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  • He was living in Grand Junction, Colorado,

  • and I was living in Mexico because I was finishing school.

  • We were on the phone every night.

  • And getting to know this person over the phone

  • on a long-distance relationship was just--it was like a book,

  • that every phone call was a new chapter where you get to meet

  • this character in this book who, everything that they do is

  • interesting to you.

  • And you just want to know this person.

  • And that voice is just dreamy.

  • And I think it was just such a great fantasy,

  • and to think that this guy, who I'm so in love with,

  • can love me back.

  • What can I do to make sure that the chapters in this book

  • never end, that this book continues forever?

  • After about 10 years or so of being married and happy

  • with three wonderful children, I lost

  • my part-time job and Brandon lost his full-time job.

  • It was, "What do we do now?"

  • And there was this big opportunity

  • to go and work as an insurance adjuster.

  • Gusts much higher.

  • He left for the third time for 18 months.

  • I felt like I was raising the family on my own.

  • After a while, we were two complete strangers

  • trying to make a family work.

  • When he came back, it was the reality

  • of living with somebody that I honestly, at that point,

  • I didn't need anymore.

  • There wasn't anything in that book that I wanted to know.

  • So we decided to get divorced after 13 years of marriage.

  • I thought that getting a divorce was going to be so easy.

  • But the pain and the suffering of seeing Brandon away, moving

  • on with his life, was unbearable.

  • I didn't want anything but my family again.

  • The first time we sat in therapy together,

  • we did it because of the kids.

  • That was the excuse, because we wanted

  • to help the kids overcome their problems

  • and their challenges of a divorced couple.

  • After a few times we went to therapy,

  • the therapist bluntly said, "You guys

  • are very stupid because these are things

  • that you could have fixed before with help."

  • And then she said, "Maybe next time you guys can go on a date

  • and discuss what we discussed today."

  • So after 13 years of being married,

  • three children, a lot of pain, disagreements, loneliness,

  • and a very painful divorce, we went on our first date again.

  • He asked me out.

  • We started smiling at each other again

  • and just started flirting.

  • And he started sending silly text messages

  • with emojis, whatever.

  • Although it's not his personality, he did it.

  • I think I forgot the main part: "What am I

  • doing to stay in love with him?

  • What is he doing to stay in love with me?"

  • We made the decision right there and then

  • that we were going to fix it, that we

  • were going to go to therapy, that we were going

  • to seek spiritual help, that we were going to pray together,

  • that we were going to read the scriptures together, that we

  • were going to go to the temple, that we needed to have goals

  • together again.

  • We continued going to therapy for months.

  • We decided to get remarried.

  • And we felt hope in our relationship.

  • We were happy again.

  • God wants us to be happy.

  • He helps us every day to make our family work.




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A2 初級 美國腔

與配偶失戀 (Falling Out of Love with a Spouse)

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