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  • hey guys samuel and audrey here and today we're taking you on a massive food

    嘿,塞繆爾和奧黛麗在這里和 今天我們要帶你吃大量的食物

  • tour of the beautiful seaside city of halifax nova scotia canada

    遊覽美麗的海濱城市 哈利法克斯新斯科舍省加拿大

  • this summer we had the chance to spend a week exploring halifax in partnership

    今年夏天,我們有機會度過了 週合作探索哈利法克斯

  • with tourism nova scotia and the cuisine was a real highlight you

    與新斯科舍省旅遊 美食是您真正的亮點

  • hungry oh yeah me too our quest for a taste of the

    餓了哦耶 我也是我們對口味的追求

  • maritimes led us to all sorts of restaurants

    海事使我們走向了各種各樣的 飯店

  • breweries distilleries pubs and outdoor patios

    釀酒廠和戶外酒館 天井

  • and we're going to be sharing them all with you in this video

    我們將分享他們所有 在這個視頻中和你在一起

  • someone was a little stuck we'll dive into the seafood scene with dishes

    有人被卡住了,我們會潛水 搭配菜餚走進海鮮

  • ranging from lobster roll to risotto with scallops and seafood linguini to

    從龍蝦捲到意大利調味飯 扇貝和海鮮意大利面

  • fusion mackey rolls we'll taste the beloved halifax donaire

    融合麥凱奇卷 我們將品嚐心愛的哈利法克斯·唐奈爾

  • which is the city's must try dish in a great street food snack we'll also visit

    這是該市必須嘗試的菜 我們還將參觀很棒的街頭小吃

  • a few different craft breweries go on a sunset wine cruise and

    一些不同的工藝 啤酒廠進行日落葡萄酒巡遊,

  • do a spirits tasting inside the citadel so join us on this halifax food tour as

    在城堡內品嚐烈酒 所以和我們一起參加這個哈利法克斯美食之旅

  • we check out some of the best canadian food in atlantic canada

    我們來看看一些最好的加拿大人 大西洋加拿大的美食

  • the following is our halifax food guide so bring your appetite

    以下是我們的哈利法克斯美食指南 所以帶你的胃口

  • okay so for today's dinner we are eating at the waterfront warehouse and we have

    好,今天的晚餐我們在吃 在海濱倉庫,我們有

  • gone all out on the seafood we ordered their

    不見了 所有的海鮮我們都點了他們

  • seafood platter or two i would go as far as to call it a

    海鮮拼盤 或兩個我會去稱它為

  • seafood extravaganza yes it's got a little bit of everything

    海鮮盛會 是的,它包含了所有的一切

  • a full cracked atlantic lobster local oysters you get a shrimp cocktail

    完整的裂紋龍蝦 當地的牡蠣,你會得到蝦雞尾酒

  • chilled crab marinated chilled mussels solomon gandhi house-made chutneys and a

    冷凍螃蟹醃製貽貝 所羅門甘地自製的酸辣醬和

  • cocktail sauce all served on crushed ice oh yeah

    雞尾酒醬 全部都放在碎冰上哦哦

  • that's what we're eating but before we dive into the food

    那就是我們在吃的東西,但是在我們開始之前 潛入食物

  • we have to show you our drinks i took this as an opportunity to try my very

    我們必須給你看我喝的酒 這是一個嘗試我的機會

  • first caesar this is a bit of a savory

    第一 凱撒,這有點咸

  • cocktail featuring vodka tabasco worcestershire sauce and clamato juice

    伏特加塔巴斯科州雞尾酒 伍斯特郡醬汁和克拉馬托汁

  • which is clam and tomato juice i really liked it and would recommend

    這是蛤and和番茄汁 我真的很喜歡它,並會推薦

  • trying it even if it's just once it's got pepperoni and olive

    即使只是一次嘗試 有辣香腸和橄欖

  • a pickle lemon lime a string bean that's a lot of variety

    泡菜檸檬石灰 各種各樣的四季豆

  • cheers husband cheers i'm having garrison irish red

    喝彩喝彩喝彩 駐軍愛爾蘭紅

  • which is a local beer very excited to try this one

    這是當地人非常興奮的啤酒 試試這個

  • it's a red one that's just the hair it's nice and refreshing i love it it's

    這是紅色的,只是頭髮 這很不錯,讓人耳目一新,我喜歡

  • gonna go great with the seafood


  • then it was time to eat first up oysters let's do this oysters gonna squeeze

    那時候該先吃牡蠣了 讓我們做這個牡蠣要擠壓

  • some lemon juice on there cheers to you let's hope this works

    那裡有些檸檬汁讓你高興 希望這能奏效

  • always tastic


  • next up some lovely looking shrimp the shrimp o'clock guys and there's marinara

    接下來是一些可愛的蝦 蝦仁們,還有marinara

  • sauce look at that plump

    醬 看那豐滿的

  • succulent shrimp and it pairs perfectly with the marinara sauce

    肉質蝦,完美搭配 搭配千層麵醬

  • so apparently this next dish is called solomon gandhi i don't know if that's a

    所以很明顯,下一個菜叫做 所羅門·甘地,我不知道那是不是

  • halifax thing or a nova scotia thing but it's pickled herring with capers and

    哈利法克斯的東西或新斯科舍省的東西 但它被醃製的鯡魚和

  • red onions and they told me yeah i can put it on a cracker

    紅洋蔥,他們告訴我,我可以 放在餅乾上

  • grab some capers sour cream to cut the acidity of the pickledness

    抓住一些刺山柑酸奶油切 酸洗的酸度

  • that's good yeah i thought you'd like it i've had something like this before

    很好,我想你會喜歡的 我以前有過這樣的事情

  • i do like them i love pickled harry i feel like we ate this when we were

    我喜歡他們,我喜歡醃哈利,我 感覺就像我們在吃東西的時候

  • traveling in northern germany along the baltic coast

    在旅行 波羅的海沿岸的德國北部

  • we sure were eating pickled herring yeah we sure did we had a pickled

    我們肯定在吃醃鯡魚 是的,我們確定我們有醃菜

  • herring sandwich check out these big mussels

    鯡魚三明治看看這些大 青口貝

  • in here


  • let me tell you after my uh lobster incident in grand manan in brunswick

    讓我告訴我我的龍蝦之後 布倫瑞克大馬南事件

  • i need one of these you do i i don't think anyone's ever

    我需要其中之一,我不需要 認為有人

  • sprayed as much lobster juice on themselves as possibly i have things

    噴上盡可能多的龍蝦汁 自己,因為我可能有東西

  • have been cracked already guys look i just have to tear off a piece and

    已經被破解了 看起來我只需要撕下一塊

  • it's good to go what are you gonna dip it in kosher how

    很好去 你要怎麼浸在猶太潔食中

  • about the aioli sauce yeah garlicky

    關於蒜泥蛋黃醬 是的,蒜味的

  • i just love lobster i don't think we needed dessert after that meal

    我只是愛龍蝦,我不認為我們 飯後需要甜點

  • but you know us we decided to indulge a little with a slice of the pecan flan

    但您知道我們,我們決定放縱 用一片山核桃果仁少許

  • with caramel and blueberries and the strawberry rhubarb crumble with

    焦糖和藍莓 草莓大黃倒了

  • vanilla ice cream i think our food envy over here very

    香草雪糕 我認為我們的食物很羨慕這裡

  • decadent and just dense


  • that's a winner for sure we ended that delightful first meal in halifax with an

    那肯定是贏家,我們結束了 哈利法克斯令人愉快的第一餐

  • evening wander along the waterfront


  • next up we're going to take you to the bicycle thief where we had one of our

    接下來,我們將帶您前往 騎自行車的小偷,我們有一個

  • best meals in halifax this is another restaurant situated on the waterfront

    哈利法克斯最好的飯菜,這是另一個 位於海濱的餐廳

  • and they do north american food with an italian soul for my entree i ordered the

    他們用 意大利靈魂為我的主菜,我點了

  • local scallops with a herb crumb crust lemon white wine and garlic butter they

    帶有香草麵包皮的當地扇貝 檸檬白葡萄酒和大蒜黃油

  • were a thing of beauty and a wonderful explosion of flavors

    是一件美麗而美好的事 口味爆炸

  • i paired the dish with tidal bay a nova scotia white wine

    我把盤子和潮灣配對了新星 斯科蒂亞白葡萄酒

  • is that what scalloped dreams are made of it sure is

    是什麼扇貝夢 當然可以

  • so tender and how about your wine my argentine red

    這麼嫩,你的酒怎麼樣 阿根廷紅

  • oh yeah sam's having a what yeah gold medallion a one we're familiar

    哦,是的,山姆有什麼 是的,我們熟悉的金牌

  • with how's that how's the white it's so good

    與 怎麼這麼白好好

  • it's like refreshing and crisp perfect for seafood wonderful wonderful

    就像清爽爽口 完美的海鮮

  • wonderful meanwhile for his entree sam went for

    精彩 同時,山姆為他的主菜

  • the jumbo shrimp sauteed with garlic cognac and charred grape tomatoes with a

    用大蒜炒大蝦 干邑和焦糖葡萄番茄

  • splash of cream it was an excellent start to the meal

    奶油飛濺 這是用餐的絕佳開始

  • shrimpy is my friend not just any kind not of any kind a jumbo shrimp

    蝦仁不只是我的朋友 絕非巨型蝦

  • well dig on in oh i thought you never asked

    好吧,哦,我以為你永遠不會 問

  • okay i'm speechless that is so good yeah give

    好吧,我無言以對,那太好了 給

  • me a giant plate of that i know we still have pasta coming

    我那巨大的盤子我知道我們仍然 麵食來了

  • i know we do the sauce is just amazing it pairs so well with the shrimp such

    我知道我們做的醬太好了 它和蝦好配對

  • juicy succulent shrimp now time for the main dish the pasta

    多汁的多汁蝦 現在是時候點主食麵食了

  • so i got the linguini with nova scotia lobster

    所以我有了新斯科舍省的意大利面 龍蝦

  • this looks amazing it also has cherry tomatoes garlic

    這看起來也很棒 櫻桃番茄大蒜

  • a splash of cream twirl that pork a piece of lobster

    一滴奶油 旋轉那塊豬肉龍蝦

  • mandatory


  • i say oh my i love the chunks of lobster there's a lot of that in there guys i'm

    我說哦,我愛龍蝦 那裡有很多我

  • going to try this if you come to halifax


  • so i am having creamy risotto with scallops dusted with pistachio and it

    所以我要吃奶油燴飯 扇貝撒上開心果,然後

  • has lemon zest and mascarpone oh

    具有 檸檬皮和馬斯卡彭哦

  • kind of just feel like living at this restaurant and having them serve me new

    有點像住在這裡 餐廳,讓他們為我服務

  • dishes because everything's so good

    碟子 因為一切都很好

  • after such a great lunch we couldn't resist trying a dessert or two

    吃了這麼豐盛的午餐後,我們不能 拒絕嘗試一兩個甜點

  • sam went for this lovely shortcake with caramel and pecans while i opted for the

    薩姆(Sam)和 焦糖和山核桃,而我選擇了

  • lemon meringue pie


  • another halifax restaurant we enjoyed is salty situated on the harbour front

    我們喜歡的另一家哈利法克斯餐廳是 咸,位於海港前

  • they offer both casual and fine dining and they have a nice outdoor patio

    他們提供休閒和精緻的用餐 他們有一個不錯的戶外露台

  • we opted for a casual lunch and grabbed the seed indoor since it was a bit windy

    我們選擇了休閒午餐,並抓住了 室內的種子,因為有點風

  • that day first up let me show you our drinks so

    那天 首先讓我給你看看我們的飲料

  • i've got a local india pal ipa yes thank you and i have a

    我有一個當地人 印度pal ipa是的,謝謝,我有一個

  • cider yep and i accidentally ordered one from

    蘋果酒 是的,我不小心從

  • toronto hometown representatives oh you get you

    多倫多 故鄉代表哦,你明白了

  • get mine is not intense mine is 95 points for

    得到我的 不強烈我的是95點

  • that it's really good though it's a brick

    那 這是一塊磚,真的很好

  • works yeah i'm pretty sure i've been there in

    作品 是的,我很確定我去過那裡

  • all fairness it was the only cider on the menu yeah so and it's so nice

    公平地說,這是唯一的蘋果酒 菜單是的,這太好了

  • i'm going local over here for our appetizer we got the bacon wrapped

    我要去這里為我們本地 開胃菜,我們把培根包好

  • scallops of the homemade cocktail sauce bacon and scallops is that what dreams

    自製雞尾酒醬的扇貝 培根和扇貝就是夢想

  • are made of green seriously that sounds like such a great combo and

    認真地由綠色製成 聽起來像是很棒的組合

  • my happy food place happy food place happy food dance done

    我快樂的食物的地方快樂的食物的地方 完成快樂的美食舞蹈

  • raise the roof and we also ordered the nova scotia smoked salmon with sour

    抬高屋頂,我們還下令 新斯科舍省煙熏三文魚

  • cream capers red onions and

    奶油 刺山柑紅洋蔥和

  • this bread amazing smoked salmon it makes for the perfect appetizer because

    這麵包驚人的煙熏三文魚 使完美的開胃菜,因為

  • you get several bites of it but you're not going to fill up too much

    你得到它的幾口,但你 不會填滿

  • then on to our mains i chose their seafood chowder with a mix of local fish

    然後在主電源上,我選擇了它們 海鮮雜燴搭配當地魚類

  • and shellfish for his main sam decided to try a

    和貝類 因為他的主要山姆決定嘗試

  • lobster roll with a bit of a twist so this is a bit of a unique one it's on

    龍蝦卷有點扭曲 所以這是一個獨特的

  • the croissant can't wait to try it last time we had a bit more like a like

    牛角包等不及要嘗試 上次我們有點像

  • a submarine type of scene yeah yeah this is different

    潛水艇類型的場景 是的,這是不同的

  • i could hear you bite into it it was so buttery and

    我能聽到你咬它的感覺 黃油和

  • flaky i know that i mean i'm just gonna say i wasn't

    片狀,我知道我的意思是我要 說我不是

  • necessarily sold on the croissant form but now that i've bought it

    必須以羊角麵包的形式出售 但現在我已經買了

  • like bitten into that buttery croissant just complements it so well

    就像被黃油牛角包咬住一樣 很好地補充了它

  • yes there was dessert once more i don't even know what to say

    是的,有一次甜點,我沒有 甚至不知道該說些什麼

  • we have a bit of a sweet tooth we got a blueberry cake with vanilla ice cream

    我們有點愛吃甜食 藍莓蛋糕配香草冰淇淋

  • and whipped cream and it was the perfect little treat

    和奶油,這是完美的 小點心

  • now let's hop over to dartmouth for a look at the food scene just across the

    現在讓我們跳到達特茅斯 看看對面的美食現場

  • water dartmouth is located on the eastern

    水 達特茅斯位於東部

  • shore of halifax harbor and it's just a 10 minute ferry ride over

    哈利法克斯港的岸邊,那隻是一個 乘坐渡輪10分鐘

  • they have an awesome foodie scene with lots of restaurants cafes and plenty of

    他們有一個很棒的美食家場景 很多餐館咖啡館和很多

  • craft breweries to choose from


  • time for another meal today we've crossed over to dartmouth on the ferry

    今天我們再吃一頓飯 在渡輪上越過達特茅斯

  • and we are eating at the canteen it's going to be a light lunch because

    我們在食堂吃飯 這將是一頓清淡的午餐,因為

  • we've been over indulging a little bit so i've ordered the crobster roll

    我們已經沉迷了一點 所以我點了麵包卷

  • crab and lobster oh yes i'm having both and you went for you're going for a snow

    螃蟹和龍蝦哦,是的,我倆都吃 你去,因為你要下雪

  • crab dip snow crab which includes cream cheese and crab

    螃蟹蘸雪蟹 包括奶油芝士和螃蟹

  • obviously my lie in the meantime some orange juice and a

    顯然我的謊言 在此期間,一些橙汁和

  • little ginger beer for sam ginger beer you know

    小 山姆生薑啤酒你知道嗎

  • what ginger beer to me is the king of sodas

    什麼 生薑啤酒對我來說是蘇打水之王

  • the king of sodas it's my favorite soda i mean second would be root beer

    蘇打水之王這是我最喜歡的蘇打水 我的意思是第二個是生啤酒

  • but ginger beer like a really good ginger beer is my favorite and i can't

    但是薑汁啤酒真的很好 薑汁啤酒是我的最愛,我不能

  • wait to try this one because it's a local product

    等待嘗試這個,因為它是一個 本地產品

  • um it's from propeller and it also features ginseng as well

    嗯,是螺旋槳的 還以人參為特色

  • so i'm hoping it has lots of bite it's my first step

    所以我希望它能咬很多東西 我的第一步

  • oh yeah that's a really good one you know what our server was telling us that

    哦,是的,你真的很不錯 知道我們的服務器告訴我們的是

  • if you add some rum make it a little stormy it's even better

    如果你加點朗姆酒 使它有點暴風雨甚至更好

  • now this is a lobster roll i am proud look at that thing of beauty

    現在這是龍蝦卷 我為看到美麗而自豪

  • look at the size it is overflowing with lobster and crab

    看大小 龍蝦和螃蟹滿溢

  • it's a cropster so let's just bite on it look at that look at that i

    這是一個農作物,所以讓我們 咬它,看那看我

  • know you're gonna be hearing that perfectly

    知道 你會完美地聽到

  • toasted i'm insisting you share it looks so good

    敬酒我堅持要你分享 看起來很好

  • oh my gosh is that the lobster roll that dreams are made of

    哦,天哪,龍蝦卷 夢想是由

  • most definitely um the bun is so buttery and it's just loaded

    絕對是頭 太黃油了,剛裝好

  • loaded look at that it's jacked jack jack this is one of

    加載看看 它是千斤頂千斤頂,這是其中之一

  • those instances where i don't want to share

    我不想的那些事 分享

  • but you're going to i'm so excited to be trying

    但是你要成為我很高興 試