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  • Okay.

  • How do I say this last year didn't work out so well for me?

  • Well, yeah.

  • I'm a fucking kamikaze crescent.

  • And then everything.

  • You beat me Islamic Nazi.

  • That means there is no such thing.

  • I've been going for your jugular since Craig Deduct Alert.

  • Well, GM underwent a hope that seat in the comforter stuck up in my rectal kiss.

  • My disrespectful less right to your call the psych window.

  • Crack open your reference tracks, you collaborative effort.

  • I have never said his raps overstayed my welcome.

  • Stepped in crap in ruins.

  • You're welcome.

  • Mental state.

  • That's it from the heart.

  • You did right.

  • Like you wrote it back the microphone like a fighter.

  • Jet liner, Explosives That'll strike any moment, headed right at opponents.

  • And I'm the fucking pilot, the phony.

  • I'm about to smash into everyone everything back just because 2017 back on everyone and tack on everyone.

  • Everyone, every 15 minutes already.

  • Attack on everyone back on.

  • Everyone on.

  • Everyone turned red because it made me feel tough.

  • One that wasn't from the moment I heard breakfast custom.

  • Which is why I identified with the guy I was invented by Dr Frankenstein.

  • Energize like a nine foot ice cold like state guys twice in a row on a nice long.

  • But if the only reason I blowed his cousin, right, right, don't every other white man.

  • I sold a kamikaze pilot.

  • I wrote my service.

  • I don't hear from the guys in trying to stop me from behind the controls and try to fly in the phone because I'm taking you all with me when I go.

  • Cyclones.

  • I don't think this typhoon is letting up anytime soon.

  • Here I go, high school's blindfolded.

  • I'm about everyone.

  • Everything back and I've just begun.

  • 2017 exactly everyone and back on everyone and that everyone every 15 minutes, already done on everyone back on, everyone on everyone freestyling, say, 45 that she was embarrassing.

  • There's a way we never should have been a guarantee that that shit was so ass is something we wouldn't every year.

  • It's embarrassing is me rare and the terror repair.

  • He's not as the chair with Sailor.

  • Beware me.

  • Lyrically, I'm terrible, but get your lyrics.

  • Richard Ramirez.

  • Serial killing every way got the area's feeling something evil is lurking.

  • I'm no conspiracy theorist, but something here is a foot.

  • Oh, yes, my dad Get the measuring stick 0.5 inches of wood.



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阿米納姆 - 神風 (Eminem - Kamikaze)

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