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  • this is a a staple piece of kit its not very portable but i mean the great

  • thing about these it is just a piece of polystyrene you can

  • buy it anywhere hardware store or something you

  • paint one side black

  • one side is its natural white

  • is cheap as chips and what it does is create a large area

  • of reflection or a

  • large area

  • of shadow

  • i used to use kitchen foil

  • kitching foil was a brilliant reflector

  • and nowadays we have things like this which which will create

  • individual little bits of reflection

  • we have lovely light here

  • we can just use that lovely little bit of light to create the same atmosphere

  • that you would with lights

  • its not rocket science it's so easy

  • we have it here on tap you know

  • the smallest window

  • i mean i could cut out most of this window and still create enough light to shoot

  • this on

  • so here we have

  • um

  • normal figs it's really just to show you my green reflective surfaces

  • that i use to

  • bounce back light or bounce back shadow to it

  • with the dark

  • you can just create a bit of drama in there

  • add a bit of shadow

  • you can see the light changing

  • maybe you want to make it more summary so you might

  • use a silvery surface

  • you see the light changing there you know it almost gives a

  • mediterranean feel to it

  • you can use a gold and create a warmer light

  • much warmer like

  • use a white white is very soft

  • creates a very soft reflection

  • and you'll be amazed how much that changes when you look at it in a camera

  • if you want to see more of my food photography masterclass videos click on the links

  • now

this is a a staple piece of kit its not very portable but i mean the great


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大衛-洛夫圖斯攝影大師班--燈光第二部分 (David Loftus Photography Masterclass - Lighting PART 2)

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