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  • On to another plane crash, this one in Taiwan. A passenger plane crashed near the runway...

  • on its second landing attempt amid stormy weather conditions... killing dozens on board.

  • On this Thursday... the leaders of China and Taiwan put their political differences aside...

  • to express their deepest condolences. Our Connie Kim has the story.

  • A Taiwanese passenger plane crashed Wednesday evening local time, killing at least 48 people

  • and injuring 10 others on board amid stormy weather as it attempted to make an emergency

  • landing at Magong Airport on Penghu Island. The TransAsia Airways turboprop was flying

  • from Taiwan's southwestern Kaohsiung International Airport to Penghu Island off the west coast,...

  • carrying 58 passengers and crew on board. Struggling to cope with bad weather conditions

  • brought on by Typhoon Matmo,... the plane crashed on its second attempt to land at the

  • airport. The Taiwanese government says the ten passengers

  • who survived the crash have been taken to the hospital.

  • "Apart from the people who were sent to the hospitals, the remaining passengers probably

  • died. The fire department just told me that, but we still have to verify the details."

  • The president of TransAsia Airways expressed deep sorrow over the accident.

  • "I solemnly apologize to everyone. I apologize for this unfortunate event."

  • The crashed plane had been in service for 13 years, and the pilot had more than 20 years

  • of experience and about 23-thousand flying hours.

  • Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council is investigating whether the weather conditions or human error

  • caused the accident. Connie Kim, Arirang News.

On to another plane crash, this one in Taiwan. A passenger plane crashed near the runway...


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臺灣客機墜毀致數十人死亡 (Dozens dead in Taiwan passenger plane crash)

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