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  • This episode is sponsored by LastPass.

    本視頻由 LastPass 贊助。

  • Whether it's losing your keys or trying to cram information into your head for an exam, sometimes we just need our brain to be less forgetful.

    無論是搞丟了鑰匙,還是 K 書準備考試,有時候我們只想讓自己的大腦不會那麼健忘。

  • So using science, how can you improve your memory right now?


  • First things first, you should hit the gym, but sorry meatheads you can't skip cardio.


  • MRI studies show that regular aerobic exercise like running improves performance on memory tasks by increasing the blood flow and volume in parts of the hippocampus.


  • This is important as the hippocampus is a part of the brain that is critical for learning and memory, but it shrinks by 1 to 2 percent per year in late adulthood.

    這很重要,因為海馬迴是大腦的一部分,對學習和記憶至關重要,但在成年後期每年縮小 1% 至 2%。

  • So aerobic exercise can be a great way to fight age-related declines of our memory.


  • After the gym and pre-studying, grab a good snack.


  • After a meal, the increased glucose and insulin has shown to promote the learning of new information.


  • Glucose and insulin are also key to consolidation, the conversion of short-term to long-term memories.


  • Probably because the hippocampus we talked about earlier is enriched with insulin receptors.


  • We set a good snack, but maybe try blueberries as studies show participants given a blueberry supplement had a better ability to recall past events.


  • Blueberries contain flavonoids that have been shown to protect neurons, enhance their function, and stimulate their regeneration.


  • Make sure that you're keeping up with the group chat.


  • Scientists linked high-quality personal relationships to better memory.


  • A 2017 study found that adults aged 80 and up who reported more satisfying relationships in their old age had similar cognitive abilities to people in their 50s and 60s.

    一項 2017 年的研究發現,80 歲以上的成年人若滿意自己老年時的人際關係,則他們的認知能力就和五、六十歲的人差不多。

  • Other research shows hanging out with people can protect against memory declines common in dementia.


  • Scientists think that our friends create social pressure that makes us take care of ourselves.


  • And they even do things as simple as tell you directly or indirectly to go visit a doctor.


  • Social interactions also present complex cognitive memory challenges that can stimulate your brain.


  • Thank you friends.


  • Hug your friends today because they're increasing your memory.


  • If you really want to be super extra about all of this, you could also try to become a memory champion.


  • These are people who can for example memorize the order of a deck of cards in thirty seconds.


  • Superior memory skills aren't because of anatomical differences which means you could accomplish some of these same memory feats with intense practice.


  • One study found that after six weeks of daily 30-minute training normal people exhibited similar levels of neural connectivity as these memory athletes.

    一項研究發現,經過六週,每週 30 分鐘的訓練,正常人的記憶神經連結呈現出與比賽的選手相似的水準。

  • When given a list of 72 words they went from being able to recall 26 to 30 to remembering over 60 words.

    當給予一張有 72 個單字的單字表時,他們從原來只能記住 26 到 30 個單字,進步到能記住 60 個單字。

  • A little stressed about memorizing a presentation for tomorrow.


  • Not to worry as research suggests an optimal level of anxiety can help us remember details.


  • During stressful events hormones like cortisol act on the brain to promote the formation of long term memories.


  • Probably so that we can better process stressful situations and change our behaviors accordingly.


  • But it doesn't mean that in these stressful times we are going to become way better at memorizing things.


  • As too much stress has been shown to impair memory.


  • So it is about finding the right balance between not panicking and panicking just enough to sharpen your mind.


  • For the most part we are overly stressed which leads to us forgetting our passwords.


  • Thankfully there is LastPass.

    幸好有 LastPass。

  • LastPass also helps relieve the anxiety and stress of remembering all of your different passwords for all the different platforms by storing them all in one safe place.

    LastPass 還可以透過將所有不同平台的不同密碼,存儲在同一個安全的地方,來幫助你減輕要記住所有密碼而產生的焦慮和壓力。

  • You can store an unlimited amount of passwords.


  • It even helps you to generate stronger passwords, and most importantly update your passwords which is something that we should all be doing.


  • You can use it on many devices like your laptop or even on your fancy phone using an app it even has a password breach alert to help keep you safe.

    你可以在許多裝置上使用 LastPass,比如你的筆電,甚至是手機的 APP ,它甚至還會發出密碼破解警報,可以幫助您確保安全。

  • Essentially with LastPass you never have to write remember or reset your passwords.

    基本上,只要使用 LastPass,您永遠不必用筆記錄、去背、或更新密碼。

  • Thanks again to LastPass and we will see you all next week for another science video.

    再次感謝 LastPass,我們將在下週另一部科學影片裡和你們見面。

  • See you later.


This episode is sponsored by LastPass.

本視頻由 LastPass 贊助。

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