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Congratulations to you.
Thank you. Did you... he got married.
[cheers and applause]
In Cuba. It was really great.
Did you get married here and then go to Cuba
for your honeymoon, or... No, we were in Cuba
You know what's funny?
Look at...... We put this picture up
when we were actually just in Cuba on a cultural exchange.
And people were like, "Hey, they got married."
But you know the ring is on the other finger, you guys.
But...... but, um, we had a great time.
Wonderful woman. Aww, that's great.
Well that was the second time you were in Cuba
'cause the first time you went, you sent pictures, uh,
and you told me how great it was, right?
Yeah. Yeah, it looks amazing.
It was like all-in-one kind of vacation.
Oh, that was the same time. Yup.
Ah, sneaky.
First of all, let me just bug you about
about music 'cause you were......
we're waiting for new music, and... it... are you
Yes. What's happening?
Buffering. The music is buffering?
Buffering. Mm-hmm.
The clock is spinning, it's ticking.
Is... Any second now.
No, really? It's coming...
next year. Next year.
Yeah, definitely next year. Okay, good.
All right.
[cheers and applause]
Let's talk about...... let's talk about Master Class.
This new thing you're doing. Yeah.
So Opera has a master class
and now you have a master class. Yeah.
And explain to everyone what yours is.
Well, with Master Class, uh, I don't know if you guys
heard about Dustin Hoffman having one.
Kevin Spacey having one......
Those sorts who, um, Uh, I have one, but um,
for many, many years, you know, I've...
you know I've...... I either collected information
from other mentors. It's always great
to have a mentor, period.
And is it one, uh, class? Or how many classes
are you teaching?
Uh, it's a series of classes. It's a series
that focus on many different things
around entertainment. Uh-huh.
You know the transition from entertainment to acting
on Broadway.
And then also, too, just kinda life coaching, um,
elements or either... mantras in a way.
That's that's fantastic.
Well, those are lucky people that get to learn from you.
It's really gonna be an incredible experience
Yeah. You know, I really do
think this is gonna help a lot of people.
I'm gonna be able to, you know, do workshops
all over the world.
But this is a way that I can
motivate people. Yeah...
to pursue what they love.
Very cool. Dancing.
Yes. Performing entertainment.


【艾倫秀】亞瑟小子結婚了?(Usher Is a Married Man!)

12428 分類 收藏
Harvey Pan 發佈於 2015 年 12 月 27 日    Harvey Pan 翻譯    陳怡平 審核
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