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  • hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your question of the week our


  • words today are calm peaceful and com which is the ending of an Internet


  • address I actually threw the word come in there as well because I thought

    我其實也把 "來 "這個字扔進去了,因為我覺得。

  • some of you might have that question as well


  • so let's start with a word calm I actually say this l sound so I'm going

    所以,讓我們從一個詞開始平靜 我實際上是說這個L的聲音,所以我將

  • to teach it with that L sound first you will have an option to just


  • say calm I do hear some people say that as well so to say the word calm what

    說平靜 我也聽到有人這麼說 所以說平靜這個詞是什麼?

  • you're going to do is you're going to start with an open mouth tongue tip down

    你要做的是你要開始與一個開放的嘴 舌尖向下。

  • for that k sound keep your mouth open as you move to the O sound and then you're

    對於K音,保持你的嘴張開 當你移動到O音,然後你就

  • going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth for


  • that l call o think about saying the word call like you call me on the phone

    我打電話給你 想著說 "打電話 "這個詞,就像你打電話給我一樣。

  • and then end with the M sound by closing the lips and letting the air move out of


  • the nose calm calm calm so that is the way that I say it I hear many people say

    鼻子冷靜冷靜所以我說的是這樣的 我聽到很多人都說

  • it that way but here's your next variation you can say it the way that


  • you say com and to do that you're just going to open your mouth for that K move


  • to that by keeping your mouth open and then end by closing the lips so the


  • difference here is is for that l you have to move from a clos open to a


  • closed mouth and here you're just keeping your mouth open and then you're


  • closing your lips so let's try these two so you can see the difference calm calm

    閉上你的嘴脣,所以讓我們來試試這兩個 所以你可以看到不同的平靜平靜。

  • calm you can see my tongue moving as opposed to calm calm calm then for the


  • word come like come here what you're going to do is just think about this as

    字來喜歡來這裡 你要做的就是把這個當成是

  • a short u sound the uh sound so this is going to be very open and then

    一個簡短的u音 uh音 所以這將是非常開放的,然後。

  • we'll be more closed so we have calm calm calm com com com come come come

    我們會更加封閉,所以我們有平靜平靜的COM COM來來來

  • calm come come calm com come and now in a sentence


  • calm dot com is a website for meditation give it a try I know people are going to


  • notice the difference if you found this helpful please give us a like and share


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  • Talre speech and our classes options as well thanks so much everyone


  • take care


hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your question of the week our


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