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In its purest form, beryl is colorless.
在其精純的形式, 綠柱石是無色.

Beryl crystals occurring in nature are mostly prismatic, tabular ones are rarely observed.
自然界中綠柱石晶體多為柱狀, 具板狀晶形的綠柱石非常少見.

Beryl : What idiocy! If you do that, your body will be taken over by Metalia.
愚蠢! 如果你這麼做, 你的身體會被美達利佔據.

Fe ~ ( 3 + ) and Ca ~ ( 2 + ) ions show a high activating reaction on the flotation of spodumene and beryl.
Fe~ ( 3+ ) 和Ca~ ( 2+ ) 對鋰輝石和綠柱石都有較強的活化作用.

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