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NBA Draft just happened.
They're already making NBA mock drafts
They're putting you at the No 1 / No 2 Spot
Does that add pressure to you going into your first season of college?
Definitely not. I think it's a great thing to have my name up there.
It's an honor to be considered one of the top players.
I'm just looking forward to playing my first college game.
You moved here from Australia in 2013.
You went to Montverde. Now you're going to college, and you may be in the NBA next season.
That's a lot of growing up to do really quickly. What have you learned about yourself through this process?
Um, I think I learned a lot about myself.
The main thing is that I'm able to adapt to new places and situations.
New teams, coaches, and living environment, so...
moving to a new country is big, but I have goals to achieve
and in order for me to do that I need to take responsibility.
You had a chance to workout with your new team a little bit,
What are the differences you're feeling between high school play and college play?
I think it's just more physicality.
Bigger bodies, run different plays, and the IQ of players is a little higher.
You tweeted recently that "every summer you get better. This is just another summer."
It's a bigger summer, a little bit.
What are you doing this season to get better?
Everything, you know. I've been in the weightroom everyday.
On the court, shooting. Just getting ready for the ride. Touching everything up.
Just overall trying to be a better player.
You're here at Nike Basketball Academy.
There are a lot of NBA players here. Who are some guys who serve as mentors to you?
Definitely Lebron.
He's a good guy. I talked to him a bit.
He's looked out for me and given me advice whenever I see him - I go out and watch his games.
Just talking to a lot of players here: Paul George, KD.
So, I think it's just a good experience for me.
There's also a lot of younger kids in HS going through the recruiting process.
Have you given them any advice about that?
I just tell them to stick with their gut.
If they want to go somewhere and someone is telling them to go somewhere else...
It's their decision.
I think it's their major decision before they go to the next level.
What can we expect from you next season out on the court?
The thing you can expect from me is just to work as hard as I can on the floor and try to win games.


2016選秀狀元大熱門Ben Simmons (LSU's Ben Simmons is 2016 NBA #1 Pick)

2718 分類 收藏
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