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  • Catalina island is quite the hidden gem in Los Angeles.


  • I have been living in Southern California for about seven years now, and the first time I heard of the island was just a few years ago.


  • It's located southwest of L.A., and it's a gorgeous beach town that can only be reached by ferry.


  • This was my first time riding the Catalina Express, and I departed from the Long Beach port.


  • The ride was roughly an hour and a round trip ticket cost about $75, and if you're bringing your fur baby, they can ride for free.

    乘坐的時間大約是一個小時,來回的票價大約是 75 美元,如果你有帶毛小孩的話,牠們可以免費搭乘。

  • I happen to go on a weekend that had a lot of rain in the forecast, but despite the on and off showers, I actually found plenty of things to do, from beaches to hiking.


  • Here are my top 8 things to do on Catalina Island.


  • Number 1, Avalon Beaches.


  • It's no surprise that you will have plenty of beach options in Catalina.


  • Descanso Beach is a private beach with public access that is just beyond the world-famous Catalina Casino.


  • This beach is part of the Descanso Beach Club, which offers a restaurant, bar, and Cabana rentals.


  • Middle Beach overlooks the center of the harbor and this is where the majority of the town's shops and restaurants are located.

    Middle 海灘俯瞰著港口的中心,這裡是鎮上大部分商店和餐館的所在地。

  • Number 2, Descanso Canyon.


  • The Canyon is situated just 600 ft above the Descanso Beach Club, and there are plenty of activities at the area of Adventure Park.


  • None of the outdoor activities are pet-friendly, so I parked here and took Zoe to the grassy area where she had plenty of space to herself and she really enjoyed running around the area.

    這裡所有的戶外活動都不適合寵物,於是我把車停在這裡,帶 Zoe 到草地上,在這裡牠有很多空間,牠也非常喜歡在這裡跑來跑去。

  • Number 3, Catalina Casino.


  • I initially thought the casino was a Vegas-style gambling venue, but it's actually a massive theater and event space, and you can't miss this building as its structure dominates the island.


  • Number 4, Green Pier.


  • If you're looking for things to do on the island, the visitor center is located here, so it's a great place to stop and get visitor information if you're keen on diving and safari tours.


  • Number 5, take a scenic drive.


  • If you want to drive around the island, you can rent a golf cart and easily explore the mountain terrain.


  • I spent about an hour driving around the island, which was plenty of time to cover the one-square-mile island.


  • Number 6, Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Garden.


  • The drive of the mountain to the Botanical Garden was gorgeous and I spotted several deer along the way.


  • I wasn't aware that dogs weren't allowed inside the garden, so I wasn't able to enter the premises; however, the guy suggested dog-friendly hikes in the area.


  • Nonetheless, I enjoy the scenic drive up and hope to return to the garden someday.


  • Number 7, Downtown Avalon.


  • There are plenty of shops and dining options in Downtown Avalon, and it's a pleasant area to walk around.


  • We had dinner on our first night at Bluewater Avalon where we had the best views of the Green Pier.


  • Number 8, The Metropole Market Place.


  • Across the street from Bluewater Avalon is the Metropole Market Place, which is an adorable cobblestone village.


  • I purchased a cup of coffee and a couple of fresh baked cookies at the Catalina Coffee & Cookie Co.


  • I really enjoyed my time on this island even though I didn't have the best of luck with the weather.


  • Of course, there are still plenty of things you can do on the island, but this gives you an idea of how much the island has to offer.


  • I hope you found this guide useful and please give it a thumbs up if you like it, and don't forget to subscribe for more of our travel videos.


Catalina island is quite the hidden gem in Los Angeles.


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卡塔利娜島上必做的8件事! (8 Things To Do For a Leisurely Weekend On Catalina Island)

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