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  • Whatcha working on?


  • I'm just watching youtube videos what about you?

    我只是在看影片阿 那你在幹嘛?

  • Hm?


  • Umm..


  • Nothing much.


  • Hey what was the name of that YouTuber who stole all your videos word for word but did

    嘿 那個偷你所有的影片然後再做成法文版的那個人

  • them in French?


  • What was that guys name again?


  • MathPodcast?


  • Mathpodcast

    M a t h P o d c a s t

  • And it was at that moment that everything


  • came back to me.


  • All those sleepless nights just looking at how he had copied my videos.

    那些失眠的夜晚 只因看見他抄襲我的影片

  • Day after day, living in fear of someone else stealing my content.


  • Not knowing if things would ever be normal again.


  • Would this terrible nightmare ever come to an end?


  • Hey, hey.

    嘿 嘿

  • Hey hey hey!

    嘿! 嘿! 嘿!

  • You okay bro?


  • Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah

    喔還 還好阿

  • Oh he actually just DM'd says he wants to bring me out to Paris.


  • Alright so I just arrived in Paris, France and I'm excited.

    我現在已經抵達法國巴黎 我超興奮的

  • So I was chilling in my Uber and then..


  • Oh my God is that MathPodcast?

    窩滴老天 那是MathPodcast嗎?

  • What are you doing?


  • What the fuck.

    幹 是在衝三小

  • Alright so a lot of you are probably wondering what the fuck is going on.

    好 很多人大概都在猜到底發生了什麼事

  • Why am I with Math, and what's happening?

    像是為什麼我和MathPodcast一起 還有是怎麼一回事?

  • Long story short, I decided I can either live the rest of my life hating Math,

    長話短說 我發現我可以決定要一輩子討厭他

  • or, I can come to Paris and talk to him and figure things out.

    或是我也可以來到巴黎 然後當面和他談談把事情解決

  • The thing about me is that I try and get along with everyone.


  • Now don't get me wrong, I fucking hated you for a little bit but I don't like being a hateful person.

    但不要以為我沒有原則 我還是有點討厭你但我不想當個可惡的人

  • On a side note, he does't speak English very well so he doesn't really know what I'm saying

    還有對了他不是很會說英文 所以其實他幾乎聽不懂我在說什麼

  • and therefore I can say whatever I want and he has no idea.

    因此我可以講一堆屁話 然後他會根本不知道我在說什麼

  • Alright see watch this.


  • Math, you're a piece of shit.

    Math 你是個廢物

  • Oui, oui?

    是嗎是嗎? (法文)

  • "Yeah Yeah Yeah" Aw see?

    是是是 對阿 你看看థ౪థ

  • But that's okay, because my French is terrible, Pardon, mon français est nul.

    不過沒差 因為我的法文也很差 抱歉我法文很爛

  • But anyways, thanks for flying me out here, you know, with the money you made from stealing my videos.

    但話說回來 謝謝你出錢邀請我來 你知道 就是用那些偷我影片賺來的錢

  • oh you know what's funny is when you invited me, you actually offered to bring

    喔 還有你知道還有件有趣的事 就是你邀請我的時侯

  • my girlfriend, and I don't have a girlfriend so..

    你還順道邀請了我女朋友 但其實 我並沒有女朋友 所以...(´;ω;`)

  • but those French girls though am I right?


  • Alright, so back to what were talking about.

    好 言歸正傳

  • For the longest time, I didn't know if I should be pissed at you or not.


  • Because on one hand, you stole my videos without my permission.

    因為在一方面 你沒經過我的同意偷我的影片

  • But on the other hand if you never stole my videos, then I never would have all the awesome

    但在另一方面如果你沒抄襲我 我可能很難會有

  • French viewers that I have now.


  • Some people actually wanted to delete your channel which I mean yeah sure you fucked


  • up but at the same time, everyone makes mistakes you know.

    但 是沒錯你做錯了一些事 可是孰能無過

  • I am sorry, what I did was wrong, but I have learned from my mistake.

    我對於我做過的事感到非常抱歉 但我也從錯誤中學到了教訓

  • And I'm glad to have copied such a nice guy, because he could have made all of this much worse.

    我也很高興被我抄襲的人是一個個性很好的人 因為他可算是決定要不要把事情鬧大的那方

  • Good job Math.

    說得好 Math

  • I actually have a little gift for you.


  • "Ahh thank you very much".

    啊 非常謝謝你

  • Here you go, try this on.

    來這裡 試試看這個

  • "Now?"


  • Yeah.

  • Looking good.


  • "Los Angeles, I love Los Angeles".

    洛杉磯 我愛洛杉磯

  • The thing is, I actually have the one too.

    還有就是 我也有一件

  • So now, not only do you have to copy my videos but you can copy what I wear too.

    所以現在 你不只抄襲我的影片還抄襲我的穿著

  • Well anyways enough talking, alright I'm in Paris, I'm about to go explore, let's have some fun.

    好 正事說完 我現在在巴黎 我打算要好好的在這裡享受

  • So ah, I think I found the Leaning Tower Pisa.


  • Looks pretty cool in person.


  • I think it's time for a little montage.


  • (French)


  • Oui Oui, Baguet, Paris.

    是是 長棍麵包 巴黎

  • Alright you guys try English.


  • "Burger, fat people".

    漢堡 胖胖的人

  • So sadly, today is my last day in France.


  • I'm really happy that I was able to visit and finally experience French culture.


  • Also, side note, the food here is really good.

    喔對了 這裡的食物真的很好吃

  • Although I would've loved to stay in France more sadly, I start school in a couple days,

    雖然我會很喜歡待在法國 但更難過的是 我也要開學了所以

  • but hopefully I'll be here again soon.


  • So I decided I can't leave France without having a meet up and meeting all of you guys.


  • So I'm hoping that's going to go well, honestly, if like, two people show up, I'm going to

    我希望會成功 因為坦白說 就算只有一兩個人出現

  • be happy with that.


  • So I guess some people showed up.


  • (French)


  • I'm headed to the airport now, the meet up oh my God was so much fun I loved it.

    我正前往機場 然後剛剛的見面會真的是 天啊超級棒的

  • I haven't even left France yet and I miss it already.


  • Well that's it for this video, I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you did, please give me

    所以影片就到這裡 我希望大家看得開心 如果有 請給我個讚

  • a thumbs up to let me know, comment and subscribe if you're not already, but otherwise, I'll


  • see you next, Motoki Monday.

    我們下個Motoki Monday見

Whatcha working on?



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