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  • Hi, I'm Carl Azuz for CNN 10; thank you for watching.

    大家好,我是 CNN10 的 Carl Azuz,感謝各位收看。

  • This is our penultimate program of the 2022 spring season, and we begin in the city of Uvalde, Texas in the southern part of the state, where many people are in mourning.

    這是我們 2022 年春季的倒數第二集節目,今天節目開始,我們帶大家前往德州南部的尤瓦爾迪縣,當地有許多人在哀悼。

  • New details have come out about a shooting that took place there on Tuesday.


  • An 18-year-old resident of Uvalde first shot a family member and then drove to an elementary school, where he attacked students and teachers.

    尤瓦爾迪縣一名 18 歲居民在槍擊一名家庭成員後,開車到一所小學,在那裡攻擊了學生和教師。

  • 21 people were killed, 17 others were injured, including 3 law enforcement officers.

    總共有 21 人死亡、17 人受傷,包括 3 名執法人員。

  • A border patrol officer was able to kill the shooter.


  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott said people are rightfully angry about what happened.

    德州州長 Greg Abbott 說,人民對所發生的事情感到憤怒是理所當然的。

  • Evil swept across Uvalde yesterday.


  • To say the least, Uvalde has been shaken to its core.


  • Families are broken apart; hearts are forever shattered.


  • All Texans are grieving with the people of Uvalde.


  • When US President Joe Biden addressed the nation Tuesday night, he quoted the biblical Book of Psalms, saying "the Lord is near to the brokenhearted", and then the President called for stricter gun laws in America.

    當美國總統 Joe Biden 週二晚間向全國發表演說時,引用了《聖經》中的《詩篇》,他表示:「傷心者耶和華近之」,接著呼籲美國實行更嚴格的槍支法。

  • I ask the nation to pray for them and give the parents and siblings the strength in the darkness they feel right now.


  • As a nation, we have to ask, "When in God's name are we gonna stand up to the gun lobby?"


  • We have to have the courage to stand up to the industry.


  • Here's what else I know: Most Americans support common-sense laws, common-sense gun laws.


  • But Americans are divided in Congress and communities over what those laws should be and whether they prevent this kind of violence.


  • Other suggestions have been to arm more people, including teachers, to defend against attacks.


  • There have been calls for more security in the nation's schools and observers say more needs to be done to monitor warning signs like violent social media posts to try to prevent attacks.


  • So, while the problem of shootings persists, there's disagreement over potential solutions.


  • While the nations of India and Bangladesh are enduring severe floods, the opposite is true on the opposite side of the northern hemisphere.


  • Lake Powell and Lake Mead, which are both found partly in Arizona, are at such low levels that the millions who depend on these lakes could see significant water restrictions in the days ahead.


  • Reductions have already affected farmers.


  • The southwest mega drought is intensifying, and it's not even summer yet.


  • Lake Mead, the nation's largest reservoir, keeps dropping to unprecedented lows.


  • From human bones to old boats


  • - If it'll stir... - the precipitous fall is revealing secrets long hidden underwater.

    - 如果它被攪動⋯⋯ - 急遽的下降逐漸揭示了長期藏匿在水底的祕密。

  • There's probably two V8 engines under the mud.

    泥土下可能有兩座 V8 引擎。

  • But the seeping waterline is cause for another grim reality.


  • For the first time, Lake Mead, which supplies water to 40 million people in 7 states and Mexico, has fallen to an elevation of just 1,050 feet.

    為 7 個州和墨西哥共 4 千萬人供水的米德湖水位史無前例地下降到僅僅 1,050 英尺的高度。

  • That could force the US Bureau of Reclamation to institute a second tier of unprecedented water restrictions following the first round of cuts triggered in January.


  • We're falling about a foot a week right now because of the agricultural demands downstream.

    我們現在每週約下降 1 英尺,主因是下游農業的需求。

  • California is one of those states that relies on water from Lake Mead.


  • For months, Governor Gavin Newsom has called on residents and businesses to voluntarily cut their water usage by 15% as the state's reservoirs continue to shrink.

    幾個月來,有鑒於該州水庫持續萎縮,州長 Gavin Newsom 不斷呼籲居民和企業自主減少 15% 的用水量。

  • I'm standing, currently, 40 feet underwateror should be standing 40 feet underwater.

    我目前站在水底 40 英尺處,或者是說,我應該是站在水面下 40 英尺處。

  • He eventually expanded the drought emergency.


  • We are doing what we had signaled was likely to happen.


  • But despite Newsom's pleas, Californians haven't cut back.

    但是儘管 Newsom 有這樣的請求,加州人民並沒有降低用水。

  • In fact, in March, not only was the target not met, but urban water usage rose by 19% from March 2020, the highest March usage since 2015, the state says

    實際上,在三月份時,不僅沒有達到目標,整座城市的用水量甚至較 2020 年 3 月增加了 19%,該州表示,這是 2015 年以來最高的三月份用水量。

  • California is entering the third year of drought, punctuated by the driest first three months of a year on record.


  • And its two largest reservoirsShasta Lake and Lake Orovilleare at critically low levels, standing at just half of their historical averages.


  • The data spurring Newsom to call a meeting with the state's largest urban water suppliers, pressuring them to beef up their water conservation efforts amid the urgent water crisis,

    這些數據促使 Newsom 召集該州最大的城市供水商開會並予以施壓,要求他們在緊迫的水危機中加強節水作業,

  • or potentially face a significant reduction in water use statewide this summer.


  • 10-second trivia: Yellow-eyed, Fiordland-crested, and macaroni are all types of what?

    10 秒快問快答:黃眼、峽灣冠和馬卡羅尼都是下列何者的種類?

  • Lark, gecko, penguin, or moose.


  • These are all types of penguins, and two of them are found in New Zealand.


  • According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the yellow-eyed penguin has been an endangered species for decades.


  • The threats it faces include disease, predators, and being accidentally caught in fishing gear.


  • Fiordland penguins are doing better in the wild; they're classified as near-threatened.


  • That's also from fishing, predators, and disease plus habitat changes.


  • You can find both species at a conservation center in New Zealand.


  • On New Zealand's South Island coast on 150 acres of private land, Penguin Place is a rescue and rehabilitation center for sick, starving, and injured penguins.

    座落在紐西蘭南島海岸、一座 150 英畝私人土地上,Penguin Place 是一座為生病、飢餓和受傷的企鵝提供救援和復育的中心。

  • It's also a haven for this native endangered species.


  • "Hoiho" is [the] Maori word for yellow-eyed penguin, and it means "noisy shelter".

    Hoiho 是毛利語中的黃眼企鵝,它意味著「嘈雜的庇護所」。

  • It's a chance after you are gonna see oneyou'll... you'll hear them screaming at each other.


  • They are the world's only solitary species of penguin, so they don't like each other.


  • They don't seem to like human contact, either, says Penguin Place conservation manager, Jason van Zanten.

    Penguin Place 的保育經理 Jason van Zanten 表示,牠們似乎也不喜歡與人類接觸。

  • Believe it or not, the yellow-eyed penguins aren't cute and cuddly like they look; they have a really vicious bite and that can do quite a bit of damage.


  • Many of these birds come to Penguin Place from the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital nearby, where they're under the care of founder and director, Dr. Lisa Argilla.

    這些飛禽許多都是從鄰近的 Dunedine 野生動物醫院送往 Penguin Place 的,牠們在醫院時由創辦人兼院長 Lisa Arfilla 醫師照料。

  • I love penguins.


  • They're quite sassy little individuals.


  • They will have their own individual personalities as well.


  • - Is he going to bite me? - Possibly.

    - 牠會咬我嗎? - 有可能。

  • This is a Fiordland crested penguin, or "tawaki".

    這是峽灣冠企鵝,也可稱為 tawaki。

  • It's one of New Zealand's rarest mainland penguin species.


  • A lot of our New Zealand penguins are in such strife, reaching, sort of, levels of being endangered.


  • Just trying to save these guys as best we can; stop them [from] becoming extinct.


  • Yeah, you feel better?


  • Dr. Argilla and her team treat up to 50 penguins here per season.

    Argilla 醫生和她的團隊每季都在這裡治療多達 50 隻企鵝。

  • Most of the injuries we see are actually predator-related.


  • This guy has got what we wouldbe consistent with the nasty gash wounds all over the feet from a barracuda.


  • At Penguin Place, these young birds are feeling the effects of climate change, unable to find enough food in the ocean due to rising sea temperatures as well as fishing practices, van Zanten says.

    van Zanten 說,Penguin Place 的這些年輕飛禽正在感受氣候變遷的影響,因為海溫上升以及捕魚行為,使得牠們無法在海洋中找到足夠的食物。

  • Around 80% come in underweight and need fattening up.

    大約 80% 的企鵝送來時都過輕,需要增肥。

  • These birds have been declining a lot recently.


  • In the last 10 or so years, we've lost about three-quarters, or 75%, of the population.

    在過去 10 年左右,我們已經失去約總數的四分之三或 75%。

  • So, that's a lot, really, really quickly.


  • Humans also have a big part to play.


  • A lot of our public beaches, unfortunately, do have a lot of foot traffic on it, and we cause a lot of disturbance for these birds.


  • Private reserves like this are really important for the species ongoing.


  • The work we're doing is absolutely critical for these guys and their survival here on the mainland.


  • For van Zanten's birds, things are looking up.

    就 van Zanten 撫育的飛禽而言,一切都正在好轉。

  • Before the full recovery of these penguin species, it's baby steps.


  • About a month ago, we asked you to send in original artwork designed around the number [10].

    大約一個月前,我們請求各位寄來以 10 這個數字設計的原創作品。

  • Well, here's why.


  • We are shining up some slick new graphics for when our show relaunches in August; we're getting a whole new look.


  • So, even though our summer hiatus starts next week, here's a bit of a sneak preview for those who can't wait to see what's coming up on CNN 10.

    所以說,雖然我們從下週就開始放暑假,我先提供搶先看,特別獻給那些迫不及待想看到 CNN 10 未來樣貌的人。

  • Digging in your pocket for a quarter to use a payphone is something many have never had to do.


  • So, this won't be nearly as nostalgic for them as it might be for their parents, teachers, [or] coaches.


  • This is one of the last public pay phones in the New York City borough of Manhattan.


  • Because cell phones have turned it into a relic of a bygone era, it's headed to a museum where people can imagine or harken back to the days of finding a phone to call home.


  • Like E.T.

    就像 E.T. 一樣。(譯註:引用自電影《E.T.外星人》,誤入地球的外星人透過「E.T., phone home.」這句話表達想與故鄉家人聯絡的渴望。)

  • Now, people who thought that was a bad "call" might have said there's a "disconnect" and "called" the decision "dial tone-deaf".


  • They might've told the city to "hold the line" while they petitioned their Rotary Club to take action.


  • But it was not a move made out of "switch boredom".


  • There were "Pennsylvania 6-5000" reasons to do it, even if some folks got "hung up" on the decision.


  • I'm Carl Azuz; Lane Tech College Prep, shout-out to you watching from Chicago, Illinois.

    我是 Carl Azuz,今天要向位在伊利諾伊州芝加哥的 Lane Tech College Prep 的各位喊話。

  • There is one more show to go before we do for the summer break.


Hi, I'm Carl Azuz for CNN 10; thank you for watching.

大家好,我是 CNN10 的 Carl Azuz,感謝各位收看。

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