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  • Kolkata, located in the West Bengal state of India, is a loud, chaotic, and thought

  • provoking city. Ancient decaying buildings share the streets with a superabundance of

  • honking yellow taxis, a multitude of pedestrians, and roadside vendors selling everything conceivable.

  • Coming up are eleven of the most memorable things I did when I visited Kolkata, India.

  • Number one is the home of mother teresa. I am here at the entrance of mother teresa's

  • home, which is just known as mother's home. Mother Teresa said, intense love is not measured,

  • it just gives, so she really lived that example, and we are going to go into her house, there's

  • a museum, her tomb is there as well as her room where she stayed when she lived here.

  • I'm trying to keep my voice low because it's a really quiet and special place. But Mother

  • Teresa did a lot of her work here, and you can actually go in and see the tomb of Mother

  • Teresa. Really an amazing place to visit.

  • Number two is Kolkata's famous Victoria Memorial, one of the most important landmarks of the

  • city. I'm here at the Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata, India. It's a cool morning, and

  • I just paid four rupees entrance which is to the garden, and then if you pay one hundred

  • fifty rupees you can go into the museum.

  • Number three is the spooky South Park Street Cemetery. And I think this place was set up

  • in the seventeen hundreds sometime, but these are just giant tombs, and then the whole place

  • is just eerie from the vegetarian, and the trees and the flowers, yah, really like ancient

  • looking tombstones,

  • Number three is the spooky South Park Street Cemetery. Khalighat temple, and this is the

  • oldest Hindu temple, sixteen hundred years old, this is the oldest Hindu temple in Kolkata.

  • Be careful for scammers in this area that try to guide you around the temple and then

  • ask for an absurdly unrealistic donation, don't be afraid to just walk away.

  • Coming in at number five is the crazy shopping district around the New Market. I'm standing

  • outside of Sir Stuart Hogg Market which is also just known as New Market. It's a chaotic,

  • and busy area of town, lots of street food and lots of street shopping, and just lots

  • of people, it's a crazy chaotic area, pretty interesting, a lot of things to do around

  • here. So the New Market area in Kolkata, India.

  • Number six is the Indian Museum, which is also known as the Magic House. I'm standing

  • just outside of the Indian Museum, in Kolkata, and this is an extremely popular museum here

  • and I heard that one of the attractions here is a four thousand year old Egyptian mummy.

  • Ok, I'm standing just outside of the Belur Math Temple, which is just down there a little

  • ways, but I've already been there and unfortuantely they do not allow any photography inside or

  • even outside of the temple, so this is the best view I can give you, but it's a really

  • beautiful sight, this is a nice clean, private, gated facility, beautiful temple and they

  • also have a place where you can put your shoes, a secure place, a free secure place to put

  • your shoes so that you can enter the temple to walk around for a little bit. But a really

  • peaceful place right on the river, you can also walk along the river. Belur Math temple.

  • I'm taking the ferry Belur Math to Dakshineswar temple, a little ferry ride across the river,

  • and a little bit down the river.

  • Number eight is the huge temple complex of Dakshineswar, located north of Kolkata. Lots

  • of activity happening, and this is right along the banks of the river, so you can see the

  • temple as well as you can go to the river and you can take a boat there as well as watch,

  • watch along the river as well.

  • Below the Howrah bridge and adjacent to the Mullik Ghat is the colorful bustling flower

  • market, at number nine. Right below me is the central flower market for Kolkata, so

  • if you look down there, it's bustling with flowers and a big market,

  • Occupying sun yat sen road, is the early morning Chinese food terreti market at number ten.

  • I'm at the morning Terreti bazar market, which is kind of like a Chinese market. I'm here

  • to just walk around and also to get some Chinese food, some breakfast dishes,

  • Finally at number eleven is the array of marvelous Kolkata street food. From the beloved kati

  • rolls to quick snacks like pani puri, Kolkata will have you licking your lips.

  • Kolkata, with more than its share of poverty and hardships, offers a contrasting view into

  • the reality of this Indian mega city. It's not the easiest nor the most convenient place

  • to visit, but with patience and flexibility, it provides fascinating rewards, never ending

  • energy, and countless experiences to digest.

  • Hey it's Mark here, thank you very much for watching my video, and please remember to

  • give it a quick thumbs up. Also, don't forget to click the subscribe button so you don't

  • miss my upcoming food videos.

Kolkata, located in the West Bengal state of India, is a loud, chaotic, and thought


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