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  • Buying a new car sucks.


  • Do the stanky leg...


  • Dealership haggling aside, the most stressful part about buying a car is usually figuring out how to pay for it.


  • Cars are expensive, usually the most expensive thing you own.


  • But it wasn't always like that.


  • Here's how cars got so pricey.


  • Henry Ford sold the Model T for $825 in 1908.

    1908 年的時候, Henry Ford 的福特 T 型車要價 825 塊。

  • When Ford improved their assembly line, the cost went down to $300.

    當福特的生產線進步之後,價錢降到了 300 元美金。

  • When adjusted for inflation, I'm gonna be saying that term a lot.

    而把通貨膨脹率納入考量, 我今天會很常講到「通貨膨脹」這個詞。

  • That's the same as going from $23,000 to $4300.

    價錢變化同等於 2 萬 3 千降至 4 千 3 百塊美金。

  • Henry Ford's assembly line made the car something pretty much anyone could afford.

    Henry Ford 的生產線讓車子變成幾乎大家都可以負擔得起的物品。

  • Early access to transportation changed the way Americans lived, and growing industrialization meant the birth of the middle class.


  • Fast forward to 1950, and America is doing great.

    快轉到 1950 年,美國的狀況好極了。

  • The Post-war economic boom doubled and even tripled wages compared to 1938.

    戰爭之後的經濟比起 1938 年多了二倍甚至是三倍。

  • When adjusted for inflation to today's money, the median income in the US was around $52,000 a year.

    根據通貨膨脹率換算成今天的價錢,中階的美國人一年的中數所得大概是 5 萬 2 千塊美金。

  • In 1950, The base model F100 pickup will set you back around 1300 dollars, or about 14 thousand today.

    1950 年, F100 的基本款會讓你花掉 1 千 3 百塊美金,或是今天的 1 萬 4 千塊美金。

  • That's a great deal for a brand-new truck, a Ford F series no less.

    對於一輛新貨車來說,這是筆很棒的交易,跟一台福特 F 系列一樣好。

  • When we look at the F100's lifespan, we see that when adjusted for inflation, the price for a base F series truck has nearly tripled in it's 70 year history.

    就 F100 的壽命來看,我們會看到,當它的價錢在根據通貨膨脹率換算後,價錢比 F 系列的貨車高了 三倍之多,創下歷史。

  • And it's not alone.


  • When compared against the Honda Civic and even a base Mercedes sedan, pretty much every model of car has seen an increase in price by about double.

    當與 Honda Civic 和 Mercedes sedan 相比時,幾乎所有款型的價錢都高漲了大約兩倍。

  • Let's compare the features of a Base model 2018 Ford F150 to that of a 1948 F-1.

    我們來拿基本款 2018 年的 Ford F150 和 1948 年的 F-1 做比較。

  • When new, the F-1 made 95 horsepower and that was about it.

    當是全新的時, F-1 馬力能達 95,大概就這樣而已。

  • The F-1 didn't get armrests, radio or a dome light until 1953.

    F-1 在 1953 年前沒有扶手、收音機或頂燈。

  • The F150 has a 6 speed automatic transmission, 3.3 liter V6 with variable cam timing making 290 horsepower, independent front suspension, power steering, air conditioning and most importantly, an aux jack.

    F150 有六段自動變速,V6 引擎與可變氣門正時系統使馬力可達 290、獨立懸吊系統、動力轉向、冷氣以及最重要的立體聲類比音響線。

  • A production vehicle that had every feature present in the 2018 F150 would cost a fortune in 1948, even simple technology like power steering wouldn't be available to the public for another three years.

    一台有 F150 的所有功能的生產汽車如果在 1948 年要價不斐,像「動力轉向」這種如此簡單的科技都還要三年後才會出現。

  • And that's just everyday features.


  • That base 2018 F150 get a decent combined 22 miles per gallon thanks to that variable cam timing.

    2018 年的 F150 基本款因為它的可變氣門正時系統而油耗每加侖 22 英里。

  • Old flathead engines like those in the F-1, would be lucky to hit the mid teens.

    舊的 F-1 平頭發動機很幸運可以達到兩位數的中段。

  • Old cars were absolutely horrible on safety.


  • Car safety as a whole needs it's own episode but I just want to look at this IIHS video comparing the 1959 Chevy Bel Air to a 2009 Chevy Malibu.

    車輛安全應該要做獨立的一集,但我想來看看這支 IIHS 的影片,它在比較 1959 年的 Chevy Bel Air 和 2009 年的 Chevy Malibu 。

  • See how the old car completely collapses in the collision?


  • How the roof pillars lose all integrity, and the steering column hits the dummy in the face?


  • That guy is dead for sure.


  • The Malibu on the other hand, is completely totalled, but the driver survives.

    Malibu 的話,也是被撞毀了,但司機還活著。

  • When adjusted for inflation a base Malibu cost around 25 grand, while the Bel Air would be about 22 grand.

    經通貨膨脹率換算後的 Malibu 基本款大概要 2 萬 5 千塊美金, Bel Air 大概 2 萬 2 千塊美金。

  • The Bel Air is pretty sick, I won't lie, but I don't think the 3000 dollars you save is worth being bludgeoned to death by your steering wheel.

    Bel Air 蠻酷的,我承認,但我想省為了那 3 千塊美金而被你的方向盤砸死,我不認為值得。

  • Even the most basic cars today for lower prices are a way better value.


  • Take the Mitsubishi Mirage, one of the cheapest cars on sale in the US.

    拿三菱 Mirage 來舉例 ,美國市面上最便宜的車之一。

  • At it's most basic, the list price is $13,395.

    最基本的款,建議售價是 1 萬 3 千 3 百 95 塊美金。

  • Even at that low of an entry fee, it has standard features that would have blown Henry Ford's mind.

    如此便宜的入門價車款,都有能讓 Henry Ford 超乎想像的標準功能。

  • Bwoooaaah.


  • It's got a touchscreen, rear view camera, and attractive chrome grille accents.


  • The Model T can't touch this thing.

    福特 T 型車完全沒辦法比較。

  • Okay, that's great, Nolan, new cars are an awesome value compared to what my great grandpa was driving.

    好,太棒了, Nolan,跟我曾曾祖父開的車比起來新車的價值太棒了。

  • But I still can't afford one.


  • Well, neither can I.


  • But why not?


  • In 1950 the median income, when adjusted for inflation, was $52,000 per household.

    1950 年,中數所得經通貨膨脹率換算後,變成了一個家庭 5 萬 2 千塊美金。

  • Today, the median income is $59,000.

    現今,中數所得是 5 萬 9 千塊美金。

  • Looking at the median income next to the price of the F150 side by side from 1950 to now, the price of a pickup increased 14,069 dollars.

    中位數和 F150 從 1950 到現在的價錢相比下來,提高了 1 萬 4 千 69 元美金。

  • That outpaces the median income by a factor of two.


  • Going back again to 1928, buying a Model T costs 300 bucks.

    回朔至 1928 年,買一台 T 型車要 300 塊美金。

  • So that's about 21% of your annual income going towards the purchase of a new car.


  • Comparing that to today, using a base, base Ford F150, it costs about 47% of your yearly haul.

    跟現今相比,F150 基本款大概要花你年收入的百分之四十七。

  • But if you get a Supercrew cab, you know, a truck that could actually hold your family with, that takes nearly 60 percent.

    但如果你買 Supercrew 的話,一台可以載得下你全家的車,就需要花你百分之六十的年收入。

  • It takes twice as much money to buy a new car as it did 60 years ago, which is fine because new cars are better.


  • But the problem is wages didn't keep up with the rise in prices.


  • Okay Nolan, just don't buy a new car then.

    好吧, Nolan ,就不要買新車就好了。

  • A used car is just as good and more affordable.


  • No problem.


  • Yeah, I agree, but the problem for a lot of people is saving up a big enough chunk to buy a used car in the first place.


  • Instead of buying a used car outright, more and more people are signing up for long term loans.


  • A 74 month loan on a two year old car is not uncommon, and loans up to 96 months are getting more popular.

    用了兩年的二手車以 74 期分期付款已算常見,甚至 96 期付款都越來越受歡迎。

  • As of the fourth quarter of 2016, loans lasting 73 months or longer made up 31 percent of auto loans given out by Credit Unions, compared to 12 percent in 2009.

    2016 年的後期,由信用合作社承辦的 73 期汽車貸款達到了百分之三十一,而在 2009 年只有百分之十二。

  • And these loans don't depreciate with the value of the vehicle, meaning by the time you're done paying it off, you've payed way more than what the already depreciated car was worth.


  • In most places, especially small towns, cars are an absolute necessity in our daily life.


  • People will take on these brutal loans because they don't have any other choice.


  • And with stories coming out about long term loans with interest rates of 25%, it feels wrong.


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  • What do you think?


  • Is the higher price worth it, or should manufacturers make super-cheap cars that crumble in an accident?


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    追蹤 Donut Media 的 Instagram , @donutmedia ,以及追蹤我 @nolanjsykes 。

  • If you want to know more about Henry Ford check out this episode of WheelHouse, he was a weird guy.

    如果你想要更了解 Henry Ford 的話,可以看 WheelHouse 的這一集,他真的是一個很奇怪的人。

  • And if you wanna know more about cars you can't afford regardless of median income check out this episode of Up to Speed on McLaren.

    如果你想要知道更多因為你中位收入的收入而買不起的車子的話,可以去看看 Up to Speed 的麥拉倫汽車這一集。

  • Wear your seatbelt, see ya later.


Buying a new car sucks.


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