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  • we get back to the actual tournament, I think a big talking point of your England Rainer's schools, Gerrard lamp ID and plain schools on the left.

  • Yeah.

  • Did you feel that was a good schools?

  • Retired also at the end of this tournament?

  • I think it was that.

  • Was that a discussion you had with Paul?

  • Schools were playing on the left, and you ever find that a problem?

  • Putting that midfield together?

  • No.

  • And you know, at that time this was the best for mid videos we had in England.

  • And does that always helped the team, though a few pictures.

  • The best four.

  • I think you I think you cannot.

  • I could not at that time put one of these on the bench and some people I want.

  • I wonder if they press would have said if I put one of them on the bench.

  • Well, some people were saying you were picking on reputation.

  • No, no.

  • I picked because I was convinced these four on the best, and I was always convinced that the other than love power could play together.

  • You could have put steering rod to the left, maybe and put schools in the middle, but anyhow, this for me and I still believe it was the best team at that time.

  • Also, just going back to this spent.

  • I think the team was called the Golden Generation.

  • Certainly those plays, they are, well, class plays.

  • I agree they were before the assessment fielders individually, but a lot of these players now, when we spoke about 442 at the top of the show, was there ever anything in you?

  • Think away.

  • You could actually play those three essentially, and you could actually play a 433 or 451 Would that be in problem then with the strikers, one of them going to the left?

  • I think it would be difficult, made the room.

  • He could play wide.

  • But you know, the players, the only one who was not used to play in this position with schools, but I mean schools.

  • He came in all ways.

  • I didn't stay as a winger.

  • He came in and helped them and got the ball and things like that.

  • So it was not a big problem for for pulling.

  • But when he stepped away from international football, did you try and convince?

  • Yes, I asked him to think about it for one month during the holiday, but he said no.

  • Uh, and that was had nothing to do with formation.

  • I think he he didn't want to be away from his family that long time.

  • And I remember one day when we should train penalty shoot outs.

  • Ah, 2004.

  • I guess it was.

  • It was.

  • And I said, All of the players who wants to take part of that come here and stay with me after training on all the others?

  • And Paul went So I said, Paul, come, come here.

  • What's what's happening then it's that both Do you think I'm on the pitch after 90 minutes?

  • Plus twice 15?

  • No, I said I don't think so.

  • I will not be on the pizza with this heat.

  • Is that because he had some ass mind things like that?

  • So you could Was that one of you brought him off because he actually think of the ship to cheat in the game off the after one hour.

  • He couldn't do it anymore.

  • Most of the times a ll.

  • The times he was saying finished.

  • And that was a pity.

  • Of course because pull a great player.

  • But I think we never saw his best in a big tournament.

  • Yeah, Jamie talks about this golden generation.

  • She's a phrase which has been used a lot but at the time and maybe even reflecting on it's Ben Was there one type of player that that you felt England lacked at that time?

  • Hey, England has always been famous for great goalkeepers.

  • Before I came to England and we had good goalkeepers, but we didn't have Ah, the big, big, big World close keeper.

  • Maybe that was one thing and upfront.

  • Yes, we had room anywhere.

  • The woman after that, Not really a top top class.

  • We had a lot of good strikers, but not on that level toe win the World Cup.

  • So in terms the goalkeepers.

  • But does that explain why we had a different one in each of the three major tournaments that you Yeah, we had Robinson were James.

  • We had the David Seaman David see Manya 2002 family get David Seaman Evil.

  • It's a great goalkeeper, but they did seem on when I came.

  • I think it was 30 my mate.

we get back to the actual tournament, I think a big talking point of your England Rainer's schools, Gerrard lamp ID and plain schools on the left.


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