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The name of the game is called faceketballs.
Oh? Faceketballs?
Yeah, ok, ready? So, it's not basketball. Well, it kind of is.
Okay. Faceketball. I'm trying to picture that and I...
Here, put this headband on.
Okay. So...
And, ummm...
Oh oh. Okay. So, I'm accustomed to wearing headbands.
Yeah yeah yeah. You love this. yeah yeah. This will be great.
So, I put this right here?
Yeah yeah. Put it on like that.
Okay. Perfect. Okay...
How do I look?
Those are your balls.
Okay. Alright.
(Jimmy) Okay, I'm gonna put mine on here. No problem. (LeBron) I think I'm gonna take a little break from now.
(Jimmy) Okay. I'll put mine over.. like this. (LeBron) Okay.
Alright. Now, the first one to three...
I mean... this is like two grown-up men should play this game. Right? yeah!
Yeah. I believe that. That's for sure.
(Jimmy)First one to three wins. (LeBron)Okay.
and if it is a two-zero advantage, the other person can dunk in the other guy.
(LeBron)Okay. Sounds good. I like that. I like that. (Jimmy) Alright. Cool. Alright. Let's give me...
I mean...I should...my kids ask for iPads, iPods, and Samsung tablets and Samsung... Oh...Eveything...no
(Jimmy)No. (LeBron) this is... (Jimmy) This is kind of faceketball. yeah yeah.
Every kid is out there playing this game. This is the... sweeping the nation. (LeBron) yeah yeah. This is very good. Yeah.
Okay. Alright. Okay. Are you
(LeBron)Oh... should I stand? (Jimmy)what's you gonna say? no, I don't. well. stand. Let me see.
(Jimmy)You should probably sit. Maybe. Maybe sit down.(LeBron) How about I maybe sit down.Okay okay.
(Jimmy)Are you ready? (LeBron) Okay. (Jimmy) Ok, you go first. (LeBron) Okay.
Oh... I gotta move it to the side. Oh!
This is... This is much more difficult than I expected.
(Jimmy) Dunk off. I dunk on you and then you dunk on me. Ready? (LeBron) Alright.
(Jimmy)At the same time.(LeBron) At the same time?
(Jimmy)No no no. I gotta do one from down here. (LeBron)okay. You go first. Okay.
Oh, that was awesome!
(Jimmy)You wanna come up here?(LeBron) yeah yeah yeah.
(LeBron)And I broke the rim.(Jimmy) Ha ha ha...
LeBron James! Everybody!



《吉米A咖秀》姆斯LBJ玩「臉部籃球」,誰贏? (Faceketball with LeBron James)

21373 分類 收藏
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