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  • for the more geeky photographers

  • you know having a selection of lenses

  • to cover everything obviously if you can afford it

  • lots of lenses are great prime lenses

  • which are ones with the big glass and you know

  • are made specifically

  • for a job

  • you know they're expensive

  • but they are amazing lenses

  • a lot of people go for more of a zoom which will allow you

  • to zoom in zoom out wider i dont tend to i tend to use primes

  • i have one or two which i love i have a tilt and shift lens

  • which allows you to change literally tilts the focus plain

  • on itself on an axis and its

  • very popular at the moment very trendy at the moment a good macro lens which is more like a

  • portrait lens it gets very close is

  • ideal i mean i would happily have lived off that lens for the whole of my life and not

  • changed the lens i could have done anything on that lens really

  • a wide angle again

  • never really works with food unless

  • where occasionally you'll be abroad and you want to take a whole

  • tabletop and you want to take it from above and you can get the whole lot in

  • but

  • to be honest you use these things

  • once in a blue moon

  • whether you want to invest the money in that for once in a blue moon you know i have to

  • do it because its my job

  • if i'm taking my photos

  • for blogs or whatever there's no point you have a lens you love and you

  • tend to stick with it

  • fifty ml

  • eighty ml something like that

  • they also make these little close up extenders

  • you know if you have a standard lens you can buy the little extension tubes

  • which go on they are little rounds of metal

  • and you put them on between your camera and your lens and they allow you to get

  • that little bit closer each time the bigger

  • the extension tube the closer you can get

  • and they are fun and you can get lovely macro setting on those you can get very very close

  • very shallow focus you know your photo can almost become paintely

  • if you want to see more of my food photography masterclass videos click on the links now

for the more geeky photographers


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大衛-洛夫圖斯攝影大師班--鏡頭篇 (David Loftus Photography Masterclass - Lenses)

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