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- Hey, what is going on, guys?
So today, I wanna talk about a topic
I get asked about all the time
and that is self-discipline

and specifically, what
I'm gonna do in this video

is share an exercise that
I've done in the past

and that I believe is one of the best ways
to build a universally
applicable mental toughness

and self-discipline that you can apply
to basically any situation.
So here is the exercise
and it comes in the form of a challenge
that I'm gonna issue you.
If you're willing for the next 30 days,
take an ice cold shower every single day.
Now, I know some of you flinched
just at the thought of doing that
but like I said, I've done this
and in fact, I did it for 60 days
and now on a regular basis,
I end my showers cold

even though I do do
them warm at this point.

So the question is why is
an ice cold shower challenge

the best way to build self-discipline?
Well, to answer that, first,
I wanna talk a little bit

about what self-discipline is.
At its core, self-discipline
is the willingness to accept discomfort
and that could be in the form
of physical pain or discomfort

or it could be in the
form of the discomfort

that comes from denying
yourself instant gratification

in service of making progress
on longer term goals.

In either case, your ability
to deal with that discomfort

is a skill that must be built
through repeated exposure.

It's as Aristotle once said
or rather the historian
Will Durant paraphrased,

"we are what we repeatedly do.
"Excellence then is not
an act, but a habit."

And if you take self-discipline
which is one of the core
components of excellence

and slot it in there in place
of that word excellence,

the quote still holds up
and the great thing about this process
of building up self-discipline
is that no matter how you do
it, it's an adaptable skill

much like our focus or our willpower
or the muscles in our bodies.
It's able to tackle a variety
of different situations

even if it was trained in a different way.
So we've laid the foundation
of self-discipline

but the question still remains.
Why the heck is an ice
cold shower challenge

any better than any other method
for building that mental toughness?
And the answer is twofold.
First and most importantly,
taking a cold shower is an exercise
that is particularly resistant to excuses.
So take something else
like writing a term paper for example.
Say you've got a term paper coming up
and it's due in a week.
This is an opportunity for your brain
to come up with lots of insidious,
clever little rationalizations
for not doing it now.

You might tell yourself,
hey, I've got plenty of time remaining.
No need to rush things now.
In fact, I do work better
under a deadline anyway

so I'll be more creative if
I wait till Friday to start

and I'm just gonna play
some Mario Kart now

because my schedule seems to be cleared.
In any case, you're gonna
come up with a rationalization

that seems to make sense
instead of telling yourself the truth
which is that you're lazy
and you just don't wanna do the work.
By contrast, taking a cold shower
affords you no opportunity
for these clever

little rationalizations
because you were already
gonna take a shower

every day anyway so
you're left with nothing

but a simple binary decision.
Either you turn that handle to cold
and embrace discomfort head on
or you avoid that discomfort
and turn the handle to hot

and regardless of what choice you make,
you know that the reason you made it
is because of your ability
and your willingness

to accept or not accept
that level of discomfort.

The second reason this
is such a good exercise

goes back to what I was saying earlier.
You were gonna take a shower anyway
so you're not taking any extra time
out of your day to do this.
Instead, you're just
facing that same decision

you make every single morning
and you're choosing
discomfort rather than comfort

and every time you do it,
you're building that
universal mental toughness

that you can use in every other situation
and it really is universal.
Otherwise, people in boot camp
wouldn't be forced to
scrub floors and toilets

because it wouldn't apply
to combat situations

but it does and in the same way
a cold shower challenge is
gonna apply to your homework

or that side project you've been doing
after you get home from
work or that gym session

you've been trying to
convince yourself to go to

because all of these things
draw from that same
reserved willpower and grit

and mental toughness that you build
every single time you
face discomfort willingly.

So that's it.
I've said my piece and I
realize that not everyone

is going to like this challenge
and hey, I get it, this is ice cold water
coming down on your face
every single day for 30 days.

That's not a whole lot of fun
but like I said, I've done
this challenge myself,

in fact, for double the amount of time
and I really did see results.
Now, the creative people among you
might realize that there are
other things you could do

that you already do every day
where you could just choose
the uncomfortable option

rather than the comfortable option.
So if you have additional ideas
for self-discipline exercises,
I would love to hear from you
down in the comments below.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this video
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