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  • Scammers, hackers and spammers, are all trying to gain access to your accountsThey have

  • thousands of ways to trick you, so your initial line of defense is a fortified password they

  • won't be able to crackIn this project, we're exploring 6, "digital" life-hacks, for

  • building strong & secure pass-codes.

  • Let's start this project by grabbing a pen, and a piece of paperThis will give us

  • a "digital disconnect", from any online intrudersWe need a password that's easy to remember,

  • and super secureThat means, it needs a good mix, of random letters, numbers, and

  • funky symbols.

  • Now a lot websites, will let you use the spacebar, as a special character

  • So that means, you can use full sentencesWhy use a passWORD when you can use a passPHRASE

  • Come up with a statement, like "I want to be 23!"  Something like this is super easy

  • to remember, and check out what you've doneYou now have a 16 character password with

  • a capital letter, 8 lowercase letters, 2 numbers, and 5 special charactersBy making a passPHRASE,

  • you exponentially boost your protection, even if it's one, as simple as this.  

  • To make an original, and completely randomized password, make three

  • columns, and write down the categories; Who, What, and WhenNow fill in the blanks,

  • and remember that the crazier the idea, the betterBe specific with dates, and times,

  • and develop it into a sentence, will full punctuation.  "I'm training with Iron Man

  • at 8am on Friday!"  Now simply take the first character of each word, and you end up with

  • an incredibly strong password (ItwIMa8oF!), that's easy to remember, and virtually uncrackable

  • Another example could be something like "Next year I'm going to Hawaii on March 5th." (NyIgtHoM5.) 

  • These memorable passwords are 10 characters long, completely randomized, and have a great

  • mix of numbers, special characters, and letters, in both upper, and lower case.

  • Think of your favorite movies, songs or TV shows, and use the quotes,

  • and lyrics as inspirationIf you got "I'll be there for you!" from a TV theme song, try

  • switching, "for you" into the number 4, and a capital "U".  Your password is "I'll be

  • there 4U!"  It' s a 17 character pass-code that's easy to type, easy to remember, and

  • has all the essential elements to keep you protectedNow some accounts won't let you

  • have spaces in the passwordThat's no problem, just take out the spaces and it'll work just

  • fine.

  • Trying to memorize dozens of passwords is too hardTo keep

  • things simple, many people use the same password for most of their accountsWhen a hacker

  • discovers one of your passwords, and it's the same password for your bank account, your

  • personal information, and your email, you can imagine how that's gonna affect your day.

  • There are at least 3 different categories,

  • where you need to have different passwordsBanking,

  • Entertainment, and EmailTry remembering them like thisIt's 1. For the money

  • 2. For the friends.  3. For the email things you sendEach password should be around

  • 10-12 characters, and be completely different.  

  • You could use the same password for similar sites, but to make it even better,

  • try taking some of the letters from the website itself and adding them inFrom Facebook

  • you might take "F" & "b" and add them to your already secure passwordFrom Twitter you

  • could get "T" & "r", and YouTube might be "Y" & "T".  Choose letters that you can remember,

  • and if you're ever forced to update your password, just add one more letter to the end. It's

  • as easy as that.

  • The most secure protection comes with having a long, and randomized password

  • for every different accountThis will take more work to create, and chances are, you

  • won't be able to remember themYou can win that challenge by writing them down on

  • one piece of paper, and storing that paper, in a place you're gonna protectLike

  • your wallet, for quick and easy access, or a super secret safe, like the one we made,

  • in a previous project.

  • Now If you like the idea of different passwords for each account, but don't wanna get your

  • paper out every time you log in, there are password managing systems that can do it for

  • you. Password vaults like these, will store all your passwords securely, maintaining full

  • protection, and allowing you, the speed and luxury, of a "one click login" to any of your

  • sites.

  • Well now you know how to make a strong and secure password, that will thwart a hacker,

  • and help protect your digital life.

  • By the way, if you've already been hacked, or feel like you might be vulnerable, check

  • the video description for some "helpful hints"

  • If you liked this project, perhaps you'll like some of my othersCheck them out at


Scammers, hackers and spammers, are all trying to gain access to your accountsThey have


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6個 "數字生活 "黑客,為你的密碼而來! (6 "Digital Life" Hacks, for Your Passwords!)

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