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  • THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. (Applause.) Everybody please have a seat. Well, today I am honored

    主席:謝謝你。 (掌聲)大家 請坐。好了,今天我很榮幸

  • to welcome a little up-and-coming basketball team -- (laughter) -- to the White House called

    ,歡迎一個小的有前途的籃球 叫團隊 - (笑聲) - 白宮

  • the world champion Miami Heat. (Applause.)

    世界冠軍邁阿密熱火隊。 (掌聲)

  • Now, for many of teams that come here, this is a lot of cameras in one place. It’s a

    現在,許多團隊來到這裡,這 很多相機在同一個地方。這是一個

  • little overwhelming. (Laughter.) But for the Heat, this is what practice looks like. (Laughter.)

    有點勢不可擋。 (笑聲),但在 熱,這是什麼做法看起來像。 (笑聲)

  • This is normal. I know this is the first trip for some of these players, but a few of them

    這是正常的。我知道這是第一次 這些球員,但其中的一些

  • were here a couple of years ago for a pickup game on my birthday.

    一個幾年前在這裡的皮卡 遊戲我的生日。

  • Now, I’m not trying to take all the credit, Coach, but I think that it’s clear that

    現在,我不是要把所有的功勞, 教練,但我認為這是明確的,

  • going up against me prepared them to take on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. (Laughter.)

    我對他們準備採取 凱文 - 杜蘭特和拉塞爾 - 威斯布魯克。 (笑聲)

  • It sharpened their skills. It gave them the competitive edge that they needed. And I think

    它削尖他們的技能。這給了他們的 的競爭力,他們需要。而且我覺得

  • part of the reason they came back today is they want another shot at the old guy. (Laughter.)

    他們回來,今天是原因的一部分 他們希望再出手的老傢伙。 (笑聲)

  • But first, I have to congratulate the Heat on their well-earned title. This team traveled

    但首先,我要祝賀熱火 他們應得的標題。該工作組前往

  • a long road to get to where they are. In 2011, the Heat got all the way to the finals only

    的地方,他們是一個漫長的道路。在2011年, 熱火得到了所有的方式,於總決賽

  • to come up short. But when you fall, the real test is whether you can ignore the naysayers,

    拿出短。但是,當你倒下了,真正的 測試是可以忽略的反對者,

  • pick yourself up and come back stronger. And that’s true in basketball, but it’s also

    要振作精神,回來強。和 這是真正的籃球,但它也

  • true in life. That’s exactly what these guys did.

    真實的生活。這正是這些 你們做到了。

  • Instead of getting down, they got better. Dwayne Wade worked on his core. LeBron learned

    而不是沮喪,他們得到了更好的。 韋德在他的核心工作。勒布朗學會

  • some post moves from Hakeem. Shane Battier came on board. They became a more complete

    一些跑位哈基姆。巴蒂爾 在船上來了。他們成為一個更加完整的

  • team. They got to know each other better and trust each other more. And they became more

    團隊。他們得到了更好地相互了解, 多相互信任。而且他們變得更加

  • fun to watch.


  • In Game Four against the Thunder last year, we saw LeBron carried off the floor with cramps,

    在第四場比賽中對陣雷霆的最後一年, 我們看到勒布朗在地板上抽筋,

  • only to come back a few minutes later and hit a dagger of a three-pointer to put the

    才回來幾分鐘後, 打的一個三分球,把一把匕首

  • Heat ahead. During Game Six, we saw him pull off one of the greatest performances in basketball

    熱火領先。在六場比賽中,我們看到他拉 關閉在籃球上最偉大的表演之一

  • playoff history, dropping 45 points -- and he had a scary look in his eye. (Laughter.)

    季后賽歷史上,下降45點 - 他有一個可怕的看他的眼睛。 (笑聲)

  • We saw Dwayne Wade, the heart and soul of this team, continue to do whatever it takes

    我們看到了韋德的心臟和靈魂, 這樣的隊伍,繼續不惜一切代價

  • to win, including leading the team in blocks. And at the post-game press conferences, he

    贏得了包括帶領球隊以塊。 在賽后的新聞發布會,他

  • dressed well enough to land himself in GQ magazine. (Laughter.) Show them your kicks

    穿著講究足以讓自己在GQ 雜誌上。 (笑聲)你幾腳

  • here, Dwayne. (Laughter.) If any of you can pull this off -- (laughter) -- other than

    在這裡,德韋恩。 (笑聲)如果你們能 拉銷 - (笑聲) - 除

  • Dwayne Wade, let me know. We saw Chris Bosh get injured, but get healthy right at the

    德維恩 - 韋德,讓我知道。我們看到了克里斯 - 波什 得到受傷,但獲得健康的權利

  • perfect time and do outstanding work throughout the rest of the playoffs.

    完美的時間和做出色的工作在整個 剩下的季后賽。

  • And it wasn’t just the Big Three. Mike Miller could barely walk. Mike, you look better now.

    它不只是三巨頭。麥克 - 米勒 幾乎不能走路。邁克,你看現在好多了。

  • (Laughter.) You looked broke down last year -- (laughter) -- but still hit seven three-pointers

    (笑聲)你看去年爆發 - (笑聲) - 但依然命中7個三分球,

  • in the final game. I don’t know how he did it because he could not walk. He looked like

    在最後一場比賽。我不知道他是怎麼做的 因為他不能走路。他看起來像

  • an old man. Mario Chalmers earned himself a nickname from Dwayne Wade that I’m not

    一個老男人。馬里奧 - 錢莫斯贏得了自己 韋德的暱稱,我不

  • allowed to repeat. (Laughter.) But he did a great job.

    允許重複。 (笑聲)但他沒有 一個偉大的工作。

  • Shane Battier, as always, played impeccable defense, hit big threes. Juwan Howard -- “Grandpa

    巴蒂爾,一如既往,發揮無可挑剔 防守,打大個三分球。朱萬 - 霍華德,“爺爺”

  • -- became the first member of the Fab Five to win a ring. And Coach continually set the

    - 成為第一個成員五虎 為了贏得一枚戒指。和教練不斷地設置

  • tone and kept these guys motivated the entire way.

    音,並保持這些人推動了整個 方式。

  • So that team mentality -- with everybody doing their part -- is what finally put the Heat

    所以,球隊的心態 - 與大家做 他們的部分 - 是最後把熱

  • over the top. And it’s especially impressive when you think about everything theyve

    在上面。這是特別令人印象深刻的 當你想到的一切,他們已經

  • had to deal with over the last few years. This team inspired a lot of passions on both

    必須處理超過過去幾年。 這個團隊的激情都激發了很多

  • sides. And I’m just talking about their dance moves. (Laughter.) We saw that video,

    雙方。我只是談論他們的 舞蹈動作。 (笑聲)我們看到,視頻,

  • LeBron. (Laughter.)

    勒布朗。 (笑聲)

  • But even though I’m a little disappointed that the Bulls didn’t make it, I do want

    但是,即使我有點失望 ,公牛沒能成功,我想

  • to congratulate the Heat for a well-earned championship. LeBron said, “It’s about

    祝賀熱火良好的血汗錢 總冠軍。勒布朗說,“這是關於 0:04:19.940,0:04:26.​​940 該死的時間。“我要感謝他們 抽出時間今天下午花

  • damn time.” And I want to thank them for taking the time this afternoon to spend with

    在沃爾特·里德,因為你受傷的勇士們 人是英雄,但他們是英雄

  • wounded warriors at Walter Reed, because you guys are heroes to them but they are heroes


  • to all of us.

    讓我說最後一件事有關這些 傢伙,我提到這一點,因為我們是未來

  • And let me just say one last thing about these guys, and I mentioned this as we were coming

    。有是一個很大的重點發生了什麼 在球場上,但也很重要

  • in. There’s a lot of focus on what happens on the court, but what’s also important

    法院會發生什麼。我不 知道這些傢伙,但我知道勒布朗

  • is what happens off the court. And I don't know all these guys, but I do know LeBron

    德維恩和克里斯。而其中的事情, 我最值得驕傲的是,他們採取

  • and Dwayne and Chris. And one of the things I’m proudest of is that they take their

    作為父親的角色嚴重。和所有的 年輕的男子在那裡尋找到

  • roles as fathers seriously. And for all the young men out there who are looking up to

    他們所有的時間,他們看到有人 誰在乎他們的孩子和有

  • them all the time, for them to see somebody who cares about their kids and is there for

    他們一天一天,這是一個好消息 發送。這是一個積極的信息發送,

  • them day in and day out, that's a good message to send. It’s a positive message to send,

    我們很為他們感到驕傲。 (掌聲)

  • and were very proud of them for that. (Applause.)

    那麼恭喜你,再次,邁阿密熱火隊。 現在,我們將要採取的圖片

  • So congratulations, again, to the Miami Heat. And now we are going to take a picture that

    讓我看起來很短。 (笑聲)我 習慣了,但我首先要

  • makes me look very short. (Laughter.) I’m accustomed to it, but first I’m going to

    問教練說了幾句話。 (掌聲)

  • ask Coach to say a few words. (Applause.)

    主教練斯波爾斯特拉:好了,就代表米奇 埃里森,整個邁阿密熱火隊帕特 - 萊利,組織,

  • COACH SPOELSTRA: Well, on behalf of Micky Arison, Pat Riley, the entire Miami Heat organization,

    我們的家庭,我們要感謝你 今天,你們的熱情好客,是在白色

  • and our families, we want to thank you for your hospitality today to be in the White

    府和也被激發出來的偉大 男性和女性的沃爾特·里德醫院。

  • House and also to be inspired by the great men and women of the Walter Reed Hospital.

    我們很榮幸,真正,真正的謙卑 在這裡。

  • We are honored and truly, truly humbled to be here.

    實際上,我們希望這個團隊作為 靈感的國家,什麼是組

  • We actually hope that this team serves as an inspiration to the nation of what a group

    可以做,當你走到一起,犧牲 你的自我,一個更大的目標走到一起

  • can do when you come together and sacrifice your egos for a greater goal; to come together

    一個真正的硬帽子的工作態度,並要 能堅持在逆境和

  • with a real hard-hat work ethic, and to be able to persevere through adversity and a

    赫克了很多的批評 - (笑聲) - 現在依然是能夠完成的最終

  • whole heck of a lot of criticism -- (laughter) -- and still be able to accomplish the ultimate


  • dream.

    主席:神奇。謝謝你這麼多。 (掌聲)

  • THE PRESIDENT: Fantastic. Thank you so much. (Applause.)


  • MR. JAMES: Am I supposed to say something?

    主席:你可以的,如果你想要的。這是你的 世界的人。 (笑聲)

  • THE PRESIDENT: You can if you want. It's your world, man. (Laughter.)

    MR。詹姆斯:我謹代表我自己和我的隊友, 我們只是想感謝你 - 搭載

  • MR. JAMES: On behalf of myself and my teammates, we just want to thank you -- to piggyback

    斯波說什麼 - 熱情的招待, 讓我們,我的意思是,在白宮。

  • what Spo said -- for the hospitality, for allowing us to be, I mean, in the White House.

    我的意思是,我們在白宮。 (笑聲) 教練說 - 佩雷斯說,這實際

  • I mean, we're in the White House. (Laughter.) And Coach said -- and the Prez said this real

    隨意。所以,我的意思是,我們的孩子從芝加哥 達拉斯,得克薩斯州和密歇根州和俄亥俄州

  • casual. So I mean, we're kids from Chicago and Dallas, Texas and Michigan and Ohio and

    南達科他州 - (笑聲) - 邁阿密。而且我們 現在的白宮。這就好比,

  • South Dakota -- (laughter) -- Miami. And we're in the White House right now. This is like,

    哎,媽媽,我做到了。 (笑聲和掌聲)。

  • hey, mama, I made it. (Laughter and applause.)

    MR。韋德:我得說的是,我們已經得到了 為期10天的合同還剩下?

  • MR. WADE: All I've got to say is we've got a 10-day contract left?



    MR。韋德:接我的人。 (笑聲)

  • MR. WADE: Pick my man up. (Laughter.)

    主席:你們可以用一個射手。 (笑聲)

  • THE PRESIDENT: You guys could use a shooter. (Laughter.)

    MR。韋德:我的控球後衛。 (笑聲)

  • MR. WADE: My point guard. (Laughter.)

    主席:謝謝你。 (掌聲)

  • THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. (Applause.) Everybody please have a seat. Well, today I am honored

主席:謝謝你。 (掌聲)大家 請坐。好了,今天我很榮幸


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