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  • (Throughout history, in times of uncertainty.)


  • (The world looks for heroes.)


  • (In 2019, searches for heroes soared.)

    (2019 年,關於英雄的搜尋次數飆升。)

  • (What kind of super heroes are there?)


  • Coastguard heroes arriving in the Abaco Islands.


  • - Five young boys create a rescue trampoline. - (Real life super heroes.)

    - 五個小男孩就地取材打造出救援蹦床 。 - (現實生活中的超級英雄)。

  • - The first to run a marathon in under two hours. - (People with superpowers.)

    - 在兩小時內跑完馬拉松的史上第一人。 - (擁有超能力的人。)

  • We have seen what we thought was unseeable.


  • - A relay of dogs will lead blind runner Tom Panek across the finish line. - (Unsung heroes.)

    - 導盲犬接力帶領視障跑者 Tom Panek 順利穿越終點線。 - (無名英雄。)

  • - Nicholas Mahut lost in the French Open, but then his seven-year-old son ran onto the court to give his dad a big hug. - (Unlikely heroes.)

    - Nicholas Mahut 在法國公開賽中落敗,他七歲的兒子跑過球場,給爸爸一個大擁抱。 - (非典型英雄。)

  • (Sheroes.)


  • Her and her sister are heroes for many little girls out there.


  • - I want to thank my amazing mom. - (Supermom.)

    - 我要感謝我了不起的媽媽。 - (超人媽媽。)

  • She's my hero.


  • - Two...three. - I love you.

    - 二...三。 - 我愛你。

  • (Superdad.)


  • Exactly what I was thinking.


  • (Super heroes that can fly.)


  • - When you are free to be you it is the best feeling in the world. - (What do heroes look like?)

    - 盡情做自己,這種感覺最棒了。 - (英雄是什麼模樣。)

  • - He is the Sully Sullenberger of pizza. - (Not all heroes wear capes.)

    - 他是披薩神捕。 - 不是所有英雄都穿著披風。)

  • My family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans.


  • (What makes a person a hero.)


  • We know deep down what's right and what's needed.


  • I'm gonna fight this.


  • Who says I can't? Nobody!


  • Here it comes, never been done in competition.


  • The category is love, y'all.


  • Love!


  • - Use your heart, your courage and vision to fix, to heal to empathize, to connect. - (Can anyone be a hero?)

    - 用心感受、鼓起勇氣,放寬視野去修復、治癒,同理及交流。 - (人人都能成為英雄嗎?)

  • Because living life for something bigger than yourself is a hero's journey.


  • (To everyone using their powers to empower others.)


  • (SEARCH ON.)


(Throughout history, in times of uncertainty.)


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