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Honestly, I just cannot trust Pottermore anymore.
Because it resorted me into Ravenclaw when I am clearly a Gryffindor.
I dunno, I can kinda see you as a Ravenclaw.
Well, I am a Slytherin, through and through.
Have you even read Harry Potter?
No, but you just know these things, you know?
Fun fact: I was captain of my Quidditch team in high school.
Of course you were.
I bet you were captain of everything in high school.
I mean, not everything.
Stop playing. You know you ran it all, Ash.
Guess I was kind of a lot in high school.
I was student body president,
most likely to succeed,
Dominican Republic in the model U.N.
Unfortunately, I was also really annoying.
(bell ringing)
Oh, Mr. Collins, do we still have that two-page paper on the Roman Empire tomorrow?
Yes, Ashley.
Oh, we do...
Hey, fine.
What, it's fine.
You should have done the work, anyway.
What were you like in high school, Ellabella?
Well, I guess you could say I was kind of a jock.
I pretty much played every sport.
Basketball, softball, lacrosse.
Even competitive chess at one point.
Checkmate mother- (beep)
- Wow. - Woah, aggressive.
I was kind of the complete opposite of that in high school.
Do tell.
Think I was kind of a weirdo.
I mean, I worked at the library and sorted books,
I was vice president of the lyrical interpretation club,
which was pretty much just people sitting in a room
listening to music.
Yeah, I didn't have a lot of friends,
and I drew a lot.
Also, everybody thought I was in a cult.
So I was weird.
I mean it's fine.
I have friends now and I did not succumb to cult lives.
Qinta, what were you like in high school?
Oh, I was cool.
Is that it? Cool?
What does that even mean?
Just like cool.
I was popular, homecoming queen.
Dated the cutest guy in school.
He was a rapper/basketball player.
I ran the pep squad,
I was a dancer.
T-Pain brought me on stage during a concert once.
The T-Pain?
I sung in autotune.
Do you guys think we would have been friends in high school?
(bell ringing)
The answer is definitely no,
we would not have been friends in high school.
Well, at least we're friends now, right?
Oh my god, guys, we gotta go.
We gotta go.
I told you we didn't have enough time to buy snacks before the movie.
I need cotton swabs.
We'll get it at the movie theater.
- Sorry, sir. - Goodbye.
Quickly, quickly.



女高中生日常:妳高中的時候也這樣? (What Were You Like In High School?)

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Pedroli Li 發佈於 2017 年 6 月 14 日    Charo Wen 翻譯    Colleen Jao 審核
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