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We have received news of weapons and drugs being smuggled across the Nepal-India borders
along with reports of violent incidents We have learned that local smugglers,
gangsters from Kathmandu and Indian criminals are working together to smuggle
a large consignment of weapons to third countries
For further information on the subject let's talk to our local correspondent
The issue of weapons smuggling isn't very old
Criminal groups from India and Nepal are working together to make this possible
These weapons are then sent across the border to other countries involved in wars
These two rival gangs have come together for the first time just to make this deal possible
Because of their enmity and constant fights
the situation on the border is worsening by the day
Where, when, and with who will the deal happen?
Police from both countries are trying to discover these facts
According to the latest news,
three most notorious weapons smugglers in South Asia have been spotted near Gorakhpur in India
The infamous murderer Ravi Singh Child sex offender Praveen Chaudhary and hired killer Riz Khan...
What will have, sir?
You aren't from here, are you?
Are you waiting for anyone?
Forgive me, sir - I'm talkative by habit
Please make yourself comfortable This is your own home
Bablu! Geeta - run away!
Do I look like a moron to you?
You serve garbage and call it food
Come - let me show you today
How a good roti is made
Whatever you cook, the most important bit is the preparation for it
Food tastes good if the cook is passionate
Any idiot can make rotis
Now you'll learn how to make curried potatoes
Hot roti with curried potatoes
There's nothing as good as that
Rest easy, kid!
Isn't your mouth water?
What are you reading?
Read it out aloud to me, my little bird!
Read it! Go on - read to me!
The monthly female cycle produces over for 3 days
in every month, during which time the female will be fertile
Last, but not the least - Timur peppers!
Did your ancestor sever taste Timur peppers?
...can get pregnant as a direct consequence of sexual intercourse
This is only possible once the female has completed puberty at which stage the body
develops the full sexual capacity of a grown woman around 15 to 17 years old
Cut the vegetables!
15 to 17 years old?
The real joy in cooking can be experienced only if the preparation has been exceptional
The most important thing -
Your attention must be on cooking
If your attention wavers,
there are accidents
How old are you?
The cook should always know one thing -
the precise moment when something is cooked
If you miss that moment by a minute
All the effort goes down the drain
I've been asking you something
How old are you?
Run! Scamp! Run!
You'll live only as long as you keep running
This is too much! Have you gone dumb?
The right method and the right timing
is equal to excellent, delicious, finger-licking food
You'll live as long as you keep running!
Are you going to talk or no?
I'm 16!
Wow! We have a winner here!
You won, you bastard!
Whoever wins, the day is his!
Hey, bastards!
Come, get some food!
Nepal was shut down today, too!
Why that dour face, like a Gorakhpur whore?
I didn't have wings on which to fly here
So stop being dramatic
Come, see the candies your uncle has brought you
We'll see if uncle have just words, or does he have swords, too?
What has Ganesh been up to these days apart from getting you to wash his shorts?
He only has suckers like you in his gang
What is this?
Can't you see?
A few M16s and a gun...
Bastard - I can see that, too
You think I'd miss my regular show for this trash?
So you missed your Bhojpuri movie !
This is only the trailer
Come across the border - I'll show you a Nepali movie...
That too, a full on action movie!
How much do you have?
Enough to start the third world war
What should we do with these guns?
Think of this as a showcase
If you like the goods, I want 10 percent right now
If you are satisfied, then give me the full payment
And you can take it to India
Give him the money!
Where did you get these guns from?
Where did I get them from?
Where did I get them? Are you kidding?
I don't like how this smells...
Don't worry - you're not eating it for dinner
Do you know what it says here?
Must be the serial number
Do you expect me to know everything?
You should have thought before betraying me
These are Indian Police guns
Bastard! What have you been planning?
You are a rotten old bastard
I wanted to sell off all of my good stuff
You are quite the clever schemer, aren't you?
You have all the answers ready
I don't have to think to tell the truth
And, that too - when your gun is on my head
I'd rather have a smoke than talk to you
Police has surrounded you from all sides
Throw down your weapons and get on the ground
Otherwise we'll be forced to shoot at you
Otherwise we'll be forced to shoot at you
Police has surrounded you from all sides
Throw down your weapons and get on the ground
Otherwise we'll be forced to shoot at you
Bastard! Informant!
You are dead, boy!
Smoking is injurious to health!
Well done, young man!
Screw you! I was nearly killed!
Only we know that you are with us
Deliver the rest of the guns to us
After that...
Get lost!
Until we get all the guns
We're not going to let you go, boy!
Just like the deal was
Go to hell with you and your deal
Do you who this dead man is?
He was Ganesh's special customer
If we do anything, we'll do it my way
Otherwise I'm going
You can shoot me if you want
Alright, then - we'll do it my way
What ambition should one have?
To touch the moon and the stars Hey, Quit dreaming about touching the stars
Quit dreaming about touching the stars Get started on your chores! Here!
I want the hotel sparkling clean
Go on, clean it!
Get your hustle on!
Look at that deadbeat!
Get up, your highness! Get up!
Shut up, bastard! Let me sleep in peace!
Look at your swagger!
You call this a life? Up yours and your life!
All you need is alcohol, right? Should I buy you a tanker-full?
Buy my pubes!
-Hey, Fatty! -Hey!
Your wife's treasure!
Bring beer the next time
I'm really parched now
Nobody has to teach Maya how to hook johns
Shut up!
Give me my stuff
What a waste of life!
Where are you going?
I need the decorative lights
Give me the keys!
Who told you to go there?
The lights are here
Go outside and sweep the yard
Who is going to step in otherwise?
Tell me - where has Ganesh kept the guns?
When are you letting me leave?
Tell me that first
Don't panic - you are perfectly safe here
Don't you understand Nepali?
Or is there a bug in your ears?
Do you know who Ganesh is?
If he gets just a whiff of this,
He'll start the dance of apocalypse!
I understand Nepali very well
If needed, I can even teach you some
What I don't understand is this -
Why are you so scared?
You are on this side of the border
With us
What do you know of fear?
What do you know?
I'm telling you - there's no need to fear
You're with CBI Officer Resh Jaisawal
Nobody can touch a hair on your head here
After you had your little fun last night...
at a dance bar in Kathmandu
where a music video was being shot
There was a man up on the stage
He was no ordinary man
Do you know of Thamel?
He owns more than half of Thamel
The only thing he takes real pride in-
is to entertain people with his terrible voice
The older he gets, the more he wants stardom!
What's happening here?
You call this a dance?
Don't you know that you have to dance if you want to be in a music video?
I know, I know! Let's shoot another take
You can't even lip-sync to a minute-long song!
Sir - I have very short memory!
Did you really not know you'd have to dance?
Alright - one more...
Okay - One more time!!!
Okay - One more time... give me your hand
This is not a circus! It's a video shoot!
You can't even sing tara-rum-poop!
Why does your phone keep ringing?
Let me show you! Music - 5, 6, 7- go!
Tara-rum-poop! Tara-rum-poop!
Don't worry - I'll fix everything
Simple! See!
When he gets that calls during his shoot
Tara-rum-poop! Tara-rum-poop!
Chup! Chup! Chup!
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
He goes insane
I told you - I have a short memory
Otherwise I'd call Karan Johar for the video
But you never listened to me
Forget this - I know I couldn't dance
But - how did you find the song? You liked it, didn't you?
I know you liked my song. Right?
Guys - get the car!
When Ganesh gets to the shoot-out and doesn't find my body there
the countdown to my death will begin
Tell me what your plans are
Show him!
Listen - nobody knows that you are with us
Nobody else in this police station knows that
Everybody things we recover a large cache
What is more precious to you? My life, or something else?
How do you find my plan?
Think carefully, Inspector
Tomorrow, you'll get what you're after
In exchange, you'll have to let me go
Best Nepali hash You'll get good price for this in Goa
Thank you, thank you! Bom Bhole!
Bom Bhole!
Let's go take the bus If I miss the bus - problem
It's time for him to go
Take this
What's happening here?
A car is waiting for us outside
Can I ask you something?
Go on
I don't understand this -
How did a young lad like you get into this?
What did you do before joining the police?
Pick dunk potties?
Or did you sell snacks by the roadside?
Something like that...
Street-kids - that's what we were called
My life started in the streets
and ended at the Paradise Guest House
My smuggling career started with shoes
But video players made more profit than shoes
and gold made more profit that video players
Risk on the palms of my hand and worry for my pillow-companion
Big people gave me big assignments
The police never got close to me
But Gnash snared me
He made me into his own dog
He enslaves people like me, and owns their lives
On each such person, he leaves a mark
How do you find my proposal? Tell me
I'll always work for you
Whatever I earn will be yours
And - and what about the pretty girl?
She'll be your servant, too
She'll never know who you are
But I'll bring you every penny she earns
You've chosen rightly!
And, don't worry - I can reduce her pains
All of this will depend upon your cooperation
Remember - I can also make her life hell
You understand this, don't you?
Yes, sir!
What's on your chest is an inflammable substance
Nothing to worry about
This mark will prove your loyalty to me
From today, our cooperation begins
And today? Where is your friend?
And today? Where is your friend?
She is still burning in the same hell
Who is it?
I'll come later
Come in!
How old are you?
What have you thought?
Nothing I want to earn and send money home
If you stay here, you'll get stuck here
Get out of here as soon as you can
It takes no time to forget yourself here
Are you not feeling well?
It's not like that
Don't you want to escape from here?
Amir has run so far away from this hell
he has perhaps forgotten who he really is
How did you become a policeman? It astounds me
You should have become a smuggler
Stop bullshitting me
How good are your relations with Amrit?
What's it to you? Just do your own job!
Didn't you ever get tempted? To earn money?
Take women around?
If that was really what I wanted would I be standing here, with an ass like you?
Did you hear that? That was a gunshot!
I'll go this way - you go that way!
We'll get him there!
Stop, bastard!
Aren't you too young to be shooting guns?
Where's the gun!
What happened?
And you are here
Just do this bit for us
After that, you can go wherever you want
I won't ask you anymore questions
Arrest Gnash first
Otherwise, it'll be a massacre here
You've been a policeman for three years
Are you always going to be like this?
You were the first in class, a medal on your chest!
I thought you had potential
But even your medal is ashamed of you
This is the border area
All sorts of crimes happen here Smuggling worth millions happens daily
And what do you run after? Firecrackers!
That too, during Dewali!
You can't tell the difference between a gunshot and a firecracker?
I have morons for policemen here!
People like you bring shame to us!
Come, sit!
Everybody knows how you grew up
Yes, Sir!
But I also know you have nothing to do with him
Yes, Sir
Everyday people use Amrit's name to shame you
You grew up with Amrita, didn't you?
You should have taken advantage of that Become a good cop and shown everybody
Yes, Sir!
But where's that?
Go on
From now on you'll stay here and answer the phone
I want to see how you screw up this one
Yes, Sir!
Isn't there a restroom around here?
Your soul is demanding sacrifices but your body - it is very weak
I really need the restroom
No, no - the Lord has given us no fear
The Lord has given us love, kindness, confidence
Chapter 2, verses 1 and 7
Listen to me -
We have to surrender to the Lord
Only then can life find bliss
We must have full faith and hope in the Lord
I am aware -
The Lord has sent you in our midst
The Lord's love is infinite
Glory be unto the Lord!
You need only ask - and you shall receive!
Whoever asketh, recieveth!
Whoever knocks on the Lord's gate
the Lord's gates open for him
Chapter 11, verses 9 and 10
Jyoti - Forget your past
Forget your suffering
Know that your days of suffering have passed
Because the Lord has taken you into his heart
Luke, chapter 5, verse 31
The Lord says -
I haven't come here to receive the good
I have come to make the sinners repent
Luke, chapter 5, verse 31
Repentance is in your hands, Jyoti!
Let's close our eyes and pray to the Lord
for Jyoti's - may this trip give him strength
I'll pray to stop my bladder from leaking
It is about to burst
Sister is that the way to India?
Yes, sister
We'll be there in a moment
Why have you stopped?
It is time for the bulls to piss
Please get off the cart - we need to talk
It'll be a moment
What do you need to discuss?
Please come this way
What is it?
Who is this girl?
My niece
Your own? She is hot
Who are you?
Mahatma Gandhi!
I know where you're taking this bird
If I turn you in, you'll go to jail forever
For this long...
What do you want from me?
I want a piece of her
I need to keep her a virgin
I said I want a piece of her
That's just not good business!
I said - I want a piece of that ass
Go on - drop us off at the station
The last train already left!
Then take us back to where you picked us from!
Your bulls have pissed
Get moving!
We want everything
Hold on!
I haven't had a solid movement in over a week
So, before I connect with Mother India
I must release my Nepali chakra
Shall we go over there?
Jyoti! Are you alright?
Are you feeling unwell?
You must be new to traveling
I used to have the same problem
Are you okay!
I'm okay!
Don't worry! You'll be fine!
You shouldn't be ashamed of yourself
Don't worry - I'm okay! Just a minute!
How can we use willpower to control the body?
The Lord has shown us that through Jyoti
You should be happy, Jyoti -
The Lord has given you willpower
Do you understand?
We've been driving for a while now
You do remember the place, right?
In a few minutes, we'll be at the Nepal border
Did I ever say the weapons are this side of the border?
But you knew Indian police can't enter Nepal without permission?
What are you trying to do?
I thought you were helping us and that we were helping you
Tell me - what should I do with you?
I'll call Nepal and ask for permission
Wait for a minute, Sir I really need to go
I'll make a quick pit stop
Alright - make it quick
Nepal Police!
The car stopped along the highway
Constable Arjun had stepped out for a piss
Right then, the suspect, taking advantage of the situation, shot the Detective Inspector
Thereafter, to take control of the situation I, Constable Arjun had to...
Ganesh has sent you a message
How do you say it in Nepali...
Yes... Tihar! Happy Tihar!
He wanted to be here in person ... but no problem
I'll gladly fulfill the wish on his behalf
I'll certainly get a medal for this
Happy Tihar to me, too!
But, just think - your friend, and your lover
Imagine what he must be doing to them
You can't imagine how much that thought pleases me
Any last requests?
I already knew you were Ganesh's lapdog
Thank you for making my work easier
How do you say it in India?
Thank you!
Arjun - did everything go smoothly?
Kill Amrit at the earliest opportunity
You understand what I am saying, don't you?
Do you understand me now?
I know what hell you've got yourself into
The director has gone into a coma?
Drama queens, all of them!
What are you trying to say?
That dumb ass was always in a coma
He couldn't direct a music video to the simple steps of tara-rum-pum
What kind of director is he?
Wait and see - I'll get Karan Johar the next time
I have another call waiting
Aslam! How is everything?
Yes - I am on my way
I'll give you the money when I get there
Merchandise with one hand, money with the other
Of course, I'll pay you
Nobody wants to work without getting paid
I'll spin this bottle
Whoever it points to and stops, he gets a kiss
Are you ready?
To what do I owe this honour?
How are you, Motey!
I'm okay.
Have you come to raid our hotel?
Our special sources tell us that Laxman, an infamous exploiter of child labor, is hiding here
Is that news accurate?
Should I run now?
You were always the loving one, weren't you?
Are you married now?
Not yet.... What's going on here?
What else - we're all awaiting our deaths
Have you talked to Maya?
Don't waste your time on me... go - meet Maya
Have you talked to Maya?
There's more to discuss... let's do that later
Sure... later
How are you?
Great! can't you see?
I can see it
You've changed a lot
You're the one who changed
I couldn't recognize you
Do you have news about Amrit?
He must come here frequently
Who are you here as?
Do you want to see who I'm here as?
Do you want to see who I'm here as?
Maya - what have you done to yourself?
Look at yourself - you need help!
Okay - quit being sentimental
You didn't come here to meet me, did you?
I was in the neighbourhood, so I popped in
Is that so?
Give me one!
Go on!
Laxman - give this bastard his Tihar gift
Deadbeat! Don't you have anything better to do?
Is this why I employ you?
Fatso - give me a little fuel to get started
Go and get some guests here first
Or I'll give you my piss to drink
Get it?
The hotel seems empty
It's been like this since the check post shifted
That's why Laxman has kept this fool around
Maya - have you thought about going to rehab?
I don't need a cop showing sympathy
I knew you'd say something like that
It's only because I worry
Who is this?
Laxman! Phone!
Fatso! It's me!
Yes, sir - your stuff is safe here
Hey - Does it say 'idiot' on my forehead?
Where were you all these years?
Sir - the hotel is a bit busy today
No, sir - old friends
Hey, copper - did you never think of me?
Some special guests are coming from Kathmandu
Old friends? Who?
Is it Amir?
Laxman - vacate the hotel immediately
That isn't a viable option, sir
Laxman - you're about to be hit by lightning
Vacate the hotel immediately!
--You guys both found your way out I'll keep trying, sir
--And left me alone in this hell I'll confirm after discussing with my staff
Hey - Where are you lost?
Why is Laxman panicking?
Remember our training
The past has no bearing
Only our future with the Lord
Stop being so depressed!
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Paradise Hotel - it's the best hotel in town
Who is this moron?
Paradise Hotel - it is of wide renown
it is the best in town
See for yourself - hot water, cold water
A good hotel! Superior hotel! Best hotel! Real hotel!
Hey - we need to go to Gorakhpur
Will we find a ride from the hotel?
No, Sister - there isn't any time left
I'll arrange something for the morning
You won't find any bus leaving now
It is impossible now, but be ready in the morning
Come with me tomorrow, and I'll fix everything
Paradise Hotel - it is the best in town
Nobody has ever complained about it
So - that settles it
Paradise Guest House, tonight, together!
Let's go!
--Hello! Good hotel! Come, come!
--Come fast! Quick, quick!
Please to adjust! Brother, shift to the side!
shift to the side!
Everybody will fit
Go, madam! Go, sir!
Road Closed for Repairs
Why is the road closed?
Don't you see? The road is closed
It was open till a moment ago We just came from the other side
It wasn't closed
It is closed now
I'm from Paradise Guest House
I have guests in the car
From Paradise Guest House
Paradise Guest House?
Welcome! Welcome!
Open the road!
See that?
Okay, brothers!
Welcome to my Paradise Guest House!
Welcome! Welcome!
Please get off! I'm in a rush
Come this way!
The hotel at the end of the world!
Fatso! I've brought home a procession!
Alright! Put away their luggage, and come to drink
Give me my quota for the day
Service, please!
One room, two people?
Two people, one bed?
You mean one room, two people, two beds, right?
How many nights will you be staying?
Just the night. Tomorrow we go to India.
Upstairs, room on the left
After 10, we don't serve hot water
There is a local wedding, so there'll be noise
So you please please don't come downstairs
Enjoy your stay
We asked for a room
Do you speak the Tamang language?
How did you know?
Because you're dressed like a Tamang girl
Where are you from?
My parents have sent me to work in India
Who is she?
She is the one taking me to India She loves me a lot
What's wrong?
Let's go!
How can I serve you?
Want to make some money?
Come on, boy! Bring me my drink!
I have already put the car away
Here's your vitamin!
These are terrible days The hotel runs on a drunk
It is running, somehow
Alright, alright! Shut and drink now
Not everybody progresses as rapidly as you did
What is your problem?
Me? Or my progress?
Neither you, not your progress.
Why have you suddenly returned?
You think we don't understand?
Once you arrest Amrit...
We don't understand?
I understand this too -
If you go empty-handed, you won't return
Laxman must have another business besides this hotel
Shame on you!
Where did that fatso go!
Bastards! Get lost from there!
Isn't that you piece of junk?
Stop it! Kids!
Do you want me to lock you up?
She how the uniform scared them off?
Yes - it's only good for scaring away children
A uniform has its own powers
Where did that fat bastard go?
Is he in that room?
I don't know... nobody is allowed in there
What's hidden there, that nobody gets to see?
Reshma's volcanic beauty
Kantisha's juicy grapes
The voluptuous neighbour!
--Didn't I tell you to empty out the place?
--Couldn't you have done that?
Who is inside?
Ganesh knows about our game
He is coming with his gang
Don't worry! I'll take care of everything
Hello, Constable!
Glad to see you after such a long time!
But the timing is terrible today
The timing is perfect
Come with me, right now!
Don't worry, kid - I'm talking to Laxman right now
We'll play you little games later
But, right now, we need to get out of here
Your master is coming from Kathmandu
What's wrong, Maya?
Your face is losing its luster each day
Is it because you pine for me every day?
What's happening here, Fatso?
What do you think?
I agreed to put up the goods for a few days
So, this is how the hotel is running?
Do you think it can run on a couple of guests a week?
We can discuss our troubles later
For now - let's pack up and ship out immediately
Maya - stay here. Nobody is going anywhere
Amir - you have no idea what...
Did the kid really hit?
You're really taking things too far
Look at this!
So what?
I can't let a criminal go just because he carries my photograph!
You look so pretty!
Thousands will lose their hearts to you
It might feel good to hear festive sounds outside
But - all of this is superstition!
Om Mama Take Me Home!
Kid! Hey!
Uncuff me!
You can't order me around
Everything you did at the border - I heard on the phone
Idiot! So you must have heard
what trouble we are getting into
If he can have Indian policemen killed
How long will it take him to bring this hotel down?
Nobody can touch us here
How did you become a cop?
This open border, an isolated hotel
with a go-down for weapons
They can't touch you?
What are you trying to say?
Your death - Ganesh - is coming here
Take everybody and run away
Or you'll be responsible for everyone who dies here
What do you mean?
The weapons belong to him
Ganesh - that mad man!
Coming here in person!
Exactly what I had feared...
There's nothing we can do now
They're cut off all phone access
Laxman - you should've done as I told you to!
There is no reason to panic
Ganesh is only concerned with his weapons He'll come, take them, leave
They never listen to me!
Where have they disappeared to?
Everybody down!
Freaking fireworks!
Oh, mama!
Give me the key!
Quickly! Give me the key!
It's alright!
What are you doing?
I'm doing the right thing!
I've got what you want here
There's no need for this!
Are you serious?
Just let me throw it down to you!
The dead don't walk
Book of Jyoti, chapter 1, verse 1
Are you alright?
Where are they shooting from?
Let me sleep in peace!
Or I'll shoot firecrackers up your ass
What did you put in my drink?
We're in trouble!
The shutter - Laxman said it was bulletproof
Pull it down!
To keep tone and melody under control Let all singers practice this:
At least this is relief for sometime
Who cares about temporary relief?
Let's get out of here
That is not an option right now
There is only one way in or out -
- through the shutters
Let's get all the guests downstairs
And give each of them a gun
Spoken like the idiot that you are!
Do you have a better idea?
Don't worry - you won't lose your job
Sit back and relax
Only until we get help, okay?
No - until we run out of bullets
Pasang - get everybody downstairs
Is everybody alright?
Anybody left upstairs?
We lost a friend
I'm sure you've guessed what's going on
If you don't know - this is enough
If you want to live, pick up a gun
What's happening here?
Wrong time, wrong place, and your rotten luck
What are you think they're saying?
Does the cop know I'm smuggling hashish?
I'm sure it's all about you
Of, fuck! They are serious!
I think so!
You all recognize this, I'm sure
Now you'll have to learn to use it
Do you know how to use it?
Yes - I had a different life before this
The People's Liberation Army, 7th division
Or, you can wait for help to arrive
It is your choice
We can't really ask for help either
They've cut all of our phone access
Damn it! Why did it have to be during Tihar!
Somebody is bound to come looking I am still on duty
When they don't find me at the station they will come looking for me
Nobody is coming here
Two men with guns are blocking the road
We have no option but to dig in and fight
It is our right to defend ourselves
We must defend ourselves
Until they are all dead!
Sister - where are you going?
All of this is because of him!
Why should we die for you?
Do you think I don't know you?
Regardless, we are all in danger here
That is besides the point
They've come to get him
If we hand him over, that'll be the end of it
Don't be a smartass
They don't know he is here
They're coming to get the weapons
We are all in danger here
He is also a smuggler, just like them
If he is a smuggler, who are you?
And who are you, junkie?
Do you think I don't know you?
Should I tell everybody?
Your daughter, your niece -
How much are you going to sell her for?
I know girl-traffickers like you
Shut your mouth, and stay put