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  • EURON GREYJOY: Circling the Jade Sea is the dream of every merchant.

  • On the other side is the Golden Empire of Yi Ti,

  • which was ancient when the Valyrians were still fucking goats.

  • Even its ruins dwarf every city in Westeros.

  • And its princes are said to live in houses of solid gold

  • and feast on meat powdered with pearls and jade.

  • Foolish talk.

  • lf it were true, l would have visited long ago.

  • But a bold merchant will risk two years for one voyage

  • to fatten his holds with spices, gems, and silks

  • so that he never wants for anything again.

  • To be fair,

  • many never do

  • because my ship, Silence, finds them on their return.

  • Their merchant dreams look so pitiful poured out on my decks.

  • Not enough for any lifetime, but their own.

  • Traders from the Summer lslands make tougher prey.

  • Not even the Silence could run down their swan ships

  • on the open sea.

  • When we take them by surprise,

  • our rams splint and crack against their hulls,

  • carved from rare hardwoods of the Summer lslands

  • and fitted together without a single nail.

  • Worse, every swan ship carries a company of archers

  • armed with goldenheart bows,

  • which can hurl the shaft hard enough to pierce steel bait.

  • After all that trouble, we often find their holds filled only with maps,

  • fruit and wooden trinkets.

  • Hardly worth our time and blood, except for their women.

  • To worship their god, all women of the Summer lslands

  • learn to fuck.

  • lt's enough to make a man devout.

  • lbbenese whalers are the most worthless of prices.

  • The men of lb are short, thick and hairy.

  • So are their women.

  • Not even tales of their six breasts can tempt men to take them.

  • -(BlRDS CALLlNG) -But the lbbenese know how to build ships.

  • Their great bellied whalers can weather any storm

  • and withstand assaults of the largest beasts.

  • ln battle, the lbbenese are incredibly strong,

  • and even their blood reeks of blubber and oil,

  • and their holds are rarely worth scrubbing our decks free of the stench.

  • When our holds were full or needed repair,

  • we set a course for the greatest safe harbor on the Summer Sea,

  • the Basilisk lsles, Port Plunder, Sty, Whore's Gash.

  • No map can find these towns, nor can the laws of men.

  • The slavers keep their captives in caves in the lsle of Tears,

  • pirates trade their goods on Barter Beach,

  • and hire fresh crews from the murderers filling every inn.

  • Great piles of old yellow skulls line the shores of one deserted island,

  • offerings from captains who have fresh heads pinned to their masts.

  • Once every generation, the Free Cities send fleets to destroy the towns

  • and hang every man they find.

  • They do, and the towns are abandoned to rot and sink back into the slime.

  • But come the next year,

  • another Port Plunder sprouts up somewhere else in the isles,

  • like a toadstool from a new pile of shit.

  • For many years, l brought Silence to the Summer Sea.

  • But when l close my eyes,

  • l hear the waves breaking below the bridges of Pyke.

  • l hear the kingsmoot chanting my brother's name.

  • Merchants pay the gold price,

  • buying their desires with coin.

  • Reavers pay the iron price,

  • taking what we want from the corpses of the men who had it.

  • But for what l dream,

  • no gold can buy and no iron can take.

  • l must pay with fire and blood.

EURON GREYJOY: Circling the Jade Sea is the dream of every merchant.


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權力的遊戲》歷史與傳說--歐龍-葛雷喬伊的《夏海》。 (Game of Thrones Histories and Lore - The Summer Sea by Euron Greyjoy)

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