the eyes.
"Hi, my name is Dan Lok.
"Very nice to meet you."
"So what brought you to this event?"
Boom, just like that.
So, practice it.
Test it out.
Let me know if this works for you.
Comment below.



拓展人脈第一步!如何用自我介紹留下好印象? (How To Introduce Yourself And Others)

2439 分類 收藏
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