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  • Whould you rather: listen to Josh Groban OR have diarhea ladle into your ear?

    你寧願聽Josh Groban唱歌,還是讓耳朵灌滿屎?

  • Hard choice, amirite?


  • @MmmKandiYamz would like to let me know that Drake looks like voldemort with hair.


  • A Lady GaGa fragrance? Bet it smells like d**k.

    Lady GaGa的香味?打賭聞起來一定像**一樣

  • It does.


  • Trying to use the word 'hate' less often.


  • Here goes: I thoroughly dislike Sam Smith.

    得到這樣的結果:我徹底討厭Sam Smith

  • Well done.


  • Jessie J looks like she takes giant s**t.

    Jessie J看起來像大了一堆屎

  • Stincky ones too.


  • F**k you Black Shelton you inbred hick.

    *你的,Black Shelton ,你天生就土斃了

  • Let's face it, the girls from Haim are ugly as f**k and perform like they're orgasming.


  • I kind of like that, though.


  • Hey look. Ed Sheeran is still ugly.

    快看,Ed Sheeran還是一樣醜

  • Wiz Khalifa looks like a homeless woman.

    Wiz Khalifa看起來像個無家可歸的女人

  • I really wanna just flick Iggy Azalea's stupid mole off her face and into the bin.

    我真的想把Iggy Azalea的癡呆痣摳下來丟到垃圾桶

  • Pitbull is starting to grow on me... kidding.


  • I hope his voice box gets destroyed by a gorilla d**k


  • Sia sounds like she has a mouth full of s**t


  • Childish Gambino looks like he tried to suck is own d**k a few times.

    Childish Gambino看起來像是試圖吸過自己**好幾遍一樣

  • That's weird.


  • The weather in New York City right now is like a young Britney Spears: pretty hot, kinda gross.


  • I'd rather listen to an auto-tuned queef played on a continuous loop than listen to Ariana Grande's new album.

    我寧願聽自動調音的陰道放屁聲無限循環,也不要聽 Ariana Grande的新專輯

  • Jason Aldean sounds like his d**k got stuch in his sister.

    Jason Aldean聽起來像是他的*卡在姊姊的裡面

  • I'd rather bathe in my own vomit than go see 5 seconds of summer on tour.


  • Katy Perry has a voice that reminds me of balls covered in glass sliding down my throat. nice gal

    Katy perry 的聲音讓我想起一顆玻璃球滑入伍的喉嚨裡,真不錯

  • Gangnam Style is SO f**king annoying like jfc i want to shove a stick up Psy's ass so he can't dance anymore


  • You can do it, but I still can dance.


Whould you rather: listen to Josh Groban OR have diarhea ladle into your ear?

你寧願聽Josh Groban唱歌,還是讓耳朵灌滿屎?


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