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What is sup my name is Ben
I am so excited today because we're playing finally the well delayed South Park the fractured
But whole the first one we played on this channel. It was amazing. It was a daily
Let's play series and finally we're back with some video games on this channel. I'm so excited for this
I'm so excited that if this video gets
million no just five hundred thousand likes
I will upload part two right away to show how committed I am to this series. That's right
I'm that kind of youtuber right now. I don't know
I'm just really excited for this and I look forward to share this with you girl. Gross gross whatever every single day
It's gonna be awesome
From what I seen so far
Heck yeah, let's just let's just begin okay
Let's just do this if you're having trouble of winning and combat try a better game. Is that what it said
Never fart on someone's balls. This is really good info on the loading screen. I'm not glad there aren't
I'm glad they added that as well
Oh, yeah, so the game is getting terrible reviews right now on steam because Ubisoft have their you play feature
Which apparently it's like a big hiccup. I'm glad for ones actually. I play it on the PlayStation because
Probably won't require
Good hardware to run this. I don't think it's the kind of game that pushes the boundaries of
video game graphics
But it does look if I play the demo it was really fun
They may they made a whole thing about the farts in the game, which I'm very excited about
That's a nice looking cat right there
What has become of this city
Crammed is out of control cats are missing and townspeople are being victimized Oh
Pooped on my palms you
We were supposed to protect those who couldn't protect themselves or you little fucker
Now super heroes are torn apart by political differences
We are two sides and Lord
But law isn't going to save our city time job, I wonder if they will explore any political
Midst out of a satire when a new king is not in the kingdom torn apart by a power
Hi, Jana, there's no time to waste. I have to go back change the present if I can
And in doing so perhaps I could change what has happened
Look at that
So first game was sort of Lord of the Rings inspired. I guess this time. They're going superhero
They're making fun of all the Netflix shows all the franchises with Marvel vs.. DC
Alright, we're gonna make our character here. We're gonna obviously go I
Don't know what the heck man
I can change color as well. Okay. Okay, that was all options
You know we're gonna go with the big afro
There she is
Heck yeah, man. We got our hair makeup
We got to get those kawaii kawaii, I'll this blush cheeks
Oh you better believe it boy that shit bear. That's it
That's very nice no, no glasses all right we got clothes
Why don't we go with a classic red cape?
We can change this as well
Well, it's go. Yeah japanese schoolgirl. That's it
Blackton now rent
Okay, I'm pretty happy
There's ARCA White Queen choose difficulty alright haha oh ho oh oh
Don't worry this doesn't affect combat just every other aspect of your whole life
Here's a problem. I don't want to I don't want to be black. I know that sounds raised I
Let's go as slightly this is so annoying what?
You know what fuck it
Oh my god
Yes ancient Zarin thank you for the papyrus font
Where is the king
Who's the king oh
Yeah, man we look good see I play this is amazing you gotta tune in your shit
This is just like pooping in real life I
Feel like that was a terrible poop, I don't know what I did wrong
Master Sergeant douche master
Incredible we got a bottle of Glatt gas bieber guys become gas begun
What is happening are they?
Okay, let's go
We should be happy that he's made friends in this town so quickly we came here to hide more friends. Just means more trouble
You're being paranoid. You need to lay off that stuff. It's changing you
Didn't see you there your friends are downstairs kiddo get out there and play
This is great so far. They really polished it up oh
He's gonna masturbate or smoking pot
He's gonna smoke, okay?
No he's eating
Just brownies am I right kids
Okay, this is our room. It's a nice room Fred
What the heck is that dude
I'm just trying to explore cuz I remember inside a first game. I was always like
Wide we updated that thing, maybe we should keep it on keep it up
Camus to the games wait where's the fart button there it is found it
Never gets old does it okay? Let's go down check on our friends. I love our character is so beautiful I
Have this whole arc written for him
Well, I don't care, I'm just trying to loot all right I
Thought you said my friends were downstairs lying fish on the door
Okay, we're gonna get some combat
It seems like they improved it a lot this time around like you can actually move around and stuff doing this
Which doesn't sound that exciting but?
I'm told that it's really good brad has been playing a little bit as well
Agree, why do I have to be?
Start a fight by punching. Okay cool pitch black
Combat advantage, okay good because we started
It's that a shark upon
Okay, okay
Use my power very nice. Yeah double heck. Yeah powers been knocked back Cossacks of damage
Okay, I got that
Is still up to me
Well that was easy I thought we were playing on hard mode
Got the kungfu kauai fist these guys are tougher okay, and we're gonna fight as a team now probably
No, it's me versus everyone attacking an enemy first friends you come a dimension
Yeah, okay see the full combo turn order check the timeline okay?
different powers, okay
Review power okay?
We can fart I don't know what that does
Why don't we try a fart here? Maybe that will hit all of them? Oh okay it hits three squares Scott it, okay?
Alright, let's do that
Ha, oh my god, that was amazing
Hit me with a stop sign I was an axe
Yeah, they improved a comment even further since I had played it, this is really Doug
So I can't use the fart again. I gotta wait one round. What's the best?
Who's the most dead?
Alright, I guess I'm punching God
Air it is got all of them the kawaii eggs hail to the Kibaki
Guys let's keep moving are those Legos
Everything here to here is lava. You can't
Shut come on
Everything that's not fair. What do we do the kid?
Oh Magda, okay, so they attacked us first now
Enemies may attempt to attack you while you explore okay? Yeah, if any man will see you you're okay, I got that
Okay, we have a new let's just
Well that attack the dragon you know what fuck let's just try it
Yeah, okay work nice
Okay, yes fire bred striped red squares indicate damage zone. Okay? No I got that too. It's very self-explanatory have to move okay
How do they even do that
Just like playing when you're a kid was it taking his phone
It was a Wayne's word I
Can't reach him
Are you serious okay? Now I can
there we go take
King dish bag Dragon Slayer, I am man King douche bag
You know it's son, you know what what up? Where's my push ok we can in the open box?
Get off my dick, there's a way in through the garage The Keg will fight, it press and hold oh
My god
Oh, I miss it. I thought the king was going to do a sweet job, but then he just did that what?
You're good, so I hit it, I hit it all right, whatever
Speak Bard. What happened to the stick of truth the wizard had thrown into the ocean
Oh, yeah, that was the end of the first game
Slay a dragon with one glow that's right if you don't
I thought he was with you guys now. We got a distress. They know to come help him here
It's again
Wizard again
My name is the king I'm from the future
Dude, we said, we're not playing got any more. Yeah, I'll split up. What's the point? This is the void?
In my time. There is a massive crime wave and missing cats
I knew my only hope was to assemble the team hey you can't switch games like this
Where's the stick of truth shut up Kevin this isn't about some dumb stick there's a cat in trouble
And it's the key to funny the crime syndicate new to our town in the future crime syndicate said
That sounds too heavy from Hoonah friends. Well. What do you want?
I'd you're the fucking freedom pal to find the missing cat get $100 reward and make their superhero franchise more popular
That's right oops again. There's a ringing coming from your basement playroom
Come on Coon friends go get your stuff and report back to the Coon their
Friends this bimbo sorry guys you can't play with us, we're playing superheroes now, and you guys are dorks
What about me? Oh?
nice transition from
Their first game to this one can we talk to these guys see what they say well nothing left to do
But go home and play Star Trek bridge crew we could all go to my house and sit around nice
Nice little self promo there Ubisoft
I see what you're doing I've been thinking about joining a gang this might be just the kick in the pants
I need that it's a good game though to be fair. I'll let it slide oh
Hello, the boys are down in their little basement playroom. Can I slap daddy hands?
Eric and his friends are so imaginative
Really Ridley I know you ain't the weird shit take all and continue Coon Kings. Okay? Oh
Yeah, I remember this there's a pass code we have shattered. Oh, did you get locked out?
I'm afraid little Eric put a log on the door to keep me out
I'm sure he has the pass code written down here somewhere well
It's probably in his room then so let's go upstairs and check it out
What is that? What is that now?
That sounded just like a real camp
That is the most annoying
All right, we're in Cartman's room. Here's the
Who is the Coon Dame travel there must be a ton of references in here?
I think I said there's an oculus in there. I see that they were they were on point with that episode
Danishes for Danmark yes
2012 election punch, what's a cracked object get some chicken wings?
What is it telling me - oh the lamp, it's cracked
We can read this journal ok alright, so that's a great drawing of oh
It's the fanfiction
Butters, and I don't remember man fake fan Christmas list ideas
Drone hoverboard oh
Okay well he has a oh, okay. Let's keep key code. Fuck you mom
No, that's actually the key code, or is
What no I can't beat you
Seriously, okay, let's go down and check. Let me check all the room first I
Feel like this is the kind of game I actually want to explore
Because you know there's gonna be like secret references and stuff and that's always fun to look for yes officer
Somebody appears to have put lava in front of my door
But no, it's not oh my god. My son told me I will burn to death if I try and cross it
uh-huh oh
Yes, he did. Tell me that if I step on a crack. It would bring my mother's back mom I
Shouldn't play with that more
That's not enough mosquito. We have to act fast before the freedom pals can a
Hundred dollar reward do you know what that could mean to our superhero franchise that cat looks pretty old?
Maybe just died in the gutter somewhere
Do I have to remind you that as of right now freedom house have a hundred followers on Instagram we have six the five of
Us and Billy Turner who's a ginger?
This is the key to finally feeding those fuckers, but where do we start looking that cat could be anyway?
We need to split up mosquito take to the air and check out all the city parks. You got it. Let's go away
Wow, what a great superhero
What a super guy need you to use your superhuman speed to get to the mayor's office and tell her we're on the case
Don't worry Coon you can count on
Fast pass
Great excuse me
He's selling his own merch top bad guys professor chaos okay nice oh
Do not touch that that device could blow up the entire Milky Way galaxy Jesus fuck
Sorry, the new kid is trying to play with the cube of ultimate destruction
Good shower it up the fucking galaxies stupid bitch look, dude. We already told you you can't play you aren't a super hero
You don't have a costume you have any super powers
All right look you can watch us play superheroes as long as you don't get in the way
Make yourself useful go grab those costumes are tailored to the kins unique body specs you have to be pretty buff to fit them
Buff yeah, that's our holding cell for super villains. Why would we keep us the furnace II device in there?
And inspection mode to find objects by interest by holding
L2 you seriously can't find this dependency device a superheros use inspection mode you know?
Sorry, my controllers rebinding. Okay, so there's something over here
We got us yeah, okay
There's something on the table. That's cool. It makes it easy
Can't seem to reach
I'm just cleaning wait here, but how do I?
What did I do there were far
Whoa I'm powerful. Oh, I ordered him that was it
You really want to be a superhero huh play with the big boys
Yes, well maybe maybe you can be useful have a seat at the table Thursday. Okay. Let's do this
Let's see mosquitoes ABS
Jesus Christ are these even in a human language
All right in order to play superheroes you have to have a superhero persona
Yes, then you can fill out your character sheet on cocoons to Grandpa of course. He doesn't have a kunst gram page good boy
You're not even on cue Instagram. Huh well, I guess I can create one for you
All right nice so now we get to select what kind of superhero we want to be since you're a newbie
You can only choose between three for now wait so I can change later
Okay, we can be blaster
Brutalist yes, ah
Close range lost beach day
Brutus it seems like plaster is all around so let's
Let's do that
Okay, douchebag, but now we need to find out what terrible thing in your past drives you you see douche all superheroes
Have a compelling backstory. It's from that backstory that their powers gained meaning. Let's take you back to when you were just a child
You lay awake that night like so many other nights
you couldn't sleep because you knew you weren't like the other kids you walked through the mirror I
Walked to the mirror okay got it
You looked in the mirror and you felt alone, and that's when it happened a loud noise you
Swore, you could hear your mother calling for help oh
I remember this
Out in the hallway you saw two intruders know what's happening. What is happening what?
I didn't click anything. I literally just caught oh, that's so annoying
Okay, we're here now you looked in the mirror and you felt alone, and that's when it happened a loud noise
You swore you can hear your mother calling for help
You left your room
Out in the hallway you saw two intruders in front of your parents door you had to stop them from hurting your parents
You knew you had the power to stop them there we go
As a blazing blaster hero, you begin to overheat as a fire in your belly ignited. You wait. Oh, yeah, because this is my new
Okay, cool. We can do the burn thing let's do that
I have to do it from here. I'm stupid
Then oh that's cool. Oh my god
Okay perfect Oh
Hayley that's it, but the intruders wouldn't take any pushed around 90
Okay, there's no timing. I just have to press it I didn't really understand
Okay now we have the are old already little flavor. Yeah, we showed him
You were gravely injured, but the intruders blow is only awake in the fire burn me okay here we go venison
It's coming from my anus anyway
I'm glad we saw that thank you very much, South Park, and so you beat them all seem to be ok
But then you finally reached your parents door
And what you saw when you open that door changed your life forever and led you to fighting crime
You were too late because when you open that door you saw
You saw your dad...fuck you mom.
That's a pretty heavy bag
You fight crime because you never forgot the night you weren't intent and you saw your own father the man you trusted
Fuck you, man. You twisted it's like a ripple in time. You can't ever change isn't it?
Alright now that you're a superhero. I have a mission yes
I need you to go out into town and try to get as many followers as you can on currency Graham
It's the only way our franchise will survive oh
My god. We look terrible. Okay? Well that's awesome. I think that will end episode there remember fun
Hundred-thousand is that too much I feel like I'm asking too much. I feel like you guys can do it
Let's go come on part two. Thank you guys so much for watching. I'm so excited to play more of this
I'll make it the episodes longer as we go as well and it's always
Don't fist
Squad fan


南方公園Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 (SOUTH PARK THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE FULL Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - DEMONETIZED EDITION!)

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