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  • (Stories from the Sea: How Life Came to Land)


  • Life for my kind wasn't always this way.


  • There was a time when no animals lived on land.


  • All life was in the ocean.


  • The ocean's where all of us animals got our start,


  • more than half a billion years ago,


  • This is where all animal body types -- or phyla, as scientists call them -- first evolved.

    所有動物的身體型態— 科學家稱之為「門」—開始演化

  • You know, there are more than 30 animal phyla,


  • but only a handful of major ones had what it took to do something completely daring:

    只有少數幾個主要類別 敢踏出最大膽的一步:

  • step out of the ocean, and on to dry land.


  • So, which of these land-dwelling phyla first invaded the land?

    第一批攻上陸地的 陸棲動物是哪一門?

  • Was it me and my mollusc friends, with our amazing mantles and single foot?

    是有驚人的外套膜和單腳的我 以及我的軟體動物朋友嗎?

  • Perhaps the chordate crowd, with their notochords, segmented muscles and big bony skeletons.

    或有脊索、分段肌肉、大骨架的 脊索動物?

  • Or maybe those lowly annelid worms, with their powerful ringed bodies.

    難道是有強大環狀身體的 低等環節動物?

  • Or did the Arthropods first make landfall, with their little flexible suits of armor -- their exoskeleton?

    還是有小小彈性盔甲外骨骼 的節肢動物,最先登陸?

  • Ah, yes. The arthropods.


  • From crustaceans to millipedes, spiders to insects,


  • the arthropods outnumber all animals on land.


  • So what's their secret?


  • Their exoskeleton is key, but here's the real kicker: jointed appendages.

    外骨骼是關鍵,但牠們真正的秘密武器 是有關節的附肢

  • They're like little living Swiss army knives:


  • antennae, multiple mouth parts, an obscene number of legs, if you ask me.

    有天線、多重口器、多到噁心的腳… 如果你問我意見的話

  • There's one group of arthropods -- the insects --


  • that really rule the land.


  • Three body parts, six legs, and an annoying tendency to take over.

    三部分的身體、六條腿、 還有惱人的征服陸地的傾向

  • Sure, they have to molt to grow, but that doesn't seem to pose a problem.


  • The insects even invented the first wings, and conquered the skies.


  • Ah, well. So what if arthropods were the first to reach land


  • and invent flight, a hundred million years before the rest of us?


  • So what if they pollinate crops around the world,


  • and make up 75% of all land animal species?

    佔所有陸生動物種類的 75%

  • And that for every single human, there's 200 million of them?

    相對每個人就有 200 萬隻節肢動物 這些很了不起嗎?

  • Sure, those leggy arthropods may still be in the lead when it comes to conquering land,

    談到稱霸陸地 多腳的節肢動物可能還是領先

  • but we still rule in the sea.


  • There are more species of molluscs in the ocean than any other animal phylum.

    海洋中的軟體動物種類 比其他任何動物門都多

  • We're just getting started up here on land.


  • Besides, the seas are rising. Just give us some time.

    而且海平面正在上升 只要給我們一點時間

  • Who knows who'll end up ruling this ocean planet?

    就知道最後誰會統治 這個海洋星球了

(Stories from the Sea: How Life Came to Land)


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B2 中高級 中文 TED-Ed 動物 節肢 海洋 昆蟲 統治

【TED-Ed】生命是如何在陸地誕生的 How life came to land - Tierney Thys

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