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- And, what? No, I'm not gonna eat this!
(man laughs)
- That turned so fast. - No! God, no!
(man sighs) - Snails!
- Nice
- Escargot is an appetizer
of land snails traditionally prepared in garlic butter.
- Look at this little turd of thing.
- Ew!
- This is like a classic thing you thought was gross
when you were a kid. - I know.
(woman screams loudly)
- I haven't had this since I was a baby.
- I've never had escargot.
- We get it. You grew up with money.
- This some white folk who do the fancy stuff out here.
- Yea.
- No, I'm classless.
- This is the first time I've ever had this.
- It's like buttery and salty just like popcorn.
- It's chewy. It's garlic-y.
- It's like an aphrodisiac.
We might be having sex after this.
- Put that whole thing in your mouth.
It's delicious. - No!
- I feel like I'm chewing meat and bubblegum.
- I like it. I really like it.
- You know you like it.
You know you feel fancy as hell.
- Are you sad?
- Kinda.
- Why am I so grossed out by snails?
It's like, I eat clams and mussels
which are basically the snails of the sea.
- We like, evicted it.
- They taste delicious though,
but the texture grossed me out.
- Evicted it right into our mouths.
- Black pudding is a type of blood sausage made
of congealed pork blood and oatmeal filler.
- Ooh. Ooh.
- Cookies!
- It's like you put your hamburgers
in the dryer and forgot about it
and it shrunk too small.
- I think it's blood sausage.
- There's blood in it?
- What?
- I know what that means. (laughs)
- I hope it's not like a blood diamond.
- Period sex.
- Oh. Really?
- No no no no. No.
- Think About it. It's like a scab.
These are basically just giant pig scabs.
- You're not making it better.
- I'm grossed out in theory,
but every time I eat it it's so good.
- Blood is delicious.
- Oh I need to eat the blood of the pig.
I'm a vampire.
- Europe is like mostly vampires, right?
- Black pudding, ooh it's like the darkest of chocolates.
Who puts pig's blood in oatmeal?
- This version of haggis is served
in a puff pastry, but it's historically encased
in the stomach of a sheep.
This inside is a savory pudding
with ingredients including the sheep's heart,
lungs, and liver.
- That looks good as hell.
- Is this shepherd's pie?
- I'm gonna guess just upon smell that it's beef.
- Smells weird.
- The meat on the inside is,
what the (bleep) is it?
- Try it. It's really great.
- Oh it tastes like, it's like four days old.
- It tastes regurgitated to me.
- Oh. Ugh.
- It's sheep's pluck.
what the (bleep) is sheep's pluck?
- Oh!
- Poor little sheep.
- I'm like tastes good, and you're like
it's a sheep's heart and I'm like nevermind.
- It doesn't taste good.
- It does taste like liver and I can't stand liver.
- I actually kind of feel powerful,
like I'm eating the heart of another animal.
- It's served inside the boiled sheep's stomach?
- So what, like you just don't give no (bleep) about sheep?
- It'd be like if I took out all your insides
and then grounded up, and then served it on a you platter.
- I've never thrown out anything in my life. (laughs)
- Poor Scotland. What the (bleep)?
- Haggis is hazardous.
- Lutefisk is a gelatinous dried codfish
that has been treated with lye.
Lye is a caustic industrial chemical that,
aside from curing food, is commonly used
in drain de-cloggers, oven cleaners, soap,
and for decomposing flesh.
- What?
- It's like jello-y.
- It's like soap.
- It's fish.
- Like if I didn't take a shower for three weeks,
this would be the same thing.
- This smells like a straight whale vagina.
- So mushy and blobby.
- Ugh.
- I thought I was cultured, but this shit's nasty.
- I almost threw up.
- Why?
- Ew.
I hate how it feels in my mouth.
- What is this?
- That is fish cured with lye.
- What's lye?
- What?
- Isn't lye very toxic?
- That's what you (bleep) put in a perm!
- Oh girl, let me put this in your hair. (laughs)
- Lord knows I need it, no get it, get it, get it.
- You have the best medical system
in the world, and you eat this?
- Yea.
- That's some (bleep).
- This is the weirdest texture that's ever been inside my mouth.
- I think the texture is disgusting,
- Alright have some more of that.
- But the flavor is fine.
- Go on. Eat what you wanna eat.
If you serve this to me and I'm
at your house I will eat it, I will have seconds.
Even this (bleep).
- I once ran a snail over with my car
when I was 16.
- You ran over a (bleep) snail on purpose?
- I was a really angsty teen and I wanted
to know what death felt like.
Under my tires. Don't judge.
Don't judge.
Everyone's done it.



矮噁!美國人試吃超怪的歐洲食物 (Americans Try Bizarre European Food) (Americans Try Bizarre European Food)

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Vivi Lee 發佈於 2016 年 7 月 9 日    Vivi Lee 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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