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so I think it's pretty obvious where I am
this is the 7-11 downstairs of my office
I know I've shot a 7-11 clip couple years ago
but a lot of you requested that I talk about the services they offer at 7-11
after all, that is the key to 7-11 being the center of everybody's life
in Taiwan
you can pay bills
what sort of bills?
parking fees, speeding tickets
woah even fines?
yes definitely
hydro and ETag
so basically, you can pay a bunch of bills here
including hydro to your parking tickets
online game reward points
[inhale] you can buy those on this machine?
there is a great variety of games on here
that is amazing
what's the most common use of this machine?
Bill payments
you can also collect train tickets here
(so you don't have to wait in queues at the station)

oh yes
high speed rail

people often print with this machine as well
oh but they use this printer to print and fax, right?
you insert the flash drive into this machine and maneuver from the screen
oh I almost forgot
people can also collect packages here

see, these are the e-commerce platforms
quite a number of people utilize this service
oh wow, all of these!
you can also send mails and parcels from here
so online sellers send their products here at 7-11
yes the sellers
is it only in Taiwan?
this particular courier only delivers in Taiwan
but this one
delivers internationally
you can call a taxi
so anything you buy here
the hot food, you can microwave here

they also provide you with utensils
the universal chopsticks

what do you enjoy most about working here at 7-11?
let me think about it
she's honestly the best 7-11 sales associate I've met in my life
these BMW models are actually collectables
you can basically spend NT$79
you get 1 point
so you can collect the points and redeem them
to be completely honest

I actually guilt-tripped the sales associate at 7-11
giving this introduction
with a Starbucks caramel macchiato


小7可以做的事 (9 Things You Can Do at 7-11 in Taiwan)

6170 分類 收藏
Charlie Brown 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 8 日
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