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What's going on everybody. Fung Bros here along with a friend, Richie Le.
And guess what? We went to Taiwan! Alright so the three of us spent a week in Taiwan.
We traveled all over the country. We shot so many videos so this video is episode one out of four.
Episode one was about boba aka boba tea
because it originates from Taiwan. Boba Life! Check it out!
One, two, three. We're going to Taiwan.
We're going to Taiwan.
What's going on everybody. We're currently on the shuttle to LAX, Los Angeles International Airport.
We're headed straight to the Tom Bradley International Terminal.
Passports, guys, passports.
Do not forget that on your international trip.
We are flying EVA Air today.
EVA Air, you gotta pound it. Taiwan see you soon.
The ladies are looking fuego. So we're here in economy class.
This is actually a lot more leg room than you usually get.
Look at how much leg room this is.
Dinner's here.
Let's take a look here.
- We have some mushrooms and duck. - Wow
We have bun. Last but not least.
I don't even know what that is but it smells really good.
Alright, I got the braised shrimp.
Shrimp on a plane?
You know what I really want to try? I really want to try the duck.
It tastes good.
All of balsamic vinaigrette.
Last but not least. Ice cream.
And one of the best thing about flying EVA Air is that they got Wi-Fi international.
And it's fast.
ROC Taiwan, let's go!
First stop in Taiwan. It's seven.
7-elevens are like Taiwanese institutions. You can get everything.
- Cocoa milk, apple milk, juice milk, malt milk, apple milk, papaya milk, banana milk. - Pudding milk?
Oh man. Banana milk with Zha Jiang Mian.
I'm ready to sleep.
(Singing) Woah oh~~~ We don't even have to try.
Yo, Andrew, we're in Taiwan, right? - Yeah
- Taichung, Taiwan? - Yes, wait, that's where boba came from.
Taichung, Taiwan, where boba came from!
Look at how many mopeds there are in Taiwan.
Excuse me, we're looking for that... really famous boba milk tea shop.
- It's over there. Chun Shui Tang. - Okay, Thank you!
We're here at Chun Shui Tang. This is the business that originated boba.
They started it all.
This does not look like any boba shop that are available to us in the States.
This does not look like Ten Ren. This does not look like half and half. This does not look like Lollicup or Quickly.
- This looks really more like a [martial art] or something like that. - Let's go!
They're sisters.
We're brothers.
Today, we're going to make two cups of tea.
"Bubble tea" was invented by us in 1983.
Black tea is "red tea."
- This was also the first cup in the world where we use a cocktail shaker to make it. - Martini!
A lot of people think that the bubbles are these bubbles, right?
Nope, bubble tea comes from the shaking.
Pearl milk tea was invented in 1987.
And you'll notice that these are small sized, right?
- You can't call these "boba?" - No.
So the smaller ones are actually traditional Taiwanese style.
Let's first add ice.
- Richie, you know "bing"? - Ice. - Sugar.
Bottoms up! Richie.
- It's okay. Guys, it's okay. It's good? Enough? - Too much.
- You can see the syrup at the bottom. Clearly it had a lot of syrup. - One, two, three.
Bubbles, you see the bubbles? That's the bubble tea right there.
- 1983 bubble tea! - This is high quality tea.
Let's have the pearls. Tapioca pearls.
- You need to add it twice. - Reminds me of caviar.
And then add the creamer.
So you're like why do they have this little bar here.
- It's because it's to level it for you. - There's levels to this.
So you whisk it here first. This is really what they do at the boba shop.
And the boba makers out there they know.
- We're not taking bartending class. This is boba making class. - Bottle service?
Boba service. Bottle girl? Boba girl.
Pour it out.
Oh, you mix it up still?
You can drink it now.
That's like a Chinese exercise class right now. It's like a spin class.
- Quality, man. - That is high quality, man.
Since we're at the most authentic boba cafe in the world,
we had to get food, too.
Everything gotta got more of a kick to it.
We're like 70 minutes outside of the city.
Coz we're at the tea farm.
You must treat the plant with respect.
I'm an official tea farmer.
Yo, Richie. Check out this limited edition supreme hat I got.
- Teacher, teach us! - Okay!
When making it, use your own "rolling machine."
We are machines. Let us prepare the tea.
- Wax on, wax off. - Right, left. Wrong. One direction. Two hours.
You do this for two hours? - Yeah.
Like a drink. Wine.
When I asked him if he puts pearls in it, he went...
He got beef with boba.
Alright, everybody, we hope you enjoy eposide one out of four on our adventures to Taiwan.
We got way more videos coming up.
We checked out the food in Taiwan.
We did night markets, hot springs. We did cycling.
We checked out the modern culture. We checked out some of the history, the aborigines.
We did a lot of stuff in Taiwan. So you gotta stay tuned, subscribe to our channel.
Check out Richie's channel as well. Watch this video right here.
This video we actually also filmed in Taiwan and watch this video too.
Subscribe to our channel, FungBros.com for some cool T-shirts.
So stay tuned. Peace.
Listen, listen. Fung Bros in Taiwan episodes 2, 3, and 4 are coming up soon.



【多元文化】台灣是珍奶的故鄉!探索台灣之旅讓美國華僑驚呼連連!(THE ORIGIN OF BOBA - Fung Bros In Taiwan - Ep. 1)

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