IPA [ˈsæləˌmændɚ] KK [ˋsælə͵mændɚ]
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European salamander having dark skin with usually yellow spots.

It vaguely resembles a giant salamander, with gray, scaly flesh and a long , slender fish tail.
它隱約看起來像一隻巨型的蠑螈, 身體灰色, 長有鱗片,有一條魚型的細長尾巴.

European cave - dwelling aquatic salamander with permanent external gills.

A salamander scurries into flame to be destroyed.

The giant salamander feeds largely on fish and shrimps.

【TED-Ed】傑利蠑螈:劃分邊界可以對選舉造成什麼樣的衝擊? - Christina Greer

【TED-Ed】傑利蠑螈:劃分邊界可以對選舉造成什麼樣的衝擊? - Christina Greer Image 03:53
  1. they were so strange looking that someone said the new districts looked like a salamander.

    因為它們的長像太奇怪了, 甚至有人說它們看起來像一隻蠑螈。
  2. the boston gazette added gerry's name to the word salamander,

    波士頓公報把格里的名字和蠑螈合在一起。 (譯註:兩字合併以後發音變為傑利。)
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一種新型機器人:脊椎動物模仿 (A new robot mimics vertebrate motion)

一種新型機器人:脊椎動物模仿 (A new robot mimics vertebrate motion) Image 01:52
  1. so we designed a salamander robot that very closely mimics the real motion of the real salamander,

  2. and it can both walk and swim exactly like the real salamander.

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為什麼四肢斷了卻再也長不回來? (Why Can't Humans Regrow Body Parts?)

為什麼四肢斷了卻再也長不回來? (Why Can't Humans Regrow Body Parts?) Image 03:35
  1. in fact, the axolotl, a mexican salamander, can regenerate almost anything,

  2. but for a salamander, scar tissue never forms—

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  1. A long, thin propane or kerosene-fired heater used by contractors to cure plaster, spackling, or paint in the wintertime. The device is often left turned on overnight producing the illusion that there are flames in the building because of its glow. This results in a number of mistaken 9-1-1 calls for the fire department. Also known as a "torpedo heater" because it somewhat resembles a torpedo.
    The caller said she saw flames in the building, but the fire department only found a salamander the contractors left on overnight.
  2. When you stick your finger in a vagina and then give some one a wet willy with it.
    Lee Put his hand up Jane's skirt to give Jim a salamander.
  3. To get so high that you feel like a salamander. When you close your eyes, all you can see is a clear image of a salamander. When you open your eyes, you realize that you are a salamander.
    Dude I'm so salamander right now.