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  • Gregor Today you've named the squad for the 2020 Guinness sex nations.

  • Sex uncapped players come into the next number of players returned from absence.

  • But just talking to your selection.

  • Mableton.

  • Exciting time.

  • A difficult time for coaches.

  • Thio finalize that that final squad.

  • But we're really happy with how our players have been playing young players that we have not watched with before.

  • So that's always an exciting moment for them, but also for us to see them in our environment, on the form of our players.

  • Both player, those are playing in school and I'm without Scotland has been excellent.

  • There's real depth and number about positions.

  • Yeah, I think I think it changes every I think there's.

  • There's always young players that put hands up, weather lurking on disagree and mark figure sent over the last couple of years that there are certain times in in cycles when young players do come through after international retirements.

  • After at little Cups when players were away the World Cup, other players get the chance to play and and some of them stayed within the the team throughout the year.

  • But it But it is down to the individual players have to step up whether the playing of Exeter, Gloucester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and compete hard to win a starting place because off those teams on other teams are players are playing up there up against international players.

  • So just to start for the team shows that there, they're in great form that there are.

  • They've trained well, Vanda start.

  • And then if they perform well in those games, they come on our radar and we then look at the fit with what we want to do is a team where we need to improve.

  • And well, as I said, we're very pleased with the players we have available.

  • You mentioned a little bit there, so we see Cornell coming back into my ex Matt Scott.

  • Really?

  • Sutherland, as well, who think last played in Japan in 2016?

  • Is this squad more based emphasis on form than people that you mentioned perform well and get a chance again to put in that school in Jersey?

  • Yes, absolutely.

  • And it fort form should be a gauge.

  • Whenever you put it in together with international level, you also look at what place we're done for it for Scotland in the past and how well they played a test level at one of those players inform to then a very good chance of being there scored.

  • But for players like my score, Rory Sutherland, guys that haven't been involved with us for a couple of years, it's been great to see how they've grabbed the opportunity this year.

  • Players like Cornell and Rory especially been through some really tough injuries some long time out the game to get back, playing, to get back, playing well, shows that they've got real character on a lot of ability.

  • Obviously, they worked very hard to touchy for that.

  • Achieving Gregor you've also named your Hogs captain is his first time leading this cotton squad and against sex Nations is also the most experienced player in the score.

  • But what other attributes will he bring?

  • His captain?

  • Well, he is a wealth off knowledge off the game, Um, real student off thegame hospital number off years and a lot of test marches.

  • So he knows international game well.

  • He knows his teammates.

  • He knows what he wants to achieve as well.

  • Im and he's been really focused at being the best player he could be over the last few years and bring the best out of those around him.

  • He was really keen.

  • Thio two get the potential of this leadership role on being being a captain, which which obviously very a positive that someone wants to do it on, we believe is the right person.

  • The thought that's gone in tow headed, Captain.

  • The team how he's gonna interact with other leaders on the team we were looking forward to and come inside before we go to the first picture against Ireland away from home, you take a squad over to Spain for a training camp.

  • Just talk us through the thought process behind that and what you expect to get out of it.

  • Yeah, well, we've We've looked at training camps away from Scotland in the past.

  • We did have one that this year in the World Cup in Portugal, you know, Ireland and England go to Portugal or Spain of every year that she really was because we have away games straight away.

  • I think if we bean at Bt Muddy Field for a first game, we probably would have stayed and this great facility that we have, Ah, William, but I thought We're going away.

  • We're gonna be traveling allows us to have guaranteed better weather to train and riel group Feel that we're together for those four or five days And we know we've got mission ahead of us to go to Dublin on and go There is a real tight unit, a cohesive group that knows what they need to do to win and do all we can now.

  • Not that Saturday to get the win.

  • I know it's a cliche, but there's no easy games in this sex nations.

  • But first game is always gonna be challenging game Alan to be from home.

  • It's a great chance for you and your score to go off ticket stars, man.

  • Yeah, why 1000 challenge is the key word for us this year with with what we faced her to improve.

  • After a disappointing year last year and also the opponents we have island away of the best record of any M Six Nations team at home over the last five years.

  • England Home Office is a huge fixture for us as a first time home game against a team that almost won a world copper played fantastic rugby throughout the World Cup And then we'll go all the way through Thio, South Africa and New Zealand and then New Zealand that a BT Mother field in November.

  • So the challenges ahead of us, which is brilliant and for our group Thio to do all that kind of Windows games on rise up to the challenge and just finally, Gregor, just off the off the field, you've had some changes in the backroom staff as well.

  • Just I know on the platoon appointments of Steve Tandy and Peter Developers.

  • Yes, Stephen Peter have been here for for a couple of weeks now.

  • Before that, they were looking a lot of our players to send them a few tasks to get to know our players how they're performing.

  • They're looking forward to working with with the players, the quality coaches.

  • Steve has been head culture pro 14 level with the Osprey, so he knows our players knows I'm the Northern Hemisphere game.

  • Well, he's then taking out a different route in a different challenge and coach damn, that's super rugby level for the water ties.

  • Peter had an excellent playing career on played a lot test rugby, but it's also done while the cortical center national level with that said, after getting also club level with stuff on C.

  • So they were bringing new ideas to bring their own quality and on precision in their areas, and they're excited about working with the group of players and work in a test rugby.

Gregor Today you've named the squad for the 2020 Guinness sex nations.


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