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  • You can eat really well in Taiwan without ever darkening a doorway.

    你可以在台灣吃得很好 沒有使門口變暗。

  • In fact, some of the best food is out in the streets.


  • Street food is everywhere in Taiwan and it's delicious and affordable so you can try lots of it.

    街頭食品在台灣到處都是 美味又實惠,所以你可以嘗試很多。

  • There's nothing better than strolling along, like a moveable menu,

    沒有比漫步更好的了, 像一個可移動的菜單,

  • and letting your eyes and nose do the choosing for you.


  • It's more than likely you'll spot a food or two you don't recognize,

    你很可能會發現它 一兩塊你不認識的食物,

  • which is great because it's a chance to try something new.

    這很棒,因為這是一個機會 嘗試一些新的東西。

  • Marc and I have eaten very well in Taiwan and made lots of other videos about foods,

    馬克和我在台灣吃得很好 並製作了很多關於食物的視頻,

  • drinks,


  • and desserts.


  • Holy Kapowgabonza.


  • So check out the rest of our Taiwan series for more.


  • Let's start with a very traditional and typical Taiwanese dish:

    讓我們從一個非常傳統的開始 和典型的台灣菜:

  • braised pork on rice.


  • It's filling and flavourful and we ate a large, which came with fried shallots,

    它充滿了味道,我們吃了很大的, 哪個有炒青蔥,

  • for only 40 Taiwan Dollars, which is around $1.70 CAD.


  • Ooh it kind of reminds me of something my parents used to make when I was a kid.

    哦,它讓我想起了什麼 我的父母曾經在我小時候做過。

  • Really?


  • It has just like a really nice almost… I don't want to say gravy-like sauce but kinda.

    它就像一個非常好的差不多...... 我不想說肉汁醬但有點兒。

  • We ate this meal on the sidewalk and shared a table with another man.

    我們在人行道上吃了這頓飯 和另一個男人分享了一張桌子。

  • If you're eating on a plastic stool, chances are you're going to eat well.

    如果你在塑料凳子上吃東西, 你很有可能吃得好。

  • Like these noodles we got for 60 Taiwan dollars or $2.50 CAD.

    像這些麵條我們得到了 60港幣或2.50加元。

  • Super, super peanut-y.


  • We got 10 very satisfying dumplings for 50 Taiwan dollars or $2 CAD

    我們得到了10個非常令人滿意的餃子 50台幣或2加元

  • and this dinner was the day we did a rainy road trip to Taroko Gorge

    這頓晚餐就是我們做的那一天 太魯閣峽谷的雨天之旅

  • right before we had peanut butter ice mochi for dessert.

    就在我們吃花生醬之前 冰mochi甜點。

  • I'll link those videos below as well.


  • We also visited the night market in Hualien,


  • which included trying a 'Taiwan hamburger' for the first time.

    其中包括嘗試一個 '台灣漢堡包'第一次。

  • You choose what sort of meat, filling, and sauce you want and they make it to order.

    你選擇什麼樣的肉,填充, 和你想要的醬汁,他們訂購。

  • We got braised pork, black pepper sauce, honey mustard, cucumbers, onions, and noodles

    我們有紅燒肉,黑胡椒醬, 蜂蜜芥末,黃瓜,洋蔥和麵條

  • and it all comes in a steamed bun for 65 Taiwan dollars or about $2.75 CAD.

    這一切都是饅頭 65台幣或約2.75加元。

  • When we walked by a stand selling banana pancakes at the Hualien night market, we could not resist.

    當我們走過一個賣香蕉煎餅的攤位 在花蓮夜市,我們無法抗拒。

  • Obviously this isn't necessarily Taiwanese,


  • however, it is one of my favourite street foods in the entire world

    然而,這是我最喜歡的一個 全世界的街頭食品

  • and eating them outside a train station in Thailand is one of my top food travel memories.

    並在泰國的火車站外吃它們 是我最熱門的美食之旅。

  • It's a thin pancake fried on a grill with sweet bananas


  • and this one was just 50 Taiwan dollars or $2 CAD.


  • You can get different toppings on it like honey, chocolate, and peanut butter,

    你可以得到不同的澆頭 像蜂蜜,巧克力和花生醬,

  • but the best is condensed milk.


  • If you ever get the chance to try this, do it and please have some for me too.

    如果你有機會嘗試這個, 做到這一點,請為我也有一些。

  • And speaking of top food travel memories, I think I made a new one in Taiwan.

    談到頂級食品旅行記憶, 我想我在台灣換了一個新的。

  • As usual, it was very unexpected.


  • It was on the beautiful little island of Xiao Liuqiu


  • where we had an amazing time driving our scooter around

    我們度過了美好的時光 駕駛我們的摩托車

  • and swimming with sea turtles.


  • I'll think that video too.


  • One night we had rushed to a lookout point to watch the sunset

    一天晚上我們趕緊去了 瞭望點觀日落

  • and had some food I will never forget.


  • I just started eating this and I was like


  • we need to put this in a video because it's insanely good.

    我們需要把它放在一個視頻中 因為它太瘋狂了。

  • I don't really know how to describe it except it's like a deep fried burrito full of cheese and meat

    我真的不知道如何描述它,除非它就像 油炸的捲餅,裡面裝滿了奶酪和肉

  • and this one has corn.


  • This one is chicken there's also a bacon one.


  • Look at the packaging, how cute this is.


  • It's so salty.


  • Picture a deep fried burrito with cheese and your pick of chicken, bacon, tuna, or beef.

    想像一下用奶酪炸的捲餅 和你挑選的雞肉,培根,金槍魚或牛肉。

  • I need a franchise of this where I live.


  • You missed the first bite but I was like


  • 'cause it's so, so good.


  • I'm going to find out the name of this place and link it because if you come here

    我要找出這個地方的名字 並鏈接它,因為如果你來這裡

  • you need to have this in your hand like this.


  • I did find out the name of the place: it's called Little Tadpole

    我確實找到了這個地方的名字: 它被稱為小蝌蚪

  • and you have to order by 10am


  • or they will literally be sold out for the rest of the day.


  • They're 60 to 70 Taiwan dollars, less than $3 CAD.


  • However, the best value we found for street food in Taiwan

    但是,我們找到了最好的價值 在台灣的街頭食品

  • starts at less than half that price.


  • It's roti.


  • It all starts by spraying the grill with oil and then adding whatever filling you want in the roti.

    這一切都始於向烤架上噴油 然後在roti中添加你想要的任何填充物。

  • I got egg with cheese and Marc got Taiwanese basil and egg.

    我吃了奶酪蛋,馬克得到了 台灣羅勒和雞蛋。

  • When it's cooked, it gets folded up and served super, super hot in a takeaway bag.

    當它煮熟時,它會折疊起來 並且在外賣袋中供應超級,超級熱。

  • Xie Xie.


  • Bye bye.


  • Bye bye. -Bye bye.

    再見。 -再見。

  • Ooh it's hot!


  • It's very hot.


  • Oh my god, I can barely hold it it's so hot.


  • Let's try this.


  • Mmm oh that is really good.


  • The roti is just perfect.


  • So squidgy, the texture.


  • Mmm love squidgy.


  • Smacking my lips.


  • He's like muhaha.


  • When the sun goes down in Taiwan the night market is just waking up,

    太陽落山時台灣 夜市剛剛醒來,

  • and this is where you want to be.


  • The smells, smoke, and steam in the air


  • coupled with the sights and sounds of food being prepared

    再加上景點和聲音 正在準備的食物

  • is a full on sensory experience that culminates of course with you TASTING some of that food.

    是一個完整的感官體驗,最終達到高潮 當然和你一起品嚐一些食物。

  • Our favourite night market in Taipei is Raohe


  • and the best thing we tasted there were pork, leek, and cabbage dumplings

    我們品嚐的最好的東西是 豬肉,韭菜和白菜餃子

  • with your choice of spicy or sweet sauce.


  • Even the container they came in was cute.


  • They were so good we went back to get more.


  • And when it only costs 50 Taiwan dollars or $2 CAD for 10 dumplings,

    而它只需50美元 或10加元2加元,

  • how could you not get seconds?


  • Whoa!


  • All those flavours together and this sauce, it's almost like a Teriyaki sauce,

    所有這些口味和這種醬, 它幾乎像是照燒醬,

  • are blowing my mind.


  • That might be one of the best dumplings I've ever had.


  • Strong words.


  • We also got to try something at Raohe that we had been on the look out for:

    我們還要在饒河嘗試一下 我們一直在尋找:

  • a unique fruit called a bell apple.


  • One look at its shape tells you where that name comes from.

    一看它的形狀就會告訴你 這個名字的來源。

  • We were surprised at the high cost, relatively speaking of course, of a bell apple

    我們對高成本感到驚訝 相對而言,一個鈴鐺蘋果 -

  • just one was 100 Taiwan dollars or just over $4 CAD.


  • The taste wasn't at all what we expect from apples at home in Canada.

    味道完全不是我們所期望的 來自加拿大的蘋果。

  • The bell apple was less crunchy, more spongey in texture and not very sweet.

    鈴鐺蘋果不那麼鬆脆, 質地更加海綿,不是很甜。

  • We both enjoyed it, though, and if you spot one, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

    不過,我們都很喜歡它,如果你發現了一個, 我絕對建議嘗試一下。

  • It's like if a pumpkin and an apple had a baby.


  • That's how it tastes.


  • There were other highlights walking through Raohe night market too.

    還有其他亮點走路 通過饒河夜市也。

  • Like coffin sandwiches.


  • Not the cheeriest of names for what is more or less a bread bowl.

    不是最令人歡欣的名字 或多或少的麵包碗。

  • These bitter gourds are a very common vegetable in Taiwan.

    這些苦瓜是非常的 台灣常見的蔬菜。

  • They're used in stir fries, salads, soups, or even juice.


  • These are a traditional snack of skewered strawberries and cherry tomatoes coated in sugar.

    這些是串燒草莓的傳統小吃 和櫻桃西紅柿塗糖。

  • You can also find grilled snails,


  • King oyster mushrooms,


  • and different meats and organs.


  • One of my other favourites is a traditional Taiwanese dessert

    我最喜歡的一個是 傳統的台灣甜點

  • which is normally stuffed with red bean and other fillings.

    通常塞滿了 紅豆和其他餡料。

  • The skin is made of sweet potato powder and I just love the chewy texture.

    皮膚由紅薯粉製成 我喜歡耐嚼的質地。

  • There's lots more to see at the night market and many, many more street foods to try in Taiwan.

    夜市還有更多值得一看的地方 還有很多很多街頭小吃在台灣嘗試。

  • This video is just a taste - pun very much intended, by the way.

    這個視頻只是一個品味 - 順便說一句,雙關語非常有用。

  • I'll link our other Taiwan videos below so check the description box for more

    我將鏈​​接下面的其他台灣視頻 所以請查看說明框了解更多信息

  • on what to eat,


  • where to go,


  • and what to do in Taiwan.


  • No matter what you get up to while visiting, though,


  • you can fill your stomach with unique flavours and textures you'll dream of long after.

    你可以用獨特的口味填飽肚子 和你很久以後夢想的紋理。

  • I hope you enjoyed this video.


  • Remember to give it a like if you did


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  • Thanks for watching!


You can eat really well in Taiwan without ever darkening a doorway.

你可以在台灣吃得很好 沒有使門口變暗。


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