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  • Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Alien Expose New World Order - Shi (Alioshenka)

    Desteni 跨次元空間連接口訪問: 外星人揭露新世界秩序 - 斯

  • This is Shi once more today, and

    今天這再一次是 斯, 而

  • global systems


  • well

  • I see, the earth

    我看, 這地球

  • from a system perspective


  • from a consciousness 'live' organism

    從一個 意識 '活'生物體的看法

  • now, global systems

    現, 全球系統

  • would be the organs that keep their entire system - the body

    會是這些器官 維持著他們整個系統 - 這身體

  • of consciousness existence, of this world 'alive'

    這意識存在, 這個世界要 '生存'

  • ok, so let's have a look at the following principle

    好的, 所以讓我們看以下的原理

  • let's look at global systems, global systems

    讓我們看全球系統, 全球系統

  • in terms of, the banking system, the- the war system

    出於是, 銀行系統, 這- 戰爭系統

  • the- religious system, the spirituality system, the-

    這- 宗教系統, 這精神靈修系統, 這-

  • educational system, the-

    教育性系統, 這-

  • food production system


  • so, it is the

    所以, 這是

  • huge, massive manifestation - of organs

    龐大, 巨大的 器官 - 實化體

  • have a look


  • each placement is an organ

    每一個配置都是一個 器官

  • then you have human beings, like the blood cells of this organ

    跟著你有人類們, 像這個器官的 血液細胞

  • that is required to keep it alive


  • through the exchange, of money

    透過, 錢的交易

  • and those are a system, an entire global system, that is referred to as money

    而這些是一個系統, 一整個全球系統, 被稱為 錢(系統)

  • then you have human beings


  • that are the- the cells, that move around, and exchange

    是這些- 細胞, 在四處走動, 和交換

  • each other, within this organism called - consciousness

    互相, 在這生物 叫 - 意識裏交換

  • formulating the body, of consciousness

    發展型成這, 意識的身體

  • which is the human being scurrying around

    即是人類們在裏面 四處趕跑著

  • amonst and between these systems

    介乎 在這些系統之間

  • trying to 'survive'

    試圖要 '競生求存'

  • it is about - survival

    這是關於 - 求生存

  • so


  • it is interesting because, if you look at following:

    這是很有趣的因為, 如果你察看以下這些:

  • human beings, as mind consciousness systems, within them

    人類們, 等如是, 在他們裏面的 思想意識系統

  • keeping, the global systems 'alive'

    令, 這全球系統 '生存'

  • of this, consciousness system, reality

    在這, 意識系統, 現實裏

  • is that interesting?


  • so, it is interesting but who else

    所以, 這是很有趣 但還有是誰

  • keeps these global systems 'alive'

    在令這些 全球系統得以 '生存'

  • this organism, this body of consciousness existence alive?

    這生物體, 這意識存在身體 的生存?

  • but human beings


  • but you are trapped aren't you?

    但你被奴困著 對嗎?

  • because you know, that if you were to stop, this exchange

    因為你知道, 如果你停止, 這種交換

  • you will die!


  • it is setup in such a way this system, this consciousness system organism

    這系統是設計成這樣, 這意識系統 生物體

  • within which you 'live', you thrive, you experience yourself

    你在它裏面 '活', 你茂盛生長, 你體驗你自己

  • that you are trapped, you are enslaved

    你被奴困著, 你被奴隸著

  • another system, global system - the government system

    另一個系統, 全球系統 - 政府系統

  • you cannot stand up to the government system because you dependent

    你不能夠對抗政府系統 因為你依賴

  • on that organ, for your survival!

    這器官, 讓你生存!

  • another organ

    另一個 器官

  • organs require breathe, require Life which is money!

    器官需要呼吸, 需要生命 即是 錢!

  • the exchange of money between the blood cells which is the human beings

    人類即是 血液間交換的 錢

  • which move constantly continuously between these, organisms

    它們恒常 不斷在這些, 生物體間四處流動

  • these organs, as the global systems

    這些, 等如是器官的 全球系統

  • so what now? what do we do?

    所以現在怎辦? 我們怎樣做?

  • we are stuck, we are lost, we are fearful, we cannot do anything

    我們卡困著, 我們迷失了, 我們害怕, 我們不能做任何事

  • we cannot stand up because if we do! we will get killed

    我們不能夠站起來 因為如果我站起! 我們會被殺!

  • we will be removed, if we dare stand up, and 'speak out' the truth

    如果我們敢站起來, 並 '說出'真相 我們就會被除去

  • but did you even know that, those

    但你甚至有没有知道, 這些

  • the handful in control, of the organs as the global systems are also fearful

    一少撮在統治著, 這些器官 等如是全球系統的人 同樣在害怕

  • are also scared


  • all are in this world of fearful


  • everyone existing here because they know!

    每一個在這裏存在的人 因為他們知道!

  • if they have a brink of doubt, and- and problem within this organism

    如果他們稍有懷疑, 和- 和在這生物體內有不滿

  • that 'lives' that thrives this consciousness existence

    對要 '活' 繁茂這意識存在

  • that all will die


  • the only control they have - is money

    他們唯一有的控制 - 是 錢

  • money controls this organism

    錢控制這 生物體

  • is the breathe, that thrives, this organ, to live!

    是呼吸, 在繁茂著, 這器官, 在生存著!

  • Life has become money

    生命 已變成了錢

  • have a look, you'll see - Life has become money

    察看一下, 你會看出 - 生命已變成了錢

  • so we have predicament

    所以我們有個 困局

  • so all we have, at the moment

    我們, 這刻所唯一有的

  • is the origin of ourselves


  • the trust, that of ourselves

    這相信, 這我們自己

  • that when the organism dies, that is of consciousness existence

    這當這生物體, 即是 意識存在死時

  • that if the global system dies, be removed

    這如果全球系統 死亡, 被删除

  • that we'll still exist


  • the transition stage will come, it has to

    過渡時期會來到, 必定會

  • when everything will fall, it has to

    當所有一切都會 崩潰, 必定會

  • not in one go, gradually, it has to

    不是一次性, 逐步的, 必定會

  • so we are able to 'adapt'

    讓我們可以 '適應'

  • some will, give up themselves unfortunately, but not really

    某些人, 會自我放棄 不幸的, 但並不真確是

  • everything is specific, I find

    所有一切都是特定的, 我發覺

  • so this will be an interesting time for man

    所以這會對人類 是一個有趣的時刻

  • so don't fright and fear, this organism will die, must die

    所以不要爭扎 和害怕, 這生物體會死亡, 必定會死

  • eventually


  • Human physical body and human beings are but -

    人類物質性身體 和人仕 只不過是 -

  • the manifestation of this organism that is referred to as consciousness existence

    這叫做 意識存在生物體 的實化體

  • the end of time is the end of consciousness existence, it must go it has to go

    時間的終結 是意識存在的終結, 它必定 一定會消失

  • it is not Life


  • thank you very much


  • this is Shi

    這是 斯

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Alien Expose New World Order - Shi (Alioshenka)

Desteni 跨次元空間連接口訪問: 外星人揭露新世界秩序 - 斯


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