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  • It's a rather blustery day here in Brighton for the Labour

  • Party conference.

  • But the dramatic political weather is being set elsewhere.

  • In a landmark decision, the UK Supreme Court

  • has ruled that Boris Johnson's decision

  • to shut down Parliament for five weeks was unlawful.

  • The court is bound to conclude, therefore,

  • that the decision to advise Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament

  • was unlawful because it had the effect of frustrating

  • or preventing the ability of Parliament

  • to carry out its Constitutional functions

  • without reasonable justification.

  • Be in no doubt, this is a huge decision.

  • The Supreme Court ruled on two accounts.

  • First the prorogation is judiciable it is something

  • that judges will have a say on.

  • And second of all, that Boris Johnson misled the Queen when

  • he said that he wanted to shutdown Parliament

  • for a new legislative agenda.

  • In fact, it was to stymie Brexit debate.

  • What happens now?

  • Well, Speaker John Bercow has said the Parliament

  • will return immediately.

  • Although there's a slight snark in the fact

  • the prime minister is in New York,

  • addressing the UN General Assembly.

  • It's therefore likely his deputy,

  • the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will step in

  • and Parliament will resume very shortly.

  • But ultimately, what does this mean for Brexit?

  • Well, the fact is this Parliament

  • has ruled out every form of Brexit.

  • It's ruled out a soft Brexit, a hard Brexit, a no-deal Brexit,

  • no Brexit at all, a second referendum,

  • and a general election.

  • So the fact the MPs are now going to return fundamentally

  • doesn't change anything.

  • But MPs are likely to scrutinise Mr Johnson's government

  • further, and try and get a hold of some

  • of those crucial documents about Brexit.

  • But ultimately, the Supreme Court's decision

  • is going to further now the Parliament versus the people.

  • Mr Johnson sees as his aim to say

  • that he will deliver Brexit, come what may,

  • do or die, by October the 31st.

  • But now the judges have got in his way of his plans,

  • he's likely to talk up that rhetoric at the Conservative

  • Party Conference next week.

  • Forget the people versus Parliament.

  • It's going to be the people, versus Parliament,

  • versus the judges.

  • Hold on tight because this is a landmark moment

  • in British political history.

It's a rather blustery day here in Brighton for the Labour


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最高法院的裁決:英國曆史上的一個里程碑式的時刻|FT中文網 (Supreme Court ruling: a landmark moment in British history | FT)

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