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  • Hello, my name's Benjamin.

    嗨!我是班傑明 我在倫敦旅行時迷路了 我不知道該怎麼走

  • I'm a lost tourist in London, and I don't know where to go.


  • I'm going to talk to the ticket man in the London Underground and see if he can help me.

    "嗨 我想要一張到Piccadilly的票" 他告訴我 "......"

  • "Hello, Mr. ticket man. I would like a ticket to Piccadilly."

    他問了我一個問題 但我不知道該怎麼回答 所以我發出了 "額"

  • The man starts talking to me: "Blah, blah, blah."

    "額" 這個語助詞是為了讓你有時間去思考回應 "額 請給我一張到 Piccadilly Circus的票"

  • He asks me a question.

    我也可以說 "呃!我想要一張票,謝謝" 或

  • I don't know what to say, so I need to make a noise. "Ah."

    "嗯,我想要去..." 或是 "嗯,我想要一張票"

  • These are noises that give you time to think about your answer.

    站務員說了 " 沒有問題,這樣總共4,50英鎊 "

  • "Ah, I would like a ticket, please, to Piccadilly Circus."

    接著我說了 "我覺得這有點貴啊"

  • Or, I could say, "Urgh, I want a ticket please."

    這些短句都可以用來表達意見 如果我覺得它太貴了

  • Or "Urm, I, I want to go to --."

    我可以說 我覺得那真的太貴了 或是 我是指 我只需要搭一站 約半公里

  • Or the other one would be, "Mmm, I want a ticket." Okay, good.

    你看 我只有四英鎊 我快沒飯吃啦 或

  • So then, my ticket man says, "No problem. That will be four pounds fifty, please."

    嗯 或許你可以算我便宜點 或 問題是 站務先生

  • I then say, "You know, I think that's a little bit expensive, a bit expensive."

    我還是得去那裏啊 這些都是能向他表達意見的短句

  • So these are all phrases for expressing an opinion - if I think that's too big a price.

    最後一個表達想法的方法是 我可以說 嗯是這樣的 你看

  • So I could say, "you know, I think that's too expensive."

    我想去Piccadilly 但我有二英鎊能給你

  • Or, "I mean, I only really want to go one stop, half a mile. You see, I've only got four pounds. Then, I can't eat."

    這些都能表達意見,意思接近於我想要 我需要

  • Or, "Well, maybe you could give it to me for a little less."

    那個站務人員想了一下 接著他說 嗯 我可以算你三英鎊

  • Or, "the thing is, Mr. ticket man, I need to go there as well."

    這是你像要的嗎? "A single?" 什麼是"A single?"

  • These are all expressing an opinion to the ticket man, okay?

    這些短句是用於當我需要思考回應時 因此我可以說 嗯 我看看 A single?

  • So, one last way of expressing an opinion.

    接著我重複一次他給我的難題 或者我可以說 讓我想想

  • I could say, "Well, it's like this: You see, I want to go to Piccadilly, but I can only give you two pounds."

    這或許是個好主意 或 給我一分鐘 我問問我的朋友 或是 先生請您等等

  • Okay? All ways of saying, of giving an opinion, of starting "I want, I need," okay?

    我需要看看我的旅遊手冊 或是 這是個很有趣的問題

  • The ticket man thinks, and then he says, "Well, for three pounds, I can give you a single. Is that what you want?"

    不過 "這是個有趣的問題" 比較適合用在學校裡

  • "A single? What is a single?"


  • These are all phrases for when I need to think about my answer.

    但 總之 這是個很好用的短句 或是 我可以說 我不確定耶

  • So I could say, "Mmm, let me see. A single?".

    或許 你可以告訴我更多? 接著 站務人員說 我當然能告訴你更多

  • And then I repeat the question he has given to me. Okay?

    但你要看下一集 EngVid 下次見摟!我是班傑明

  • Or I can say, "Um, now, let me think. That might be a good idea."


  • Or, "Just a minute. I'm going to ask my friend."

  • Or, "Hang on, sir. I need to look in my guidebook to find out."

  • Or, "That's a really interesting question."

  • Now, the thing about this phrase here, "It's a really interesting question," it's better maybe in school or university, probably not very appropriate for the London Underground.

  • But it's a good phrase to remember, anyway.

  • Or I could say, "I'm not sure about that. Um, maybe. Could you tell me more?".

  • And then, the ticket man says, "Of course I can tell you more, but you must watch the next video in EngVid."

  • See you soon. My name is Benjamin.

  • Thank you.

Hello, my name's Benjamin.

嗨!我是班傑明 我在倫敦旅行時迷路了 我不知道該怎麼走

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