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  • On the snow capped mountains of Venus there is no actual snow as we know it. Because it

  • snows metal.

  • And the Lepsis is a designer kitchen pod to grow your own insects to eat.

  • Vsauce, Kevin here... this is Mind Blow.

  • A professor at University of Nottingham, has discovered a new human body part, a sixth

  • layer of the cornea. He is calling it Dua's layer, after himself, and the discovery means

  • that ophthalmology textbooks will have to be re-written and clinicians around the world

  • are already beginning to relate many diseases to the discovery of this new layer.

  • Chinese construction firm Broad Sustainable Building has been given the go ahead to create

  • the world's tallest skyscraper called Sky City. It is a 220 story, 2,750 foot tall and

  • when finished will be the size of a small city. It'll have 104 elevators and a six mile

  • ramp that can lead 30,000 people towards the school, hospital, and housing.  And they

  • also plan to construct it in only seven months!

  • WiSee is an interaction interface that is able to recognize human gestures throughout

  • the home. Using WiFi and a few mobile devices WiSee can identify gestures in line of sight,

  • non line of sight, and through the wall scenarios. The prototype was able to identify and classify

  • a set of nine gestures with a 94% accuracy. And they see it being used to control music,

  • TV, lights and heating anywhere in the home.

  • Lego is working with Sony to create toys that are more like video games to keep younger

  • kids interested. Though it's still in the planning phases some of the ideas are to have

  • the Lego pieces mounted to small motors and cameras. The tiny device is controlled with

  • a video game controller and the enemy devices are controlled by a computer. They are woking

  • with having the cameras linked to a smart device so you can see what your piece is seeing

  • and are also developing parts and pieces that can be ejected or blown up.

  • Worlds oldest primate fossil ever found and it was the size of a mousee.

  • University of Minnesota's Biomedical engineering professor Bin He created a non invasive brain

  • computer interface that allows the user to control a robot using only their mind. Seen

  • here being guided around a gym, turning, rising, and even flying through balloon rings. The

  • hope is to use the technology for those with neurodegenerative diseases to regain function

  • by controlling artificial limbs or other devices.

  • A new reversible male contraceptive proven effective in mice testicles involves injecting

  • gold nano rods and heating them up. So Yeah.

  • DARPA has created new nerve and muscle interfaces that can can be controlled directly though

  • amputees existing nerves. The project is called RE-NET, Reliable Neural-Interface Technology

  • and they are hoping not only to create high performance interfaces that are reliable,

  • they want to provide sensory feedback that would also give the user the ability to feel.

  • Basically, allowing users to directly control prosthetics with their existing nerves.

  • The Emperor 1510 LX is a $21,500 dollar high tech work station. It has a retractable monitor

  • stand that can hold five monitors, a reclining italian leather seat with thigh rest, Bose

  • sound system, and a cup holder.

  • Tokyo has underground bike parking structures made by a company named Giken that take your

  • bike into a cylinder that protects them from theft, vandalism, and inclement weather. Using

  • a magnetic key for access - the door clamps onto the front wheel of the bike and takes

  • it underground onto a platform. Each station is able to hold about 200 bikes and Giken

  • hopes to create many more in the future, but finding enough underground space in Tokyo

  • could pose a problem.

  • Finally, Mike Olbinski shot this incredible footage of a supercell near Booker, Texas

  • I'm going to leave you with Kilobots going on a picnic and as always thanks for watching.

On the snow capped mountains of Venus there is no actual snow as we know it. Because it


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